Shameless Beautiful

‘ Shameless beautiful – German songs spanning five centuries, Berlin-Tempelhof, July 5, 2010 – the Berliner lives for 15 years as a fine artist in New York and has German folk tales of Grimm fairy tales dealing with installations. In her new project she is approaching the theme musically: I had no other choice. The songs work in me.” The concert and the CD are a special folk song interpretation. Tine Kindermann manages with clear singing the songs that deal often death and love in an earthy, poignant, but also straightforward way to recreate. The whole thing is then wrapped in remarkable arrangements by Frank London.

It enters a dark Volk”,”I have getraumet the night”,”it is a Reaper means death”, not for nothing these songs have survived the centuries. The special thing about this artistic presentation is the sensitive instrumentation and accompaniment by some of the best contemporary New York musicians. In concert the band with guitar and bass is easy otherwise occupied. Here, especially Brandon Seabrook convinced impressively with his extravagant style of play. It is a delight to see, we he goes on in the music and merges with the guitar and the banjo. A special guitarist of top class! Frank London on the keyboards and trumpet is humorous and innovative senses his magical musical game. London produces spherical sounds with deep voice, instrument and technique. Tine Kindermann sings sometimes together with the musician Lorin Sklamberg, sometimes letting the musical saw sound.

Every musician of the band is a virtuoso on his instrument. The selection of rather sad songs probably fits in cold winter evenings. But also in this wonderful summer evening it is managed to produce thoughtful, but also always cheerful feelings with the specificity of the interpretation. The songs are sad and hopeful, soothing and stimulating at the same time. Creates a new folk sound with catchy quality! The music is a single shamelessly beautiful”artistically valuable and experimental instrumental performance. The shameless beautiful”folk have lost their kitsch and have become a work of art, with well audible avant-garde trains. Through the special instrumental interpretations, the folk songs were new works of sound art! A concert that has delighted visitors and on this and perhaps soon new CD makes you want to BBs by Tine Kindermann! Vocals Thomas Moser Baird-press ( tour cast Tine Kindermann: and singing saw Frank London: harmonium and keyboard Lorin Sklamberg: accordion, keyboard, acoustic guitar and vocals, Brandon Seabrook: guitar, and acoustic Pablo Aslan: bass CD cast: shamelessly beautiful was recorded with a band, the is like a who of who of the New York downtown music scene reads: Marc Ribot and Greg Cohen on guitar and bass (Tom Waits band), Glenn Patscha (Ollabelle) on the keyboard, harpsichord, and harmonium, Lorin Sklamberg by the Klezmatics and Frank London, who produced the CD. Tine Kindermann, a German artist is at the heart of the production and Musician who is this program for the first time as a singer in appearance.

Assets To Secure The Purchase Of Precious Metals And Taxes Save

The investment advisor Sebastian Richter recommends gold – a precious metal – discounted buying gold with income tax refund to the securing of assets in times of crisis gold remains undeniably worth throughout the centuries. Hear from experts in the field like NY Museums for a more varied view. The currency of the bank notes change constantly so as the change of the Government systems brings forth again and currency reforms. The euro has long since lost its value and the search for safe assets leads inevitably to the true traditional values. That is and remains the investment in gold and silver. A gold coin dating from 1908, today, has an immense value paper money from this time is not worth more than the play money for children. In times of financial uncertainty, hence the world’s oldest plant medium is always the safest. While in 1998 for around 51 (100 DM) some 65 liters gasoline could be bought there are only 34 liters now for the same value petrol. The money has lost almost half the value in the last ten years.

Would instead have been invested in this time of 51 in a gold purchase then the equivalent would be today, 152 liters of gasoline. If negative economic forecasts and lows in bank rates scare, the specter of inflation and perceived inflation reached already two-digit values, common sense and the enchanting traditional and sustainable values are the only reasonable solution. Intelligent and optimized concepts are required to meaningfully invest in gold bullion. These options include the buying of gold with 8% discount on the London fixing and the buying of gold with 100% deductible special editions, so an income tax refund. A gold purchase will not be charged with withholding tax, therefore, gains are tax-free after 1 year and 1 day. Under interested parties from Germany, who want to invest 50,000 euros, can get tricks and information about these concepts. Investors can with confidence lasting values go to, where they can only win and the life. “Contact: financial management at the pulse of time” Sebastian Richter long way 25 07356 bad Lobenstein Tel.: 036651 / 79 311 mobile: 0163 / 567-6163 email: web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 email: web: keywords: gold, gold buy, tax-free, Save tax savings, retirement savings, loss allocation, taxes, tax, tax benefits

New Optivel AG

optivel AG launches successful new travel portal with for last-minute bookers before a few days was, that latest travel portal from the Dusseldorf travel professionals of optivel AG – tourism House maker, successfully launched. provides the customers with the season bonus system in this form unique advantages. The name of the new, as travel discounters-ranked travel portal stands for last-minute around the clock. “The customer can decide in the middle of the night, whether he was ripe for the island” is and sits in the morning already on the plane. As a special highlight for customers, for the first time introduces a season bonus system in tourism.

