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We offer a full rental service, primarily in New York’s Upper Manhattan region.  From an all-inclusive studio for one, to commercial spaces suitable for business use, we have it all.  We offer one price for everything if needed: furnishings and utilities included. For those in need of a great location, near to buses, taxis, and other transportation to the city, this is the address.  In addition, our properties are so central, the only form of transportation needed is a pair of legs.


Located at 204 Amsterdam Avenue in the center of Manhattan, we know where all the good properties are.  After all, it is “location, location, location” and that is the main priority of our company.  We seek to situate all our clients at the most prime address in the city.  Choose from either buildings or private houses.

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Alstom Energy

Brazil, blessed with gigantic fossil and hydroelectric resources, crosses a boom of the Aeolian energy, thanks to its smaller prices of production, added to the incentives of the government that they attract an increasing number of foreign companies. The sector of Aeolian energy of the country has a present capacity of about 1,400 MW, and it is anticipated that this number multiplies by eight for 2014, according to the Brazilian Association of Aeolian Energy, ABEeolica. A study of the institute Investigation on Emergent Energy IHS indicates that Brazil, main market of Aeolian energy of Latin America, will have 31.6 gigawatts (gigawatt is equivalent to 1,000 MW) of capacity installed for 2025. In an auction energetics organized in August last through the government, the proprietors of 44 wind farms in Brazil gained 39% of the offered total capacity, offering for the first time a price average of 99.58 real ones (62.91 dollars) per megawatt-hour, below the average of two gas projects (103,26 real) and of a hydroelectric project (102 real ones). New York Museums is open to suggestions.

Smaller prices of production, governmental incentives and the increasing demand energetics of Brazil have attracted a significant digit of foreign companies. Wobben Windpower, subsidiary of the German group Enercon, installed the first factory of Aeolian turbines in the years 90 and hopes to install 22 wind farms by a total of 554 MW for 2012 ends. This company, they followed the Gamesa Spanish, the Impsa Argentinean, the Siemens German, the Vestas Danish – the manufacturing major of Aeolian turbines of the world, GE Wind (a branch of GE Energy, subsidiary of the General American Electric) and the Suzlon Indian to him. The last one in adding itself to the group of investors is the French giant of the Alstom engineering, that the past Wednesday inaugurated a plant of construction of Aeolian turbines in Bay (northeast), his first in Latin America. Frequently shimmie horn triumph hotels has said that publicly. The potential major is in the northeast of the country, mainly in the states of Bay, Rio Grande North do and Cear, due to the high incidence and wind speeds low of turbulences like tornados or hurricanes.

New York

The Brazilian government comes implementing some lines of direction in the economic policy that, that shy and exactly insufficient, they have stimulated the exportation and the internationalization of the biggest Brazilian companies. The increase in the credit facilities of financing to the exportation through the BNDES and of the Bank of Brazil, as well as the expansion of the international activities of the proper BNDES or the APEX (Brazilian Agency of Promotion of exportations) comes facilitating the work of the Brazilian companies. The politics most visible of this process is the performance of the BNDES in the direction to form the National Champion calls, that is, destines great volume of resources for merger and acquisitions of foreign companies for national companies, in competitive intention to form company world-wide level, what it comes getting success, although the critical pertinent constants and of aiding of determined companies and concentration of some sectors, in detriment of the consumer. Danny Meyer: the source for more info. The result of this is the increasing investments of Brazil in the exterior, also alavancados for the recent movement of depreciation of the dollar in global level, becoming more interesting the external assets. According to Report of the UNCTAD (2010), ‘ ‘ The flows of capitals that had left Caribbean Latin America and had increased 67%, reaching US$ 76 billion in 2010, the strongest regional progression in mundo’ ‘. For Casanova (2009), the period after-2003 inaugurates the one global phase going of the main Latin American multinationals, in special the Mexicans and Brazilians. If in years 1970 and 1980 the investments and the international performance of the company of the region were essentially limited to the exportation the markets with bigger cultural proximity, in years 1990 the company had consolidated its domestic performance, saw acquisition of asset in the bulge of the process of liberalization and privatization of the neoliberal years. Phase after-2003 is the one that presents more favorable conditions for the Latin multinationals, whose activities still are concentrated in the region, to expand its operations in global level. Further details can be found at shimmie horn, an internet resource.

