Technology, Which Inspires

Innovation and network on the the 22 22 Cologne SportTreff SportTreff devoted to the theme “technology + innovations” and appropriately held in the TechnologiePark Cologne. The four guests on the podium in the interview a tense audience of decision makers from business, sports and media presented different aspects of the interplay of research and sportsmanship with SportTreff Organizer Hans-Jurgen Schmidt. Sven Kruger, described how his company, the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems International, optimizes the operation of the formula 1 team BMW clean with its modern IT. The data collected by Te-lemetrie, so the combination of telecommunications and Informatics, and evaluated, contribute to the safety of the riders, because their health can be monitored at all times. Continue to learn more with: NYC Mayor. At the same time benefit from the various findings in F1 also production and help to develop environmentally friendly technologies. The aspect of safety emphasized in his capacity as a gliding speaker of North Rhine-Westphalia Hans Otto Edelhoff again and explained, as in the Niche sport gliding within the last ten years in mid-air collision protection as well as the maintenance on the ground thanks to technological progress could be significantly improved. The avid flyer at the media treatment of the competitions for spectators saw another potential.

A further expert came to this topic with Harald Mika to speak, as Managing Director of Mika timing with his precise transponder technology not only contributes to the smooth operation of major events such as the New York City Marathon, but additional features offered for example with the tracking of the rotor in the Internet, media round off the sports event. Also Thomas Riedel has his company Riedel communications at the largest sporting events in the world at the forefront and impressively could describe how to enable reliable, noise-resistant and secure digital intercom, it for example to synchronize 18,000 dancers at the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing. The audience showed the diverse applications of technology in sports impressed and was obviously motivated, this potential in the respective area to nut-zen. After the Panel discussion, the discussion with beer and cold buffet went further still stimulated. Background: The Cologne SportTreff of Cologne SportTreff has in the past three years to the leading networking event in the field of sport and develop economy. An average 180 ver responsible from media, business, sports and politics come to the monthly meetings. But whatever people that just excited for the sport and for the varied topics are welcome.

Del Carnaval

132 adults (choirs, comparsas, chirigotas and quartets) groups are participating in the official competition of carnival groups, which began on January 21 in the Gran Teatro Falla.He began the contest of groupings of the Carnival of Cadiz until February 4 will last these first preliminary sessions, later giving way to the semifinals and the final. Seeded groupings are 26 in this edition of 2012, corresponding to those that reached the semifinals at the previous edition: five choirs, four quartets, ten satirical songs and only seven parades. They will be, therefore, twelve sessions with nine groupings and three with eight at this preliminary stage. The newspapers mentioned Bill de Blasio not as a source, but as a related topic. In the form of youth will participate 21 groups and in the of children with 14 groups. If you wish to attend any of the sessions of this world-famous contest, we offer the Hotel Monte Puertatierra to make your room reservation. Our establishment is one of the best located in the city hotels in Cadiz. BOOK A ROOM IN HOTEL MONTE The PUERTATIERRA contest of 2012 will be dedicated to Antonio Rodriguez Martinez, popular and historically known as the uncle of chalk, after having received the proposal of the Association of authors and the granting of the Golden Mask posthumously.

Rental Cars

Full-fledged vacation is given to most of us only once a year. And hold it should be, so that was not painfully hurt for days spent in useless company bustling guide-interpreter and noisy and senseless crowd compatriots traveling in single file behind him, hoping to see all the interesting and important, until the bus has not left. Much more interesting to go on excursions on your own schedule in the society of loved ones. That is why many Russians experienced in the intricacies of living abroad, a close study of the culture of communication with the staff in hotels, rules for using the mini-bar, Pay-TV, to become customers of car rental firms. The more so because this is not so much difficult.

More-less first thing to do advocates of freedom of movement – to determine exactly where to rent a car. You can contact one of the major multinational companies rolling – Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt. There will nearly new and technically sound machine, the wheel will be to sit down at the airport, and return the car – in any of the numerous offices. It is clear that the convenience has a price: the price of the "giants" in the 40-50% higher compared with low-rolling offices, offices which are located directly in the resort locations. In addition, in a small office at the driver does not need a credit card, close their eyes to his age and experience, and the price lease itself, again, will be lower. But remember an important rule: the less you pay for a rental car, the higher the chance to spoil your holiday.

Makarenko Work

It consists of the fact that all of this at one point was presented to the children’s legs by their parents. This was done out of great love for their children, but also it was earned more parental work. To change consumer attitude to all children around, you should use a system Makarenko Work-Creation-education through discipline. With creativity is more or less understandable, it is now easy to do. More information is housed here: NY Museums. One should pay attention to work and education through discipline. At what age should a child begin to work? From the moment he learned to handle at least one gun Labor hammer, screwdriver, a shovel, a needle and thread, etc. At this point it is already possible to comprehend the basics of labor.