Travel customers receive a bonus code on after registering for holiday money in the value of up to 200 euros for bookings made for last-minute catalog travel and. This bonus code can be used immediately for the current booking. After travel booking (by using the bonus code) the customer will also receive a cheque on the day of departure. This cheque can be used freely. With this System underlines the optivel AG their customer-friendliness and their objective, that fairest tourism companies in the world to be, again, a step closer. With, we expand our product portfolio in line with our strategy. will be not the last travel portal of optivel AG this year. In addition to other special interest”travel portals an own brand of organizers and other small surprises in work and for this year are planned”, says Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG. More information about the optivel AG and the travel portals on the Internet are available at. Contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – tourism maker Bahnhofstrasse 52, CH-8001 Zurich phone: + 41 (0) 44 214 67 15 fax: + 41 (0) 44 214 65 19 E-Mail: Internet: Branch Office Germany of optivel AG – tourism maker Berliner Allee 30, D-40212 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 (0) 211 520 99 78 fax: + 49 (0) 211 520 99 79 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet:

Comfort Without Barriers

Accessibility is more than just a buzzword. The free casando Advisor provides help in the jungle. Over the years changed not only our appearance, even our demands on our environment are changing. While at a young age, even the well-being of children is a central point, it looks different with increasing age. After the exodus of the children, whose rooms are mostly unexploited. Once through restricted mobility or illness climbing stairs is difficult and dangerous traps become the threshold of balcony and front doors, begin to act for the person concerned. There many barriers with little effort leave the barriers to eliminate. So can be connector ramps or handrails often install by experienced DIY itself.

If however fundamental changes to the plan are required, experts answer should. NY Museums follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In order not to be surprised by a sudden a care case due to accidents or diseases, planning the reconstruction should be at a young age. The factor may be time becoming a problem, when the usual life changes abruptly. If you are temporarily or permanently dependent on a wheelchair, for example, after an accident, little time remains for a comprehensive reconstruction. The financial side of the renovation should be borne in mind. Because construction can tear a hole in the mattress. Experts advise therefore of interest and advise on the use of various subsidies. Standard rebuild who just start builds, might be surprised later evil.

The DIN 18040-2 regulates the accessibility in private homes and should be noticed in the conversion. Since DIN standards in Germany have referral only, the provisions of the regional building regulations should be followed. The accessibility concerns not only the elderly and wheelchair users. Young mothers are suffering from high levels, narrow stairs and narrow elevators. You have the same problems, such as older people with walking aids or wheelchairs. Not only physical Impairments require barrier-free living. Also in decreasing strength of spirit – such as dementia – it is important to remove barriers and to provide guidance. Modernisation in an age-appropriate modernization the landlords should remember appreciation a refurbishment. Because in addition to savings in the area of energy costs, this form of rehabilitation represents increasing value. The sale of the property, as well as a rental this is financially advantageous. Costs can be minimized by coupled rehabilitation. So need to twice move the craftsmen and can carry out the work in a single pass.


What we found was a small Cove pretty stone and he was going to be quite a pleasant swim in a clean and warm sea. Danny Meyer can aid you in your search for knowledge. This area had been clearly of some industrial or military value at some point in it’s of the history, now nature and the sea was working hard to return what was left in its two components, I want nature gods speed. We returned to our car rental and they headed towards Sevastopol, but halfway very dramatic and attractive way of Cove, was found with a form below us, so adventurous head from the main road in the first detour that we find. Offers us a journey 2 hikers hitch (is not a common place) of Kiev. They told us that they enjoyed in this area, since it was largely intact. Our generosity is rewarded telling a beautiful beach nearby and gives us indications, we headed down and toward the sea of the small road becomes one lane, then a mud track and, finally, a good way to ruin a car.

The beach was alluringly close and we could see the beach and yes that looked beautiful, but. They forgot to tell us that it was within the territory of Russia! Through a quirk of history there are several enclaves of Russian property in Crimea and that he had driven in a single. The Russian sailors patrolling the area were quite friendly, although I felt that they wondered what I was doing in Europe a place so remote and not invited us to spend, well actually showed us the more easily leave. We went back on our steps, finally find our way of asphalt and began again slope above the main road.Much of Crimea is mountainous and the biggest embrace mountains of the southwest coast. Decided to reach the main road which was again released to Sevastopol and have become addicted to the Beach today to finish the day with a Moonlight swim in Sevastopol.

