Penitentiary Institutions

30% of the people without home almost undergo chronic depression, bipolar upheavals or schizophrenia, the more frequent mental diseases, according to studies realised in Spain. Bill de Blasio understood the implications. In the jails they have been detected near 2,000 cases of psictico upheaval, almost 3% of the secluded population and more than 7,000 people with dual, agravated pathology by the drug consumption. More of 3% of the interns it had been in a psychiatric center before its entrance in prison. In Spain the majority of the manicomios has been closed, with the conviction that the families would take care of their relatives with mental disease. This pretension took like premise solid familiar networks, but who did not have them or who they arrived from other countries they were in the affective limb and of professional cares. Also there were families incapable to fight with diseases for which the support psychologists, clinical psychiatrists is needed, nurses, therapists, aids, social caretakers and workers.

A young person Spanish account in a news article of the Country how one goes from the depression to the jail. To a friend his they diagnosed schizophrenia to him when it had happened of a mental jail to a real jail, although had gone to the doctor with a severe depressive picture before entering. Mercedes Gallizo, Director of Penitentiary Institutions in Spain, thinks that the suitable prevention and treatments would avoid some crimes. Nevertheless, first it is needed a diagnosis, something that complica when they lack the resources, it is spoken little of the subject and the social stigmata stay. The workers of penitentiary institutions agree in which the medical services and of infirmary in the jails are saturated, which prevents that the specialized attention arrives that needs the people with mental disease. On the other hand, the experts in mental health maintain in which the penitentiary surroundings make difficult the recovery of the people with pathologies and aggravate its situation.

Tips Treatment

When it comes to overcome the paralyzing effects of the same, your best bet is to try 12 steps to get out of CoDependency, this method will be of great help when it comes to learn more about yourself and your same capabilities. That is codependency? Essentially, it is the nesecidad influence in the lives of others by extreme fear of rejection, abandonment, or punishment. Continue to learn more with: Bill de Blasio. those who suffer from this often used these mentality as defense mechanism, it is likely that when they were small they have lived in a dysfunctional family. Instead of enfrantar the parents desepcion, rejection or punishment, tried to anticipate their needs as much as possible. An important part of the process of the twelve steps to combat CoDependency, is to recognize that this mentality is really a problem and contributes to unhealthy relationships.

When it comes to this there are two types of codependent to consider. The first is someone who constantly leans backwards to serve the others. This can be the case for a more needy friend, within a group, it may be that always donates money for the BBQ, or makes the task of others. This could also be the housewife who always does everything possible to please her husband over his health, his mental well-being and dignity. the codependent of this nature do not know enough about themselves as for behaves differently – simply validate its existence, in elbienestar of the other regalandosen around the clock. If this kind of codependent is not treated, can develop extreme depression, anxiety, or resentment.

One of the twelve steps is the recognition of this behavior for what it is: a lifestyle and humiliating. The other type of co-dependiente is that focuses on control. An example of this type deco-dependent is the husband who insists on deciding what his wife should spend money until you have to eat on the day. Control of their money to spend and insist she make everything on the road. People of this nature do not always do it to be cruel – what happens is that they simply believe that their way is best and that your partner can not about living without your help. As resusltado, when your Council is rejected, feels hurt and angry at the defenciva. Another part of the twelve steps is to recognize that this behavior is harmful for your health and those around you. Media who learn more than why they behave the way they do, most understood the importance of the process of the twelve steps. The more works on it, will be easier to recover. You can change this problem this based on a mentality of destructive, however putting energy and commitment. Original author and source of the article


The contrasts are reflected in the topography on the climate. While the Mediterranean climate prevails along the coast, deep in the interior, only a few kilometers in a straight line beyond, the continental climate dominates.
The Dinaric Alps, with mountains as Orjen, Lov’en and Rumija, staggered against the shore, and almost as big a barrier, preventing the penetration of the Mediterranean climate in the territory. On the coast, the average July temperature ranges between 23.4 C and 25.6 C. For other opinions and approaches, find out what NY museums has to say. Summers are usually long and dry winters and short wet. Along the valley of the River Bojana, on the bay of Lake Skadar, and upstream of Mora’a, waves of intense heat to penetrate Podgorica, making it the warmest city in Montenegro, and one of the warmest in the Balkans .
In the central region of Montenegro, on the plains of Zetska and Bjelopavli’ka, July temperatures are 26.4 C (Podgorica) and 25.4 C (in Danilovgrad). The absolute maxima can sometimes reach 40 C.
Average temperatures in January are about 5 C with an absolute minimum of -10 C.
In the region of high mountains, the climate is typically sub-alpine with cold winters and abundant snow, and moderate summers. While on the shoreline and the bay of Lake Skadar snow is a rarity on Mount Durmitor can nevar to 5 meters.
In the areas north of Montenegro, and particularly in the high monmtanas due to low evaporation, snow remains for several months, and sometimes the whole year.

Appius Claudius

In any case insist that the most prudent men holy calling a man would seem totally ridiculous. But we must not forget that Rome like all peoples of the earth received and formed a multitude of beliefs. Fustel de Coulanges in his work conveys the ancient city following when he says: “there would more closely tie that bound the members of a gens, because united by the celebration of the same sacred ceremonies, helped one another in all the necessities of life, the whole gens responded to the debts of any member, rescued prisoners, paid the fines for those who incurred them, and if any of their own was appointed a judge, paid between all the expenses neckline he carried the judiciary. The fact the defendant appear in court accompanied by all the members of their gens demonstrates the solidarity which established the law between men and body. Which included. It was an act contrary to religion arise against a member of his gens or simply appear as a witness against him. Claudio True, a person of consideration was a personal enemy of the decemvirs Appius Claudius, but when it was cited to court and threatened with death, that claudio is present to defend him and beg the people for them, not without warning that if he gave this step. Augusto then became president of the senate in 23 BC was awarded the title of imperium proconsular Majus, which gave him authority over all the provinces in 22 BC was the tribune of potestas, which gave him the power of the tribunes of the people, and also was appointed Consul for life in 19 BC and was granted the right to enact laws without the consent of the elections in 18 BC..