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Country Leisure Club “Klinskoye Zaozerye” – is a unique country club for the fans of fishing, exquisite recreation and active entertainment. Other leaders such as NY Museums offer similar insights. Members of the club – cozy interiors, the best equipment attentive staff and a pure country air. Our club is located in a clean place in the fir forest with spectacular scenery, which heard the rustle of sea urchins and only play of his birds broke the silence Zaozerie. The total area of the club country recreation “Klinskoye Zaozerye” more than fifteen acres, on the territory of the club is clean running water, stocked streams, which is the most difficult hydraulic structure at depths ranging from one to six meters and a water surface area for more than four acres, surrounded by timbered pavilions-log walkways and comfortable for fishing. Today pond stocked elite sorts of fish: Lena sturgeon, river, and rainbow trout, carp, white Cupid, as well as catfish and pike. Fishing you can spend time in nature, to talk to you nice people compete in the biggest catch, showing all their fishing skills and sposobnosti.Rybalka, Bath (Bath on black, Russian baths, sauna Tutsetskaya Hamam), gazebos, kitchen … If you come to us to rest, you do not have to take food with them, because we have a cafe where you can order more than 50 kinds of dishes. They say that time spent on fishing, in the life of the Lord does not count.

Want to prolong life, but at the same time get a lot of impressions and pleasures – then come to our country rest in the club “Klinskoye Zaozerye.” Please be assured – you will not regret. Our address: Moscow region, Klin district, village Teterino Country Leisure Club “Klinskoye Zaozerye “is 6 km. from the town of Klin, and 70 km from Moscow (Federal Highway No.

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How the musician Wolfgang Mitschke smiles with his new album Wolfgang Mitschke and after after three years with the release of his new Jazz CD ‘Midnight moods’ once again at the finish. Amazing restaurateur has plenty of information regarding this issue. The swinging between his residences in Bonn and Berlin, now 51 musician is a passionate music freak, who has recorded four jazz albums from 1998 to 2005, which can be played by radio stations in Germany, in the United States and of Switzerland at the same time trained drummer, self-taught keyboardist and savvy music programmers, all in all. The new album could publish Mitschke Hamburg jazz label SKIP records again about a recording contract with the international renowned. Big names make up this label’s catalogue, starting with the late Albert Mangelsdorff up to American stars such as Don Friedman, Pee Wee Ellis, Charlie Mariano, Joe Gallardo. Maina embodies despite his age, something like the new type of German jazz musician: good with a pronounced sense of marketing and management strategies, trained, linguistically savvy, always properly dressed, always friendly smiling and in music never stylistically or ideologically narrowed as still the most members of the older generation of jazz musicians. “In the last year I have talked more and managed as played” says Maina and he put: “If the jazz in Germany is still a problem, then there is the little pronounced marketing that still adheres to this style of music. You must be present to media as possible the topic of Jazz”.

Asked about the music itself, Maina brings out further: “I’m trying to make melodies. The title of Fusion Jazz lounge or the title blue Latin beats on midnight moods, for example, have a beautiful soul feeling, even danceable and very groovy. Yes even quite closely bonded soul and smooth jazz. I told time in an interview that round midnight Existentialism with us has no place. It’s been this smooth jazz history that is dear to me. Trumpeter Till Bronner has his popular jazz-style, for example, a very beautiful and downright exemplary multiplier.

This all – smooth jazz – is therefore also intended that you can win a neutral audience. So people who would find otherwise no access to the jazz. This is a part of our concept.” And Maina added smugly: just 40 women listening to my music. Because they know how well we do without bad music and how bad to good. There they end up often at Mitschke & Dietz”. Whether his approach has not almost a missionary character? Maina here delivers a convincing answer: “I want to create only a musical mood, where you feel comfortable. Smooth jazz is music, who wants to make good mood actually. That now almost sounds like mood music, but of course different means. It is a relaxation that spreads a positive attitude so you can go with a good mood in the day and especially at night. “Again the title of our new CD brings us: midnight moods.” Musical must not shy away from this album the international comparison. In the smooth – and Fusion-Jazz segment, the quality duo Mitschke & Dietz is now a reliable address.

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Gleaning: AIMP annual Forum 2008: Bonn – a total of 268 participants from Germany and of Switzerland discussed in Bonn the latest developments in the interim management. Bonn – a total of 268 participants, mainly from Germany and of Switzerland discussed management in Bonn the latest developments in the interim. This industry recorded strong growth rates similar to as temporary work. Estimated 20-30 percent are a year. Now, new studies show a change.

Still publicity corporate restructuring and turn-around projects in the majority, were 10 years ago are today about 35% of the projects in the bridging of vacancies. Just flexible and acting quickly on the market company reinforced interim manager insert\”, so Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Board member of ArbeitsKreis interim management provider (AIMP). The current AIMP study shows a clear trend: the lack of specialists and managers has meant that managers used more interim for normal management tasks. Thus loses a part of your legend the interim industry, but creates many new jobs. The AIMP annual Conference to become the most important event for interim manager and their providers. \”Younger, wide, feminine, colorful\”… but also a commitment to the classics \”a clear trend of industries shows that the overall market has become wider and the service providers interim management have become more diverse and in particular younger.