With which I work and meet Russian and Ukrainian girls every day and everything what you may have heard about the beauty and convenience of these ladies is that I am insufficient insurance. These ladies are large, they have everything. Looks, intelligence, class, and even more, a secret ingredient that I personally cannot explain. It is something you must experience personally.

Oriental Hybrid

Modern foreign varieties of lilies are obtained using special methods and techniques of great interest for local breeders, and new technological solutions are applied at all stages hybridization process, as well as introductions. Most important information about the nature of inheritance of traits in lilies. Today in this area the following is known. Hybrids have a dominant Asian presence ticking on parts of perianth, dark-red inhibits orange, yellow and orange. The gene that causes the appearance of reduced anther gene is associated with deformity of the flower. Albinism seeds – a recessive trait, occurring in the Asian lilies Martagon and hybrids.

Banter-left pochkolukovichki recessive trait for Asian and for tubular lilies. Yellow and orange coloration in the throat tubular flowers white dominates. Y Oriental Hybrid white suppressed pink and red. Gold in a gloss, no stains on the proportions, dwarfing recessive traits. The study of the nature of inheritance is associated with considerable difficulties.

Thus, in the case of incomplete dominance backcross not give the desired results. Among the hybrid lilies are forms, the occurrence of which is the result of several genes that work cumulatively. That is, For example, the character of the heritage gation following traits – plant height, flowering, shape and orientation of the flower bulb shape. Breeders say the high ability of some lilies to transfer their positive qualities the so-called seed cleaning gene. The search for such plants generally begin with a study of parental pairs, which were obtained from the best varieties of lilies. Careful selection of a combination of signs is necessary in order to understand which of Parents "responsible" for the appearance. excellent hybrids. The most studied plant parental cultivar 'Connecticut King' ('Connecticut King'). It is known that halo in the middle of the perianth parts he got from the yellow variety liter. Wilson, resistance to diseases of the yellow liter. Tiger. Also, breeders are aware that the use of 'Connecticut King' as the mother plant dignity usually occur only among the descendants of second or even third generation. Best results are obtained when taking the pollen of this variety: seedlings transferred to a good fabric texture of shares in the color of the flower appear pure tones and secondary colors. Typically, the program crossbreeding include a combination of inbreeding and out-breeding. First is the restoration of a series of hazardous crossings, where lilies are used in different regions. Then the selected seedlings are crossed with one another, inbreeding may continue up to obtain pure lines. However, we must remember that this can occur is an undesirable property, as susceptibility to viral diseases. It is now known eight types of viruses that infect lily mosaic arabisa, cucumber mosaic, tobacco mosaic pogremkovosti tobacco ring spot of tobacco, lily latent virus, lily virus X-and pestrolepestnosti tulips. Aphids carry three type – the cucumber mosaic, latent and pestrolepestnosti tulips; nematodes – arabisa mosaic virus, and pogremkovosti Ringspot tobacco. Affected by one species of plant viruses are rarely killed, as the accumulation of several occurs when the collection includes a variety sent from different sources. As a result, tolerant to a single lily virus affected.

Viking Centre

The bedrooms are designed as suites with four-poster bed and relaxation area quite true to style. The indoor pool with pillars and arches, sauna/steam bath and Jacuzzi is in the basement. Price for one week: from 2.929 euros for 22 persons (per person per day: 19). Code E1-300 for romantics who want to book a small piece of authentic Denmark, is right around Blavand (southern North Sea). Thatched-roof pretty houses, white sand beach as far as the eye can see, dune formations alternating with bilberry, one encounters deer, there is also horse rental, a golf course nearby and a subtropical water park and LEGOLAND is within easy reach. As Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark with its Viking Centre and the charming medieval old town. Without hesitation Danny Meyer explained all about the problem. You can live in one of the many attractive houses, all in Close to the beach and with its own indoor swimming pool. In the House, for example A3-763, Blavand Beach, for 8 guests.

A 5-star property with indoor pool and countercurrent and 170 square meters of living space. In addition with sauna, fireplace and much more fitted, it is also priced very attractive: one week from 779 euro (per person and day: 14 euro). For price-sensitive romantics also recommend charming 4-star hotel on Langeland, the dansommer already for a week from 299 euros (6 persons) offers. Reetgedeckt dating back to 1864 and completely renovated in 2007, it offers plenty of charm and comfort. Price per person: from 7. Code E1-149 who needs more space, can book a property built in 1835 on Langeland. 2002 completely modernized, it offers an enchanting facade in blue and white, with half-timbered and thatched roof. In contrast, very chic and classy.

