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Alfred Gockel artnews Alfred Gockel has prepared a huge sculpture of 4.5 m height (!), for ‘ Ruhr, European cultural capital 2010 manifestation’. It’s a sculpture of 2 coalminers who lean against each other. Alfred Gockel what a miner in his childhood. This is the reason why he uses self-prepared tar in his paintings. The sculpture will officially be unveiled in the last week of May 2010 you’ll find the programming at the following website: news026.htm for August 2010 Alfred Gockel is contracted to do a solo-arttour with next performances during 3 week in all main US cities. This stunning art event starts at Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles and ends in New York.

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Can Internet help to compensate for the drop in sales and the profit margin that I’m suffering in my store? It must say emphatically yes. Although it should warn to not take deceit, that while the costs of establishment, promotion, maintenance, etc. from an online store are really low, especially when compared with the costs of opening a trade in any city (rent, taxes, labour costs, etc.), selling on the Internet is not, nor much less, easy.Keep in mind that the level of competition online is probably equal to or greater than we can currently be experiencing in the physical world. However, the process of selling online can simplify extraordinariamete and improve the chances of success. I mean the different options that allow to open a channel of sales online without even having it store itself. For example, sites like ebay offer the possibility of having a virtual store to a cost really low and with the added advantage of not having to worry more than keeping the inventory of products on sale.

Another option is to take advantage of more competitive products: rebates, surplus stock, promotions, etc. by going to sites for buying and selling. For example in Jeremy they have the largest center of shops on offer and opportunity, with over 1,500 active stores. Publish here supposed to post their articles to the sight of hundreds of thousands of potential client. You waiting for to start selling over the Internet? And remember, not everything that is on the Internet will succeed, but who is not, almost certainly will not survive.