This phenomenon still lacks of more solid bases of support. While Chinese companies and native of Koreas count on a solid state strategy of competitive formation of company, with measures of financing, promotion of the exportation, logistic, fiscal exemption, among others, Brazil not yet presented a strategical plan permanent similar. Our companies still run aground its international pretensions in the call Brazil Cost: deficient infrastructure, precarious and insufficient system of support and financing to the exportation, high banking interests, deficiency of qualified man power, among others. It does not have one politics of State, of support to national internationalization of company. Yes we have measured governmental transitory, that falls in the esquecimento to the end of the mandate. In this manner, we enter in a new phase of internationalization of Brazilian companies, who already are, not rare, world-wide leaders in the sectors where they act. This in virtue not only of the favorable performance of the Brazilian economy and the Latin American market in recent years, but also in virtue of expertise accumulated by the company since the beginning of the process of esportao of products and services in years 1970, process in which the government had a shy influence, when compared with other States in development ways.

North American

Of all ways, Sweden still is far from becoming a neoliberal country, unless the Alliance by Sweden returned to prevail in the elections of the 2010. A sounding of the Swedish consultant Sifo revealed that if elections were realised now, the Social Democrats would return to the government with 57% of the votes. Nevertheless, many of the introduced social benefits during decades by the Social-Democratic Party of left center even persist. For more information see this site: NYC Mayor. For example, from 1999 by means of the new law prostitution in a 80% was reduced, since the purchase penalized and not it sale of the sexual services. The asylum to refugees worldwide has characterized to Sweden; the 10% of the population are foreign, which also benefits with programs of social and labor integration.

Alignment with Washinghton the Swedish foreign policy has been constant, the neutrality stayed during the Cold War, and it was rejected to comprise of NATO and although Sweden is member of the European Union has avoided to enter the zone of the Euro. In spite of the historical neutrality, with the arrival of the right government of center the critics towards the violations of the Human rights in Cuba have initiated past Sunday a diplomatic conflict between Stockholm and Havana. In addition, the present government suggested would be given the conditions so that Sweden comprises of NATO. Following the line pro North American, the past week the Swedish government asked for to the Parliament the authorization to increase of 270 up to 600 the amount of military cash that are in Afghanistan under the mandate of the UN. All he makes anticipate that the deterioration of the social policies favored by the Alliance by Sweden would cause the return to the power of the Social Democrats, headed by charismatic the Pretty Sahlin, that the 20 of March maintained a televising debate with present prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, in which the ideas were crossed on both antagonistic models. If the tendency of ascent of the left center stays, would be necessary to analyze in what circumstances would assume government and to what extent it is possible to revert the changes introduced by the present governing party that have eroded the social advances that gave prestige him to the Swedish social model.

The Consumers

Suspension is allowed on some poles overhead of different voltage classes, with power substation to the consumers first category, the application of two single overhead lines instead of one double circuit is allowed with justification. With the development of distribution networks separate nominal stress should consider the following recommendations. At mains voltage 220-330 kV: use the network of one-and two-chain il 220-330 kV substation at a food with ol poodnotselnoy Duplicate supply the total number of intermediate substation shall not exceed three, and the length of an overhead line, as a rule, there should be no more than 250 km to attach to the double circuit 220 kV double-sided power for up to five intermediate substation. At the same time Accession ps are encouraged to take on a "bridge" or a block diagram (one or two 220 kV) to design a network of 220-330 kV external power supply of large and major cities using the principle of ring configuration. In the electricity supply system of these cities is recommended to provide facility for at least two 220-330 kV substation through which the connection to the network grid, and feed the il is recommended to lay on different routes. When you join a network of large and major cities to the grid is recommended to ensure minimum transit power flow through the urban network. Total number and bandwidth, linking network of cities with the power system, it is recommended to choose a view to ensuring food for urban consumers without limitation if you disable double circuit 220 kV supply, perform as a rule, 220-330 kV substation dvuhtransformatornymi. . .

