Suppose, for example your gift, they will feel the full force of attraction of loving hearts – velvet beckons and seduces … affectionate, gentle, luxurious – it is impossible to resist. Do not forget to say that this material was sewn royal robes! Can sew and her! And let the royal mantle from Honeymooners will continue to crown wedding, and will marry seventy anniversary of living together! Talking about the aristocratic garments of velvet? How can you not remember the TV commercials – "girl's best friend is diamonds," What could be better for the triumph of character than jewelry? Pay attention to a series of "Black Velvet", with black diamonds. Imagine the sparkle in sparkling black diamonds with white-rimmed jewel … These contrasts, be sure to create a mood of celebration … Well, if the diamond is not enough money, do not worry! You will rescue cosmetics, which allows a woman to always look like a king! Do not forget to accompany this gift genuine compliments of youth and beauty Honeymoon! Want to make an original gift? To such a gift was not from anyone of the guests? Here you another hint – Amur velvet.

This tree grows in the Far East. Very decorative, easily cultivated. A variety of options can be explored – from planting a tree, if weather conditions permit. But then you know that heat-loving and Amur velvet love of light. It grows fast and lives up to 300 years, that and wish to spouses. An interesting gift and souvenirs can be wood of this tree, which has beautiful color and very expressive drawing.

Female Ways

To find in a life of the friend each girl aspires. Why the girl? Because, as a rule, this question is actual first of all for young girls. However if to tell about it in a more comprehensive sense words, undoubtedly, the problem is fair for many women. Basically, to find the man for any woman will not make special work. But all the matter is that is a question not simply of the man, and about the friend. Many women require the friend with whom it is possible to go on a life on which can rely to which can give all love. But to meet such man, unfortunately, for many women it is represented possibility enough difficult.

This it is caused by many factors: character, education level, own outlook and many other things, as a rule, individual for each woman. Also one of the major factors influencing possibility to find the friend of a life, the factor of degradation of the man's population amplifying against non-uniform distribution of the population to sexual signs is. At present time, statistically, the quantity of women exceeds quantity of men. However, speech in article will go not about the statistican, and about what methods women use to find the friend. Whether it is necessary to use similar methods, to solve, of course, to the woman as one it and only she, has the right to create the life and to reap its results. The modern world differs free customs. Using the given possibility, the considerable quantity of women suffices try to solve a problem of search of the friend the methods directed on biological weaknesses of the person.

Undoubtedly, given method is one of effective, but whether it helps to reach a main objective – search of the friend, a question disputable. Thus to a course there is the most refined weapon: immorality and forwardness display, attachment display to bad habits and the other elements which purpose of use, attraction of man's attention is. For some reason one of the most effective methods and the most qualitative which use, by all means, comes to the end with success, is forgotten today by women absolutely. As a rule, the given method always was applied and applied, is exclusive at subconscious level of a female organism. Nevertheless, any woman can always apply it and in any case, it is necessary to want it. The given method is absolutely simple and consists that the woman, should remain the woman. Coming back to the first method of attraction of men, it is possible to ascertain with confidence that the women resorting to the given method, deeply are mistaken, if think that, thus, they really approach the man to themselves. Here the situation can be compared to game in dolls. Has played, has bothered, has thrown. The second method, from the given point of view, much more effectively as if more close to get acquainted with a man's internal essence, it is possible to note, irrespective of an external image of men, huge aspiration of the last to female cleanliness, morals, caress and love. And it not statements of the author, is laws of the nature which the person began to break also often, as well as the laws created by him.

Italy Capital

Moscow is shrouded by smoke from incinerators recently around the world there is a tendency to reduce the amount of household and industrial waste. The garbage crisis in Italy has once again made clear how urgent the problem for humanity. Thinking about it in Russia. By 2012, the authorities of the Russian capital plan to halve the amount of waste in Moscow to be landfill. For example, planned to reduce the disposal of municipal waste in landfills of non-residential sector from 81% to 20-38% of solid waste and bulky waste from 80% to 27-37%, and the waste of health facilities from 99 to 8-12%.

In addition, the Russian capital in the near future will be one of the world’s centers of incineration, as soon in Moscow will have six incinerators in addition to the already existing four. And it threatens the capital of the deterioration of the environment, so as incinerators every day into the atmosphere will be disposed of 60 million cubic meters gas from the combustion of solid waste. The flue gases of waste incineration plants, even under current emissions standards, rich in harmful substances – heavy metals, dioxins and furans, sulfur oxides and nitrogen, which is very negative impact on the health of citizens and guests of the capital. In Russia, marked the International Day for pups on March 15 in Russia, as in Most countries in the world marked the International Day for pups. In many countries in that day there were demonstrations and pickets against the killing of pups – pups. And, as a rule, look demonstrators had been sent to Russia – the only country in the world, where not prohibited by such a mass murder and inhumane seal pups. Because of its beautiful white fur tens of thousands of pups are killed on the White Sea coast in the Arkhangelsk region.

It is in this region of Russia is a massive and bloody trade. Killing pups is very cruel: pups beaten to death with iron clubs. ECOportal.ru previously reported on took place in late February and early March, stocks and pickets in protect pups. Last week, the Karelian Humane Society held in Petrozavodsk Decade in support of pups. But, unfortunately, numerous and regularly held shares and the pickets did not solve the problem fundamentally pups way. This problem should be solved at the highest level. But last week the State Duma postponed the discussion on the slaughter hunting pups. In the meantime, environmentalists and activists to protect animals continue to collect signatures in defense of pups. Since March 12, Deputy Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol received a collective appeal to ban people catch young harp seals (pups), under which their signatures to put more than 335,000 Russians.