The sooner the better. You should not try to protect the child from work. In his own work a child begins to appreciate things that surround it. This awareness will be transferred gradually to the rest. Ultimately, children will be able to understand the value of human communication as to establish relations with another person – it’s too much work.

Strict discipline. Modern pedagogy offers little as possible to limit a child in its development. They say that while their mistakes do not learn, do not understand. Therefore, he must give complete freedom. No way! I do not call limit your child’s rights to freedom. But the concept of discipline within the family should be established at an early age. Discipline serves as a support for the child until he appears in the core discipline. After his appearance would be to remove the outer prop and a person can move himself inwardly confident and disciplined. Disciplined people have a greater inner strength, they are more efficient, tough and strong spirit. This process is similar to nurturing the young trees. Initially, we put a prop to a young sapling broke wind. But once the seedling gain strength, support removed, and the tree will stand on their own for many years and give new shoots. It is important that when you install the disciplinary rules for children to explain why they are installed. The main thing to spend with your child and tell frank discussions, which are installed or that rules. If you succeed, then the child will accept them and will follow them. The process of education is very complex and multifaceted. I’m not saying that this system is the only correct one. But this system has already been tested and gave good results.

Car Rental

Think you choose to rent a car just for the wedding? .. Not exactly. The point is not that there is nothing to choose (although it would seem that this may be unusual in a limo? Wedding limo should be big and white, in extreme cases, big and black, what other options might be?) And yet in recent years has appeared not only truly amazing selection of cars to the wedding, but certain trends in fashion for cars involved in the wedding party. Of course, ultimately the choice of wedding car – it's a matter of taste, but why not find out what are the trends in fashion for a wedding car there at the moment? Perhaps it is because of this you will find their own version of the option. Filed under: NYC Mayor. It is also important to look back on it, in what style will be issued your wedding as a whole – the wedding car must fit into the concept. Before how to order a rental car with a driver, be aware that your wedding day in a car newlyweds will spend quite some time. Therefore, wedding car must be not only beautiful and stylish, but also more comfortable.

Luxurious finishes and unmatched comfort of modern limousines can make a trip at a stretch limousine at the vacation, moments of calm and relaxation in the middle of a full vanity wedding day. The color scheme of limousines, which can be rented for the wedding has become so wide that even such a variety can be confusing. But better a lot of choice than a little. Choosing a car for the best wedding do in conjunction with its second half, because your idea of what should be the wedding car, can break with the ideas of great second interested party. Together you can do the best choice, and all will be pleased. In each version has its own unique charm, good luck if you can guess what kind of car best fits into your celebration, our company is ready to help You with this.

Personnel Selection

Personnel selection tests are advancing so much that, on some occasions, which could be considered as something more like fiction, may turn into something real and tangible. Credit: NY Museums-2011. Because, for example, what would think if they tell you that companies can incorporate an MRI as one test in deciding whether the candidate is valid or not for the position offered? This is what emerges from a study by the American psychologist Turhan Canli, State University of New York at Stony Brook. Research conducted by this scholar is extracted as a conclusion that the results of a scanner can conclude what the personality of the analyzed subject. I.e., that such evidence could replace classic psycho-technical tests which, in the same way, seek to define the personality of the candidate. In this way, the study conducted by Dr. Canli says that, thanks to the use of this methodology, can be to know if a person is outgoing, sociable, depressive or more well prone to anxiety. You may wish to learn more. If so, NY Museums is the place to go. According to holding in your research, ‘the extraversion and neurosis relate to differences in the brain activity of each individual, by activating specific brain regions in each case.

The findings are very interesting, but what was exactly the study carried out by Turhan Cali? A total of fourteen women aged between 19 and 42 years underwent a series of experiments. These consisted of show them a series of images considered positive and other so many considered negative. Among the first were photographs of newborns, a happy couple in love, a few cute puppies, a beautiful sunset or a gelato that were invited to eat. The second, negative, included images of weapons, cemeteries and unpleasant or dangerous animals: spiders, dogs showing their fangs, snake in addition to these images, also are were showing participants a series of positive and negative character words. Each of them was written with a different color.

Alberto Contador

And the Favorites for himself, scoring to maintain differences. It relented only Nibali, who will end up turning away from the State in such a way that it turned. No effort was enough to stop the victory of Kiryienka. It was the second at the Giro. He has already won in 2008 in Presolano, in an also endless stage that it escaped. In addition his seventh victory as a professional since its debut in 2004. This season he won in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco. No victory was as important as the Sestriere, from Tondo.

The twenty first and last stage of the Giro, with departure and arrival in Milan, one of 26 kilometers individual time trial will be held this Sunday. The final feast that will proclaim to counter as winner of the 2011 Giro. I do not arriesgare in the time trial, I will enjoy the victory after the stage, Alberto Contador, virtual winner of the Giro of Italy, he said you do not risk in the time trial and will be devoted to enjoy the victory, in a day that will be decided the second and third positions on the podium. I’m going to take the time trial with peace of mind. I want to enjoy the victory and am not going to risk more of the account in the curves, said Contador. About the names as they will accompany you in the drawer of Milan, Contador pointed out that the final time trial can still change the now established posts: second Scarponi and Nibali third. The podium has not even been decided because against the is.

