Wagner Wagner Created

The German Science and Innovation Forum New York (GCRI) entrusted the Reutlingen communication specialists of Wagner Wagner with the creation of their 2012 Reutlingen (29.01.2013) annual report. The Reutlingen agency prevailed in their creative proposals against international competition. Already in 2010, Wagner Wagner created the first annual report of the GCRI launched by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the life and demonstrated their competence and creativity. The work of Reutlingen communications specialist was so convincing that they prevailed again in 2012 against an international competition and were entrusted with the preparation of the annual report. Wagner Wagner are subject to this design, layout and production of the annual report. We appreciate your confidence and that we the year 2012 may report for the GCRI, “as Jan Staib, Managing Director and project manager at Wagner Wagner. “Sanchez is sure that report, year 2012 a real eye-catcher” will be. Stylistically he should Annual report 2012 build on the previous publications.

To obtain a continuous line, apply some style elements of previous publications. Contemporary, modern elements are added but. More follow-up orders in the region allocated for the current job. So, the report will be printed for example again in Reutlingen. 2012 Annual report will be published in April 2013. The annual report of the GCRI gives insights into the work of the institution first and foremost. As in the past years, he presents the current team.

He informed on the State of research in different areas, as well as the progress in the transatlantic research cooperation. The report highlights the presence of the media, as well as the successes of the organization. In a flashback, presents the report the events of the past year and presents the events of the coming year.

Modern Sewing Machines

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