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The historian Mirian Dolhnikoff 3 describes that this identity is not far from easy to get itself. She would not be easy to accomodate in one same nation so distinct territories, with few bows of integration and the whose elites many contradictory times between itself present demands, are enough to compare the examples of three provinces located in distinct points of Portuguese America: So Paulo, Pernambuco and Rio Grande Do Sul. (DOLHNIKOFF, 2005 P. 24) For Durval the historiogrfico speech this centered in the history of these three areas together with to construct to the history of Brazil its diversities, being each intellectual the responsible one for establishing its differences. This difference is well marcante when we observe the words of Albuquerque that shows the vision of Fernand Braudel when he was in Brazil ' ' for it, the Bahia was an old society, with perfume of Europe, to the step that So Paulo would remember to Chicago and New York ' ' (ALBUQUERQUE, 2009, P.

121). It perceives that the alteridades are constructed and the Northeast starts to gain weight together with the hinterland of identifies what it and distinguishes from excessively is this delay to the modern. She is necessary to understand that this vision of the other always will be the survey of its opposite this affirmation is ratified in the Moral words (2009, P. 92) ' ' In this feeling, one is about an image constructed for a external look, from a foreign sensitivity and of exgenos interests, that attribute to that space judgments and values that legitimize action for transform-lo' '. In romantic literature it is observed ticket of the indianismo for the sertanejismo and this realistic source with its regional subjects commanded the movement in northeast Brazil, having as one of the points highest Great regionalism of Pink Guimares in Sertes: Trails, of 1956.

Rainforest Alliance

Mobile exhibition stands for the mobile booths COTECA Hamburg can be the respective presentation area adapt to from 04 to 06 June 2010 will host a new exhibition around the industries of coffee, tea and cocoa COTECA Hamburg the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH with the. COTECA range includes the topics of production, raw materials and trade, modern roasting and finishing plant, processing and packaging, coffee-shop equipment, as well as appropriate services. More than 100 national and international exhibitors depict the entire process chain of the products at the trade fair in the halls of Messe Hamburg, from the crude up to a finished hot drink. The premiere COTECA also global certification body such as the Rainforest Alliance with locations in New York City, San Jose and Costa Rica become fair and their services in the Hamburg exhibition halls present the company based in the Netherlands, UTZ certified. For a successful trade fair participation, the advertising company LA CONCEPT offers the appropriate booth GmbH & co. KG from Cologne. LA CONCEPT offers individual and mobile booths, as well as complete exhibition systems, thus meets the high demands at a trade fair. Mobile booths outfitted with maximum flexibility, because they put together individually.

The optional folding displays, rollup display and bar systems allows an individual design of the stand. With the option to create different size variations, a mobile booth can be used thus for a wide range of measurement. The simple dismantling and transporting the mobile booths allows a construction and dismantling of the stand within a very short time by only one person. A successful presentation at a trade fair appearance is sponsored by media of digital communication in the form of interactive Teminalsystemen and mobile event tools. Through the use of interactive terminal systems and mobile event tools, the content can be communicated to the target group simple and modern. This is, for example, through a multimedia presentation about Multi touch allows tables. Content also with Terminal systems can be multimedia via touch screens deliver.

To save space, the latest terminal systems include a brochure stand at the same time, so that provided information material can be taken directly from the visitors. Therefore, the interactive systems of LA CONCEPT form an important and meaningful support to the stand. A particularly innovative exhibition stand design is possible through interactive projections at the booth. At trade fairs, the edutainment is a factor should not be underestimated the communication and transmission of information. Interactive elements help to attract the attention of the target audience for the own trade fair stand, attention-grabbing effects interactively involve the visitor. For example, such interactive projection form the air touch window, as well as interactive floor projections.