Axel Dietrich Is Sales Director At BONAGO

The Munich-based expert for coupons, premiums and incentives got a further sales specialist on board with Axel Dietrich. He is responsible for one of our sales teams for now. Munich, December 15, 2010 Axel Dietrich (44) will be taking over a sales team at the coupon experts BONAGO. In this position, his focus on the healthcare, automotive and financial services industries. Lines of business, in which he already gained experience in the course of his career. With the adjustment, the subsidiary of Hubert Burda rearms media personnel.

We are pleased to have won a competent executive, which perfectly complements our team with Axel Dietrich. Through his many years of experience in direct marketing he brings expertise in the company, he can bring in his areas of responsibility ideal for use”, explains Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO GmbH. together with my team BONAGO market position we will in the next few years in the voucher and incentive further expand. I look forward to the new challenge, to contribute actively to the success of an emerging company with great growth potential”, so Axel Dietrich about his responsibility. Mr Dietrich at Acxiom Germany gained his first experiences and GHP (now Swiss Post). Before joining BONAGO Axel Dietrich worked in sales at the Global Group AG. Contact: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Mareike Rubner Bajuwarenring 114 82041 Oberhaching near Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 50 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 90 E-Mail: website:

Great Britain

A concert of the ukulele orchestra is a Carom of post-punk performance and oldies to the clapping. You will see mirrored the universe in the drop of water of the ukulele.” IMAGE Berlin international press “The best musical entertainment in the country… worth traveling a thousand miles to hear.” The independent “they demolish the pretensions of the pop industry with wing… The ukulele has found its avant garde.” The guardian “A musicologist’s nightmare. Excellent.” Music Week “for sheer fun and outright daffiness tied to first-musicality and comic rate timing, few concerts this year matched this ensemble’s November performance at Carnegie Hall.” New York Times “Virtuosic”. Guitar magazine “They are among the great entertainer”. London Evening Standard “Plucking brilliant!” Sunday Times “most people have to the before they become immortal.

“These ukulele superstars have no. find expression.” New Musical Express “subversive, rare and very precious… Frighteningly talented and awesome.” Time out “impressive solo voices and an absolute mastery of strum, pluck and twang ensured the sheer joy and beauty of the music which never lost in the comedy… Perfectly polished professionalism.” The independent the UOGB ukulele of Great Britain mastered the ukulele player of this exceptional Orchestra Orchestra not only their instruments, but are also of considerable vocal arts. They have their instruments with loose change”purchased and they are convinced that suitable each music genre for a new interpretation, unless it is only played on the ukulele. A concert by the ukulele orchestra is strumming, singing, exalted, foot-stomping resonance of rock ‘n’ roll and a light, melodious entertainment, in which the bonsai guitar a witty, virtuoser,”and a whole menagerie of voices at the Center stand; and the whole thing comes without drums, Piano, background music and without Banjos from. So unfolds a whole universe from the inside of the ukulele. The Orchestra goes to the limits of the instrument, to musically making peace with the ukulele (small, large, tall, narrow), and while it reveals unexpected interiors of popular music.

Make Money With EBooks – How You Can Make Money With EBooks?

The large earn good money with eBooks, but what’s really behind it you can make money with eBooks learn quickly? The subject of money earn with eBooks is hot discussion on the Internet. NY Museums has many thoughts on the issue. Good contributions here come out when you sell eBooks on the Internet. But what is there to keep in mind, if you start with the eBook business would like to how you can make money with eBooks? To make money with eBooks, you need an eBook! Earn money working with eBooks only, if you have a product – what is a digital book, on sale. No product, no business! You have the possibility to write an eBook, or to purchase the rights to an eBook. Who would like to write your own eBook which should of course are versed with a certain theme (expert be). NY Restaurateur has plenty of information regarding this issue. The second choice is interesting especially for beginners in my opinion.

So-called resellers eBooks are offered on the Internet, what earn money with eBooks a lot easier. Who buys such a license for an eBook, can the digital product under its own Names sell and keep 100% of the profit. As you write an own eBook or purchase a license, that left you. Main thing is, you have an eBook, which is useful for the buyer and that should appeal to of course a certain target group. If you want to sell the reseller eBooks, then sure, that offer a good product and no scrap. No one likes to spend money on useless stuff, you wouldn’t also. Of course you should not expect that you will easily earn money with eBooks and without effort! “The Internet is often debated, whether one with rich quick eBooks” is. The answer is no! Quickly make money with eBooks? Make money with eBooks, you are not rich, overnight that I can guarantee you now. Slowly, you will be a project from zero to build, day by day, over weeks and months, if you wanted to make money eBooks.