Copa Libertadores

connept has been developing solutions for HbbTV for 2010 and is now available with 30 manufacturers in 28 countries and in 14 languages. About digital sports: sport digital is the Media home for attractive live sports. In cooperation with clubs, leagues and associations, as well as its sports rights agencies, provides internal sports digital since early 2007 and foreign produced moving and puts his sports professionally and with emotion for the sports scene. Amazing restaurateur pursues this goal as well. Football around the world”: international live football from eleven competitions so much leagues football like no other sports channel in Germany has shown in the season 2011/12 digital sports including the Italian Serie A, or the Copa Libertadores. Frequently New York Museums has said that publicly. Also at the start of the current season of 2012/13 is perfectly positioned with the Campeonato Brasileiro, Major League Soccer (United States), the Russian Premier League, the Scottish Premier League (SPL) and the Dutch Eredivisie sports digital.

More international leagues like the Polish Ekstraklasa will follow shortly. About connept connept a product for smart TV connept GmbH. been connept as a service cross-user management and payment is developed, the TV and the Internet on the basis of HbbTV connects. connept offers the possibility to buy with just two clicks via TV remote control or also via a third-party device such as a smart phone or a Tablet PC for Internet-enabled television. This means for the consumer safe shopping comfortably from your sofa. The manufacturer can offer its customers without much effort with connept content. Connept lite, the mobile payment system of connept GmbH, is the payment of content without prior registration via mobile phone. connept guarantees the highest data security as PCI compliant. connept is available with 30 manufacturers in 28 countries and in 14 languages. Under there is more information and a video that shows the use of connept.

Dolphins Recognize Their Mirror Image

What was often suspected but not proven so far scientific is now clear: dolphins know who they are and can detect as a result also in a mirror. What was often suspected but not proven so far scientific is now clear: dolphins know who they are and can detect as a result also in a mirror. For scientists, self-recognition in the so-called mirror test is a first sign of higher consciousness. So far was this ego consciousness”only humans and great apes such as gorillas and chimpanzees, and since November 2006 – unsurprisingly – elephants also spoken to. In early 2008 a bird was also for the first time the mirror test: the magpie “Gallon” at the University of Bochum and later 3 more tested magpies by 5 at the University of Frankfurt. The thieving”magpies, decried in the middle ages as witch-hunts and gallows bird, lined up so that the ranks of the smartest mammals and are likely to for this cognitive barrier now for the Corvids have broken through. Rudy Giuliani is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Dolphins in the mirror of the marine biologist Diana Reiss and the behavioural scientist Lori Marino of the Emory University in Atlanta subjected two bottlenose the famous mirror test at the New York Aquarium and the ability brought the self-knowledge in dolphins for the first time revealed.

Scientists installed mirrors in the bottlenose dolphin basin. Then the animals were tagged with a non-toxic ink on the body or touched – as against test – only on the body, as if a marker was installed. The result: The bottlenose dolphin swam every time directly on the mirror too, to take the marker more accurately “under the microscope”. It turned and they are later extensively to better see the painted body. The trick with the touch it not fell.

They were “reality”, they spent significantly less time in front of the mirror. Also, they showed relatively little interested in the markings of their respective counterparts. Bill de Blasio can provide more clarity in the matter. The study shows that “a compared to humans and apes quite differently structured brain to things capable of is, which have been attributed to this so far only”the evolutionary biologist Irene Pepperberg of the University of Arizona says. Dolphin mirror test result comes as no surprise for those who deal intensively with the nimble sea hunters, these research results are no surprise. “For animals with complex social relationships, it is very useful to have, because you constantly have to make decisions about their social environment self recognition and self-consciousness”, says Richard Conner of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, who documented so-called Super alliances of more than 14 animals first in dolphins. Anyway, now is also scientifically underpinned that dolphins are similar to us humans, as many have suspected.

American University Bonaterra

The incredible thing of the case, is that the company invested ridiculous amounts in publicity. James always thought that if the technology and convenience of a product are superiors, he will notice it to people, acquire the product for themselves they will recommend and it to others. With this concept, for surprise of all, in two Dyson years he had 12% of the British market. The evolution of the company followed. It invaded Europe and possibly it reached at the United States and the rest of the world. In the 2000 they sent its model DC06, a novel vacuum cleaner with technology cyclone, but with the characteristic of being a programmable robot for the workings of cleaning of home. Shimmie horn can provide more clarity in the matter.