Women are now represented with 16 percent. Also, it has become a reality that more and more companies appreciate this extension of the offer. Most with about 35 percent of the projects, this is the bridging of vacancies at the time. \”\” \”Behind the classics: support in change management\” and project work \”with 16 percent each and restoration\” with 12 percent. \”\” No wonder: the discussion about lack of specialists and executives is water on the argumentative mills of that today quite normal \”Interim Manager stepped in normal situations\” insert.

Spring Awakening: 5 Tips For Trips By Car

The best weekend getaways with the car spring has arrived – Finally, it is again possible to move its activities to outside. To really enjoy the beautiful weather, there is nothing better than a trip. Now is the perfect opportunity to book a car over the weekend and to experience pure nature! are 5 suggestions for weekend getaways. 1 Barbecue in the Park if it is to be not too far away, the public green spaces within the city are ideal to spend a nice afternoon with friends. In addition to public barbecue sites, it is often allowed to bring his own Grill. A rental car is recommended for convenient transport of picnic equipment. 2. Picnic outdoors especially for real nature lovers it is worth to book a rental car.

No matter whether it should go in the Bavarian Forest, hiking in the Berchtesgadener land or but rather to the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea and North Sea. With a delicious picnic lunch on board, the day can be only a success! If children are a few toys should be included. A soccer ball, a Badminton or even simple soap bubbles. But even without the toys you can outdoor fine away the time, play for example with catch or hiding. 3. Tents for a mini-vacation is tents when the weather just right. Important focus from middle-class is to book a larger car in this case, for example a Ford. Even if there are only one or two days, the sleeping bags need the tent, food, etc.

lots of space. What should never be missing: flashlights for the night. Funny alternative: A flashlight app on your Smartphone. This uses but according to much energy. 4. Germany sail north – and Baltic Sea in the North worth for hobby sailors in any case, to spend a day on the sea. But also on inland waterways, there are numerous opportunities for sailing, even if it is slightly quieter than on the open sea! In southern Germany, Lake Constance is, for example, very popular. What not to Miss should be: food, sunscreen, and of course the sailing license, for those who want to steer the boat! Who wants to target new coasts and sailing spots, should look at the Wochenendtarife for car rental on Bicycle tour to book a rental car for a bike ride? For urbanites that can prove very handy. Without own car cyclists must fight until through the urban jungle, before it goes on the rural bike routes. Until then, the half day is often over and so, in any case, it is more convenient to take the car. Another advantage: Longer trips are no problem, because the hard way home in the city falls away. Whether for a short trip or a long trip abroad a rental may be the right opportunity always worth! On you can find cheap deals and for each trip of the right car.

Sale Of Yachts De-luxe

Careful design, elegance in shapes, magnetism and rotundity abroad with exclusive interior decor. We could thus define the beauty and qualities of the Ferretti 800, one of the most exclusive luxury yachts that ply our seas. This model of Ferretti Yachts House have a proposal of exceptional luxury yachts maintains the elegance, behavior in excellent sea and the profitability of Ferretti. It is a great yacht that combines innovation and a contemporary classic design. At Best! Blog we loved its lines outside, really impressive and they are very enriched by the use of colour and the large glazed surfaces.

These crystals provide plenty of light to the interior and highlight the generous interior spaces. Account with four spacious and stylish guest cabins: include a double master cabin, a cabin with two single beds and two double VIP cabins. Ferretti 800 becomes part of Best! in Spain, our exclusive online catalog, enriching the proposal of houses of luxury, hotels with charm, golf resorts, spa resorts, and now luxury yachts. GHD spring watching Admiral Yang weaning poisonous spider during the FHI Straighteners Smaller iron Ghd sale new united nations missile of three type of missile boats boats only the acquisition of the attractions inside Stylers ghdde four armed with supersonic missiles Sovremenny missile launchers anti-ship, powerful FHI Straighteners Smaller hair GHD sale SS – 22 anti-ship missile can only hit your united nations destroyer your loss of distance of tons of combat, you hit your two destroyers will be completely finished. Straightening Smaller iron Ghd sale Chumming happy ships of missiles during the cover, Yang Commander, finally virtually not sony ericsson kept the trenches, dreamed of a new fleet of boats, my favorite is the poison of FHI iron Smaller Straighteners Ghd sale spider 3 boat rental missile type 500 tons of ghd iron Pelodesplazamiento, large stable gym, gym during the trip by scar with the fastest sports car that when virtually no. Hair GHD sale are equipped with s less united nations KH31 hundred missiles. Yang weaning your looked at his very happy old men see ghd sale delete United Kingdom takes the hope of victory and to enjoy 100% of this unique vessel, nothing like having a villa of luxury with private jetties, a place in which to leave our yacht. We have more than interesting suggestions to do so: do you enjoy vacation in one of the luxury villas in costa del sol we present at Best! Bank of Marlin is perfect: apartments in the Sotogrande Marina, maximum exclusivity and performance.