French President Nicolas Sarkozy

The last visit of George W. Bush in the Middle East as President of United States left a message clear with respect to the war in Afghanistan: the struggle will be long. A fight that began the own Bush following the attacks of September 11, 2001, and that, seven years later, it does not seem to end. The High Commissioner of United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) encrypt civilian victims in about 1,500 only until November 2008, either by insurgent attacks or bombings of international troops deployed in Afghanistan. But the war has also claimed the lives of thousands of soldiers.

The recent death of four British soldiers makes already more than 130 deaths in the army of this country. Spanish troops, casualties already reach eighty-seven. United States still does not reveal the number of deaths in their ranks, but, if you count the casualties in Iraq, these are counted by thousands. The conflict in Afghanistan already affects directly to Europe. The threat of the terrorists arrived in Paris in the form of five cartridges of dynamite placed in a department store. Its placement was claimed by the Afghan revolutionary front, claimed the French President Nicolas Sarkozy the withdrawal from Afghanistan of its troops before February 2009.

After the last video released by the Taliban, their threats are extended to Spain, Denmark, Israel, Australia and United States. On Afghan soil, the situation worsens, and the taliban advance seems unquestionable. Until now, the war in Iraq has eclipsed the critical situation that exists in Afghanistan. According to a report from the International Center for security and development (ICOS), the Taliban could already dominate the 72% of Afghan territory, nearly 20% more than a year ago, with the real threat of Kabul back into the hands of fundamentalists. Despite the huge amounts of money destined for the war, the Taliban, with less media, seem unstoppable.

Personal Payment Debt Plan

If you had the opportunity to work with me on my pilot program unleashes the power of your money (based on the MBM method) you know that my basic belief is that as well as you do money as you do everything. The relationship you have with the money is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Money is basically a metaphor for the sense of your own worth and self-esteem. It increase your self-esteem and your heritage. They go hand in hand. Money is a part of our lives that we need to handle, face, arrange and pay attention daily even several times throughout each day. It is something that will never go away while we are walking and breathing on this planet.

The good news is that it is easy to make a major transformation in the way you interact with the money. When you start to make you a series of powerful questions, you quickly begin to understand the relationship that exists between how you value yourself, other aspects of your life and your other relationships. It is truly magical when you can experience this. Today I want to share with you one of the exercises that I teach in my program MBM (Money Breakthrough Method) secrets to increase your wealth and your self-esteem. There is a section where we talk about forgiving debts and other money issues from your past that you can feel guilty. I’m going to share with you one of the exercises from that module is to create your personal debt repayment plan: step 1: lists all debts from the smallest to the largest. It includes who owe money, the amount to be paid, the interest rate, the date of payment and the required minimum payment. Step 2: Decide when shall be paid every debt. Tip: Set shorter periods than simply the total divided by the minimum payment so that inspires you to pay faster.