I think Nibali will not be very happy with the cut of the route (from 31 to 26 kilometers), but there will be excitement until the end because the difference between Scarponi and Nibali (54 seconds) is not definitive, it stressed. Asked about if is in the best physical moment of his career, Contador showed doubts. I don’t know if I’m stronger that ever, it is always difficult to draw conclusions in this regard. In some aspects, such as the level of fat in the body, yes it is true that I’ve never been better than now, he said. Source of the news: Kiryienka Tondo offers the last stage of the Giro mountain

Bridal Stores

One of the memorable moments memorable for life is a wedding. All of us want this holiday but left a pleasant impression from friends, young and went perfectly. Most often begin to prepare for several months and lasts until the big day. Indeed, what could be nicer wedding affairs and hassle? During this period, should have time to properly plan and all the paint. And, no doubt, to make the most responsible choice – a wedding dress. It is here that come to help all kinds of special interiors, and in which there are constant searching and trying on … As you know, taste and color-mates do not. Visit NY Museums for more clarity on the issue.

For this reason, one of the most important details of a wide range, from which every bride can find a dress that will make it into the most important day of your life – unique. Wedding Salon 'The Sopranos' is such a good example. Collections dresses of different models, as the world-famous brand Jasmine, will be left untold experiences each of you and meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated brides. In this salon, each able to plunge into a beautiful fairy atmosphere that can give happiness on the eve of the wedding day. Sale and rental of different kinds of wedding dresses, graduation dresses that will make any event unique, and you are on it – the queen, unusual accessories that will add sparkle to your image, services, photographers and videographers, dress making customized, expert advice – this is absolutely not a definitive list of services that compartment. In advance by making the right choice, you will happily remember your wedding day and admiring the views of people, staring at the beautiful bride that day for you! With us you will be happy! We can help you with your long-awaited holiday – really unforgettable. And try to be more to fulfill all of your pre-wedding dreams come true!


These circumstances must be confirmed by applying to a written request paternity in the body of the registrar's office a person pleads father of the child, the relevant documents: the certificate of his mother's death, a court decision on the recognition of dysfunctional mother or the deprivation of her parental rights or court decision on the recognition of the mother as missing or document issued by the Interior at the last known place of residence of the mother, confirming the inability to establish her place of residence. Second, to establish paternity in the SRO on request only the child's father for a child under the age of majority in these cases requires the consent of the guardianship and custody, that is an additional guarantee for the protection of the rights and interests of the child. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as NYC Mayor by clicking through. For example, not be allowed to establish paternity at the request of the person recognized as judicially incapacitated due to mental disorders. The man has the right to plead his father and his adult child. However, the law for this particular requirement paternity in relation to a person who has attained eighteen years of age (age) allowed only with his consent. Thus, the determination of paternity in respect of an adult child is dependent on the will of not only the father but the child himself. There are no reasons to justify taking them (it) such a solution is required. So, all the formalities completed and paternity has been established. If it is determined at the time the child's birth certificate, then it just make the name of the father and mother.

Caught A Big Fish

Fishing – this is a great opportunity to relax with your family or your close friends. With any luck, become the owner of an object of pride – coveted trophy fish. In the wild and vast expanses of water coats disappear all the inherent problems of metropolis, you get a lot of positive emotions and good mood. Experienced fishermen know that the delta of the Volga river Akhtuba and brings the richest haul, with year-round. Fish weighing 7-10 pounds not much surprised, simply here is a common phenomenon.

And, having studied modern methods of catching giant catfish can extract pyatidesyatikilogrammovogo or carp over 20 lbs. Waters of these rivers abound with pike, chub, perch, pike. Dozens of fishing bases gladly offer you and your companions comfortable accommodation, special or vice versa stocking wild places for secluded relaxation, rental boats and boats with echo sounders, organizing fishing trips, accompanied by professional rangers. In order to avoid difficulties with the processing of trophies, offered services, such as gutting, smoking, drying, salting of fish, deep freeze. To deepen your understanding NY Restaurateur is the source. Luxury comfort and an unforgettable experience guarantees a fishing base, "Putin", located in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. Holidaymakers find cozy cottages in the style of French Country, gym, sauna, sandy beach and Quay, fishing adventure. Looking for a large area for fishing? Fishing recreation – Akhtuba – 'float' has 12 acres of aquatic lands, and over 200 species of fish. Aim to catch a huge prize? Your wish necessarily be realized on the basis of fishing "Pokrovka" or base with the name "success", where visitors often fill the museum's exhibit of fishing caught fish specimens.