Video Tutorials For New Businesses

The purpose of this article is to inform you that just to develop the best video tutorials on the market for the development of a website as well as to conduct business on the Internet, and the best thing is that this product will be limited time for FREE on our website to be our first anniversary by offering information and products for those who want to do business online. This product has 37 video tutorials that explain step by step and in great detail how to make a website to sell digital products, selling products from ClickBank and place Google ads. You’ll be able to build your own online business within hours if you count all the information you want to put on your web page at hand. The program for building your website you are being able to download for free and we will explain how to do our videos, as well as build your website step by step, these videos will help you so you can make your own online business and all that you are worrying is the domain and hosting service that best of all we will explain in an easy and simple as you can record and everything with the same company you’ll be able to build your website, you will not need bone to do everything at different places all going to be able to do in one place and very easy and quick thanks to these incredible video tutorials. These videos are perfect for beginners and those who have no idea where to start and the best thing on the page where you will find our product you will find a menu on the left side will guide you in many ways how the development positioning on major search engines how to generate traffic to have the greatest sales potential, and many other tips that will help you build your business online. These videos will show you in a simple way how you can implement the payment system through Paypal and also the automation of sales of digital products to earn money while you sleep and all this in a few simple steps. Do not waste time and money paying for products that are not going to give as much information as you’ll provide for free, just visit the following link and follow the steps for you to build your website and start your own business for Internet. Click the following link: Knowledge of positioning sites on the Internet, owner of three websites in one of them explains all about positioning, web hosting, traffic generation and more..

Polo Ralph Lauren

The first thing to do is to break down stereotypes – ‘Gentlemen Prefer expensive classics and cell Burberry’. Who would have thought that such expensive brands such as Stone Island and Burberry glory crowned king emulated by bullies. Already in 1994, starting with the famous battle in the match Dublin – ‘compasses’ Stone induce awe at the peace cast the Queen of England, and police reports – appear’ well-dressed young people representing the risk for a number of football fans. ” But back to the 80th year. Rudy Giuliani follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. If you casuals – it is not only a knowledge of football, it is also appropriate dresc code. Binding in the locker room are – polo shirts Lacoste, Fred Perry, Sergio Taccini, as well as shirts Ben Sherman. By the mid-’80s – in the wardrobe of every self-respecting kezhualc added windbreaker jackets and Stone Island and CP.

Some time later, neotemlimy attributes Casual – brands Burberry, Aquascutum, Ellesse, Berghaus, Fiorucci and Lois. At this point in the clothing of each casuals are required marks and there are those that can be selected according to their own taste preferences. In the 90 focus style preferences casuals a few changes. Go to the arena such designer brands as Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul & Shark, they now prefer sports brands. By the way, everything that ever wore casuals – to adopt and become popular in all fashion circles, often bear no relation to casuals. Such plagiarism casuals forced to move to new brands relevant to their unique style – from the arsenal of casuals, new brands – Paul & Shark, Strellson, Prada Sport.

Inexplicably, but minimalism casuals, it unobtrusive and discreet lines of the severity of colors attract more fans, first from the musical elite of English (to recall the legendary brothers of Oasis), and after it, the style Casual wear is everyone who wants to look fashionable. And so it finally happened! Casuals – is not just a youth subculture, but zakonadatelem modes of Albion. What did the world a fashionable casuals? It would seem that no direct parallels with the mode of classical sense, no. But then immediately comes to mind hackneyed fashion tusovka word ‘Casual style. ” Where did it in the lexicon of hard-core fashionistas and advanced mods and so unexpectedly firmly established himself in the everyday Speech inhabitants. Or a trendy fashion designer has released a provocative ‘antiglamurnuyu’ collection, which everyone suddenly started talking in one voice, quickly fell in love and began to wear anytime and anywhere, succeeding his shocking glamor to a simple and quiet style of football kazhuals? Yes, no, guys, Football-casuals – that’s a true guru of fashion and style, which sets the tone for all the continents of fashionable hangouts, a source of inspiration and new creative ideas for the fashion houses of London, Milan, New York. That casuals subculture is now a kind of icon and zakonadatelem men’s fashion. And no fashion show is complete without showing lines of ‘Casual’, no one design house will not dare to make the podium only glamorous line, without showing wear Casual style. The amazing thing – casuals do not get tired with age, is not lost among the thousands of fashion trends and brands, but rather dictated by each new generation of 80-90-2000’s, his unobtrusive, inconspicuous austerity, minimalism, pure masculine style. Football-casuals – it is the force which is very hard to resist, and even in terms of strength, but in terms of fashion.