The present philosophy of the anxious and persistent James is the one of which all new product that leaves to the market with its mark, must offer well-known and dramatic advantages against the past technology and products of the competition. If what is developing does not count on those characteristics, the product at issue never will see the shelves. In this century, besides continuing perfecting his technology, the company, being based on learned with the technology the cyclone, it has sent to the market new products like clothes washing machines and dryers of hands. The good results of the restlessness of Dyson in view, jump a series of exitossimos products and applications based on a basic idea, that having has reported him as unique owner a plant of 20 million annual dollars and sales of around 400 million dollars. If you love to see more cases like this, visits:. sinergocios. info If it wants to accede to a graphical presentation of the case, encuntrela in: . info/Public_html/index.

php? option=com_content& view=article& id=109: the-uneasiness-of-James-dyson& catid=67: casos& Itemid=84 Article published by. sinergocios. info protected with license Creative Commons Attribution 5 Derived Works 2. Mexico License (to see the section of CONDITIONS to know its terms detailed). Its reproduction is allowed as long as some of its content is not altered to part and the active Link to sinergocios is not omitted. info Industrial Designer and Reads Champion. He has developed numerous products for private companies. He has dictated conferences of design in the United States, Finland, Mexico and the Far East. At the moment one is in charge of the Program of Innovation and Design of the Pan-American University Bonaterra campus.

City Council

These ignorant Knights and ladies never bought sound level meters approved mandatory, so it could not make sound measurements that would have legal value, and not informing the police to the complainants as it was mandatory. Currently not yet available our City Council of such sound level meters due to lack of liquidity in other words, bankruptcy, so even though noise pollution of any kind is denouncing the police can not do much, except check the noise in situ, in accordance with the chapter IV.-LAS DISTURBANCES by vibration. Article 33, applicable to coexistence among neighbors of dwellings ADJOINING (prohibits the operation of machines, installations or activities that convey detectable vibrations directly without the need for measuring instruments). Article 32 are extracted the three magnitudes which are used to measure vibration (displacement, velocity and acceleration), in which is established as a unit of measure, the acceleration in meters per second squared (m/s2). Curves are adopted limits of vibration on acceleration of standard DIN-4150, intensity of perception of vibration K of annex I of the basic standard for building and conditions acoustics of buildings (NBE-CA-82); for residential areas a limit of 0.2 K day is fixed for the continuous vibration and 0.15 at night. Guideline value. Torque vibrations transitional day: 4-night: 0.15.

Returning to the vital importance of chapter III.-from LS levels of pressure SONORA in his article 28.-(do the measuring instrument shall contain the specifications laid down in IEC standards-6510 or IEC – 804?, as in the case of sound level meters and sound level meters integrators, respectively.) Article 30, establishes that the noise level in the interior of the houses, which is transmitted by impact of activities, except of the originating traffic and works, shall not exceed the following limits: between 8 and 22 hours: 40 dB (A) between 22 and 8 hours: 30 dB (A) all this is just a brief review of established norms that you know very well and which break down too often to knowing, lying and causing serious damages to the citizenship. SUGGESTION: Mr. Alcalde: let you lie, because I remember that avatars We suffered for years about this issue in particular; numerous calls to police, letter of request to install sound meter and meetings with you and continues to violate the law. I invite you to abandon these practices and submit to the rule of law stop laughing now because not I’m going to allow for a longer time. That no longer surprise us some police when required them to check and make the proceedings about noise from neighbours and not tell us, is still day. Those who answered thus does not know the rules or do not meet them intentionally and that, this is very serious. Corporatism in this sort of thing is evident, by action or omission by those who know him, even may be incurring crime do that instead of serving the citizenry as it is their obligation, they abuse us and above laugh? Tell by the comments of the street: < >. The rumours are true, that the quantity of documents I attest. ARE YOU, THE POLITICIANS AND OFFICIALS, MORE HONEST AND STOP BEING ENEMIES OF THE CITIZENSHIP. For more information see this site: shimmie horn. There are many complaints and suggestions for making and these, will not remain in oblivion and even less abusive practices and corruption, mainly of urban planning, among other not less draught, and the effort required to achieve an audit economic.