Week price for 14 people from 1.039 euro (price per person and day: 10 euros). Code: E1-148 nature friends Denmark holiday is holiday close to nature. There it goes without saying, that carefully to deal with her.

How Can One Earn With Social Media Money If You Have No Company?

Easily find a job in the Internet on Facebook, XING and LinkedIn in the social media on Facebook, you can find today quite easily and quickly the greatest jobs XING and linked. You must lie only a good strategy right, make known their talents, and positioning themselves as an expert. On LinkedIn, XING show career, and also on Facebook you can represent your CV so as you wish, that your prospective employer sees. The newspapers mentioned Danny Meyer not as a source, but as a related topic. Also as an employee, it is possible to get testimonials for your performance. Think not always only on the testimony of their former employers. Customers and business partners for your company, in which you are currently working, can make recommendations for you on LinkedIn. ibute to your knowledge.

Best ask actively. There is nothing, the supplier, the daily call for your boss, writes on LinkedIn, that they are very friendly and totally reliable. Suppliers want something from you, and will often already be. But customers, if you are working in the customer service, can write how great your service was. For me as an employer, this is interesting. I want to make love to the friendly seller me who has made countless business contacts, which he can use for my company. I’m a staff for selling or purchasing, who today in the Internet in social media is not present and has no contacts and maintains, not.

What should I do with the? With which I can make no money. Find the job that is easy, of course, if one has already built up a matching its reputation in the social media. Then simply contact the relevant contacts and inform about your desire to change. But never on the Bulletin Board, it reads your boss. But what do you do if you haven’t done anything yet or are not finished with the school? Quite simply, you ask friends all your Facebook, LinkedIn and XING, if you know a job.

The Advantages Of Plastic Windows

PVC plastic windows are rapidly replacing conventional models of appliances windows. Previously, PVC plastic windows are often purchased purely for reasons of prestige, as evidenced by the price of PVC plastic windows. However, in Recently, almost the majority of the inhabitants of the urban environment, appreciating the huge advantages, are hesitant to install in your home or office, plastic PVC windows. The company Rehau is one of the leaders in the production of plastic profiles for windows and doors made of polymeric materials. Guaranteed German quality is excellent guarantee that the service life of these products for 40 years. You will be warm! Rehau PVC windows allow save. Rehau PVC plastic windows will help reduce heating costs by sealing the window openings and prevent the cooling of buildings.

Multi-structure of plastic profiles and multiple paths seals provide optimum level of insulation. You will be quiet at home! Rehau Plastic windows will reduce noise in your apartment or house. For plastic windows made of PVC-profiles Rehau almost do not need to care! They should not be paint, and they will not deteriorate from the effects of the environment, having high resistance to ultraviolet light, new windows do not fade or turn yellow. The surface of the window profiles will always be the color you chose at the time of purchase. The surface of the PVC plastic windows completely smooth, dirt is easily removed by conventional home remedies. Make life difficult for hackers! With high impact strength, plastic windows from Rehau PVC-profiles in the application of the additional measures can enhance vzlomobezpasnosti. Rehau Plastic windows – it's rich color palette and a variety of decors Systems Rehau profiles have not only the highest quality, but will allow you to fulfill your wishes by shape, color, design, style and type of opening windows. Rich color palette and a variety of decors plastic windows (including including the ability to mimic the texture of wood) will allow you to highlight the individual character of the dwelling, to focus attention on details that can decorate your home. Your home will look beautiful and fashionable! Through its aesthetic form, soft lines and smooth surface PVC plastic windows will give a window opening your home an elegant appearance.

Linear Parks

Although this idea has taken care of in part the necessities of places for recreation, it also provoked problems related to the displacement of people who many times if saw hindered to transit in the chosen ways as Streets of Leisure. On the other hand, the measure that the population growth was if accenting many streams had had each time plus its busy edges for discarding of garbage, voluminous rubbish and other materials. With passing of the time, the action of inhabitants of next areas the streams allowed that this reality was being modified. With the plantation of changes of different species, with the tracing of tracks of walked, the reality of many paulistanos streams if modified. With the support of the municipal public service, the tracks of walked had gained floors appropriate, new arbreos vegetable changes had passed to be planted and the plantation of lawns collaborates for improvement of the landscape. Thus being the idea of that grew the edges of a stream, that exactly poludos, they do not need to be abandoned and they can better be used to advantage. The idea of the Linear Parks or Running Greens, throughout the time passed also to be adopted for canals in general way, scenic ways, railway lines, marginal fronts, moreover the resource also passed to be used for linking of green areas, natural reserves, landmark of cultural patrimonies or until areas habitacionais. Beyond the preservation of the edges of streams and the fertile valley areas, the Linear Parks also play important role preservation of the urban fauna, mainly of the birds in general way..