Holland Hostel

The cultural evolution of some cities has allowed that they become the main attraction of their countries; do we are talking more specifically in the city of? msterdam which is the main tourist icon of Holland, this thanks to its poly cultural trend. msterdam is a town often visited by tourists from all over the world, thanks to its main attraction which is that its liberal culture, which makes this an ideal place to go on break and party plan. Although it is good to clarify that this city is also visited by places like churches and bridges, which are an excellent representation of post-modern architecture. In? msterdam there is a great diversity of places where people can stay as hotels and hostels, the latter are more frequently used to accommodate tourists from all Europe, which prefer them thanks to their household characteristics. For even more details, read what Rudy Giuliani says on the issue. When we meet in? msterdam the best recommendations to find a nice hostel, is that this completely fill our expectations, not to mention other factors such as the location and the services that it can offer us. Do do some excellent examples of hostels in? msterdam are: White Tulip Hostel: this is listed as one of the most referenced hostels in? msterdam, thanks to its interior spaciousness and services such as heating, bar, restaurant, safe deposit box and desk 24 hours it offers, making it one of the best hostels in? msterdam. Hostel Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark: this guest house is an icon of reference in? msterdam, since it is one of the cheapest and is possibly among those more services offered to its guests, some of them like heating, swimming pool, Elevator, service to the room, restaurant, breakfast, laundry, Internet, rental cars and bikes, safe and reception 24 hours among othersdo, make the Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark possibly one of the best 10 Hostels in everything? msterdam.

Hostal Amigo Hotel: this guesthouse is a combination of hostel and hotel that offers the comfort of a hostel with the privacy of a hotel without comment that it has an excellent location, finding about important places such as the Museum of Art Van Gohg, without mentioning that it has excellent service in restaurant and the fourth, also free Internet, breakfast, laundry and 24 hour reception. Hostel StayOkay Stadsdoelen: this hostel is characterized by its homely beauty, also has a myriad of services that make it a very good hostel, some of the services such as safe deposit box, bar, rental bike, laundry, Internet and restaurant among others, StayOkay Stadsdoelen make a very good place to stay. Do do in conclusion, in? msterdam hostels are shown to us as the best option, not only to relax, but to learn a little more about the interesting Dutch culture, not to mention that these are usually located in central locations which facilitate us visit to the representative places of? msterdam. So there is no excuse to Miss? msterdam and especially to stay as representative places such as the hostels.

500 Booksellers Introduces AWEK Funds

Anniversary for AWEK POS solution from book wholesaler KNV KNV book wholesaler provides booksellers with books, maps, new media, games, and gifts. As a link between publishers and bookstores, KNV has around 480,000 available titles from more than 4,200 publishers constantly in stock. The book wholesaler supplied daily by over 6,600 bookstores in 2,200 locations in German-speaking countries. In addition, advises and supports KNV bookstores through the development and distribution of business software for inventory management and POS systems and databases, research and orders. At the cash register systems KNV celebrated an anniversary in May because the long-established Bookstore Kayser in Rheinbach, Germany the 500th POS system put into operation. The Internet-based business software is used by KNV with a compact POS system smartTOUCH from AWEK. Andreas John, since 2006 the Kayser, bookstore owner convince mainly the transparency of procedures, the easy of checkout through touch screen technology and facilitating the daily work.

Sleek and secure system the industry software for cash desks works KNV successfully for 15 years with AWEK. The industry solution for the bookstore combines the POS software euroCASH and the software for the POS euroCONTROL by AWEK with industry-standard functions such as E.g. statistics about the current status of the bookstore in regard to sales, inventory and top tracks and top sellers. The bookseller accessed through a uniform interface regardless of location. So, processes on Central hardware or Filialhardware can run without being visible to the user. The POS system facilitates many work the booksellers.