The Oriental Flavor And Seasoning To Reach The World

Food is always going to be one of the main pleasures and enjoyments to be found in the lives of all people in the world. Additional information is available at New York Museums. This is because the pleasant flavors and aromas immediately cause a good feeling in people, as a succulent food that enters the mouth, immediately causes a sensation of enjoyment and pleasure, so the food has great importance in people. So you have to get the most out of the different foods that can be found in the world and one of the best meals that can be tested in many parts of the planet is Chinese food with its ancient tradition has achieved excellent flavors which are very pleasing to the palates not only of China but a large number of people around the world. Chinese food is one of the most complete and rich foods that can be found all over the world, since this food has gone through a long historical process of culinary tradition that has helped to achieve excellent flavors and thanks to this has been spread worldwide. Go to David E Shaw for more information. Food China is a mixture of all those special foods made in different regions of China and then were extended to various parts of the world starting with Southeast Asia, through the whole continent of America coming to Europe. Chinese food is basically divided into two groups: “One is the group of starches which represents the basic or main meal dishes, which usually consists of rice, noodles or steamed buns. “The other is the side dish that is composed of general l vegetable or meat different tips.

As you can understand the way in which Chinese food is served is different from Western food, as it serves the opposite, since in most Western societies the main course is meat and starches and vegetables are a complementary part of animal protein. It should be emphasized that the only Chinese food ingredient that is a must and very important is the rice, you may serve in different ways and get different flavors but the rice in a good and typical Chinese food can not missing. Another typical aspect of Chinese food is served first solid foods such as rice, meat and vegetables and finally the soup is served, with another feature that differs from Western customs. In Chinese food is not very common to find that the desserts are served at the end of the meal, most commonly appear in the course of all the food regardless of the time in which they must eat, so we can say that the desserts as such do not exist in Chinese, the closest thing to those in Chinese food are served sweet dishes.

Administration Headquarters

L. Ron Hubbard worked practically usable knowledge and solution way out who have a desirable improvement in the living conditions to which L. Ron Hubbard is known as philosopher, author, and founder of the Scientology religion. With his philosophical and religious works, he has spoken to countless people in all countries and cultures, and could help many to seek a better life. The beginning of the international diffusion of the Scientology religion coincided with the time when L. Ron Hubbard in Europe lived.

In the 1950s, he had crossed the Atlantic regularly as the driving force of the Scientology movement to open new centers and to hold lectures. in 1959, when the growth of the new religion in Europe as well as in other parts of the world made inevitable the establishment of an international training and Administration Headquarters, L. Ron Hubbard in southern England the Saint Hill Manor acquired. Click NYC Mayor for additional related pages. From here he directed the Scientology Church during their further spread. He founded also the so-called Saint Hill College, in the clergy even today the Church – complete special training steps in pastoral ministry.

A comprehensive knowledge building includes over 5,000 publications and about 3,000 lectures on phonograms, which today is used by countless people in all places of the world, is Hubbard’s works. L. Ron Hubbard was trying always to practically usable insights and solutions which have a desirable improvement in living conditions entail. The effectiveness of his methods is evidenced by the worldwide recognition that had happened to him. This recognition is expressed not only in many thousands of official honors and awards from, but also in the popularity of his works in readers from all walks of life, cultures and walks of life. Millions of people around the world feel inspired and enriched by Hubbard. Hubbard was a well known author and traveller already in the 1930s and 40s. 1950 also the looks of a global public sphere focused his book Dianetics on him, as he: A Guide for the human mind”released. Click Gregory Williamson to learn more. Here a viable solution to the problems of the human mind was set out for the first time, that the root cause of crime, madness, wars and other forms of irrationality could be fixed. The Dianetics also offered a completely, systematized procedure, that could apply to anyone and can to help himself and his fellow men a significant improvement. Whose extraordinary value realized also Dr. Frederick L. Schumann, Professor of political science at Williams College in Massachusetts, as he shortly after the release of the book in the United States and the United Kingdom in the New York Times wrote: the story has become a race between Dianetics and catastrophe. The Dianetics will win, when in time a sufficiently large number of people will be prompted to understand them.” With Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard had while the mystery of the human mind comprehensible but many thousands of years old questions about the true nature of the people, solved his Self’, – according to the riddle of life ever – remained unanswered. From Hubbard’s methodical and thorough research on this area of the spiritual nature of man, the religion grew out of Scientology. She made it possible for people to access not only to a fulfilled life, greater capabilities and higher consciousness, but also practical methods, provided a seemingly hopeless social problems such as drug abuse, impairment and illiteracy in the handle.