So does the system concluding checkout button, automatically triggers orders if necessary, and manages the stocks. In addition, it creates the key operational metrics and shows potential for improvement. It also provides detailed reports that contribute to the improvement of the portfolio management. With euroCONTROL the dealer using a Web browser on the system dials in a. The Web-based solution has several advantages: the bookseller can from any place and at any time his POS data access. No important data on the cash register are stored and can therefore not be lost. Hosting by euroCONTROL is KNV. Important sales and master data are safe at the headquarters of KNV. Arnd by Conrady, head of IT Sales & services at KNV says: we are pleased that the 500th has chosen bookseller for our industry software and the POS solution from AWEK. Checkout ease of use and the many features to facilitate the day-to-day operations to convince the bookseller.”our aim is the optimisation of processes and the experiences of the users of our POS solution show us that we achieve this objective, in the bookstores,” explains Andreas Berger, Board the AWEK AG. Our Web-based solution improves the processes in the bookstore. The bookseller wins through the use of euroCONTROL and euroCASH significantly more time and flexibility in their daily work.”

Holiday Tips

You decide to order a limousine for a holiday or other special events in your life. But how to choose a limo, because the Internet offers a great many? How to understand this diversity and abundance proposals. Our tips will help you avoid many good moments and do not allow easy orientation when choosing a limousine with the help of certain criteria. 1. Choose rationally! Decide how many passengers should will fit your festive procession.

Suitable for a small company limousines with seating capacity of up to 9. Do not forget that comfort is very important, so it makes sense to order a limousine to meet your requirements. But if you are going to have a party, then your friends will need a lot of free space and for this purpose is best to choose a big limo that can accommodate a company of more than 10 people. Presence mirrored ceiling, neon lights glowing floor, full bar drinks – an essential attribute of parties, so pay attention to interior design. 2. Do not put off till tomorrow! You plan your holiday carefully and do not tolerate situations where something is out of control? You're absolutely right! Advance Limousine rid of anxiety because of the absence of this limousine that you want. Valuable advice will: record the number you choose a limousine, in order to protect themselves from fraud.

It is more convenient would be if you are together with the order, select the limo decorations for your wedding car. Better view and a limousine and offered him the decoration of the living, to be sure 100% that would be the last holiday days you do not have to deal with issues of transportation. 3. Price limousine rental will depend on several factors. First – this is the age car. Should not deceive ourselves if the cost of hiring a limousine, much lower than for firms competitors.

The Visit Of The Pope To Barcelona

Barcelona, one of the most visited cities in the world, is preparing for the visit of Pope Benedicto XVI. On 7 November, the Pope will consecrate the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. Decorations and ornaments beautify the city during the visit of the Holy Father. Taking into account the amplitude of the event, security will be reinforced. Find accommodation in the region will be very difficult for this period. Vacation rentals can be a cost-effective solution. It said that the visit could be positive for the acceleration of the process of beatification of Antoni Gaudi, the great architect, creator of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia.

A dreamer and inventive man who knew that life would not be sufficient to see his monumental work is complete. And for this reason has left an important file with detailed drawings showing every detail of its construction.Gaudi and his ideas revolutionized the architecture. Inspired by nature, seems to be that as a child he wondered: did that houses and buildings had the same ways, while? that human beings are standing and non-square? Creative techniques also saw their changes: mirrored models, in spiral shapes, the hyperbolic paraboloids, etc. Gaudi wanted a living architecture, having movement and color. The construction of the Church began on March 19, 1882. Not yet know the date that the Sagrada Familia will be completed.

Today the ship is already covered completely. Jordi Bonet, the director of the works of the temple, answer the question in a recent interview: I don’t know. If I said something, I would say a lie. We don’t know what will happen in the world. More than 10 or 12 years, safe. When did this question, Gaudi responded: my client in no hurry.

Save With This Airline

Many of us do not are we waiting for an offer in the airlines to leave travel? Whether it is to plan a vacation with the family, with friends, to go to visit your family who lives in another city or because the need to visit your clients. Always travel at the last moment come expensive and very expensive indeed, but there are times that there are promotions and you get very cheap. Today I want to recommend a permanent promotion that you’ll love. What happens is that one of the best Mexican airlines, which always have low costs, knows that it is necessary to have dates available for travel fast worse than the price do not raise much. NY Restaurateur may not feel the same. He knows that many of the young people who are studying at universities are outsiders and are just waiting for good prices have to go visit the parents, so they did a good promotion, called drawer of the week. The drawer of the week offers coming at very low costs flights, the airline is distinguished by having good prices but in this section of its internet portal offers prices much better.

The good thing about this section of your portal is that in addition to the destination and the cost of flights add the date and time that will leave the flight so you go programming you. With the drawer of the week you can discover good prices and buy them at the same time online. Recalls also that in the portal of this airline can do practically everything online, so in addition to acquire promotions and buy the plane ticket you can purchase other services such as car rental, travel, flight, among other insurance packages.