In Portugal

According to legend, lived in the south coast of Italy. Possuam to the principle, corpode a bird with bust and face of woman, but with the time had changed suaaparncia. The half bird of its body was substituted by the tail of umpeixe.In the antiquity, seumito leagued the cult to it of deceased. This also moved and only they register it asesttuas of sereias in the tombs. In Portugal, of where in the lode the myth, hduas assignments for this mythical personage: in the coast of the continent, Sereia.E, in archipelago of the Aores, Sea Witch. In chapter XV, intitled the Big hole, the folclrico value of guae its universalizante symbology is directly on to the chapter D&#039 Mother; water.

Alice is arrebatada pelotorvelinho of water, and Mrio ' ' I descend I put in an upright position to the deep one of abismo' ' , fight imperious to remove it. Them they guassimbolizam the universal addition of the potentialities. Its symbolism implies amorte in such a way as the renaissance: ' ' The contact with guacomporta always a regeneration: on the other hand, because the dissolution is followed deum ' ' new nascimento' ' ; on the other hand, because the immersion fertiliza and multiplies opotencial of vida' ' (ELIADE, 1991, p.110). We are, at this moment, arrebatados for a photographic speech at the same time, imagtica pelabeleza; action e, for the veracity of the attitudes. Let us see the belssimapassagem: ' ' The estorcia boy inside d' water.

Its body to pareciaromper itself, as the back of serpe when if dilata to estringir the canine tooth. Aluta was indecisa. To times arrebatandoa was given credit that Mrio went to win, victim to the big hole; other times the boy lost the acquired advantage still more esubmergia. As this chain was sublime human being who if estendiadesde the border of the rochedo until the deepenings of the lake, with an imprisoned tip to the life, eoutra already welded to the death! These hearts that if made links of a chain, grilhados for herosmo, this livened up anchor, sustendo an existence you give to anaufragar, had to full of admiration and pride criatura' '.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Full weekend, New York begins to implement all its preparations to receive Hurricane Irene, willing to let a violent mark on the city. Irene, the cyclone’s category between 1 and 2 plans to kiss New York today evening with rain and winds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, has caused an alarm situation unprecedented in a city that only has faced four times a hurricane of these features in the last 200 years. From this noon, New York has already been without public transport, which depends on an average of seven million people to move around the city. As a preventive measure, the service of buses, subway and trains has pushed the closure until further notice. Responsible for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), estimated that metro will be opened Monday at 0700, although everything depends on the weather conditions.

Adriana Partimpim

The child and the poetry: In the poetry of Flag, she has the playful touch, the mood, the involving musical rhythm, the lyricism and clarity of language. The poet constructed poems that evoke infancy, involving street tricks, associating music to the situations amused of the daily one. This joint of the poetry with musical rhythm also is a way that it used to remember and to value the folklore and the coloquial language. NY Museums oftentimes addresses this issue. We know that the children of the present time, with the technological advances and the rapidity of the information, they coexist different images in the daily one through the diverse literal sorts, that circulate in the society. However, they need the visualization of images to awake its attention.

The poetry, so sensible and subtle that becomes difficult to penetrate in this infantile universe, dictated for the media, the speed and the racket of this world contemporary. An unjust competition becomes, if to lead in consideration that stops reading poetry, the pupils need to be calm and intent in an adequate environment. How to obtain attention of the children, where the image and the racket are everything in the present time? An alternative to stimulate poem reading, in the children, already has much used time for the publishing market, appeals is it visual the book, a harmony between text, illustration and the graphical project. Another very interesting option that the crianada one likes is music; we can exemplificar with the DVD of the Adriana Partimpim. The image does not steal the scene of the poetry, for the opposite, enriches the text and awakes interest and taste of the child for the act to read and to hear. still, based in the estimated ones of Walter Benjamin: The child writes inside of the image. Therefore, it does not limit itself to describe images: writes it them and scribbles ….

Individualized Body Building Program

In this opportunity we will describe and will conduct an exercise with a utility and whose influence applied over the area of the lower limbs or lower train, has a very direct effect on quadriceps, about both of them uptown and the Vastos knee), also affects the femoral biceps, adductor, buttocks, calves, 115f them, and in as many muscles of the hip and torso synergistswhich help stabilize the movement. In the upper part of our body, we find a strengthening of the lumbar and back, of course a great stimulus for breathing by being an exercise that requires a very good oxygenation. The technique as well as simple is also very common in gyms to see many errors in its execution, especially in the posture, is by placement of the feet, knees, especially spinal and posture according to the purposes for which applies this exercise limits far get off the hip thus affecting in a more direct way or not different zones muscle. It requires the synchronized use of muscle fibers of the whole body. And how it’s one of most natural human movements, like that walking or running. Recent studies reveal that with the sit-ups triple the calories burned using the muscles of our body.

So it is also a powerful tool to burn fat. Follow the plan we suggest and you’ll soon see the results more ahead we’ll see with variations in the positions of the feet, by regulating the descent and position you can work more glutes, quadriceps upper, adductor (muscle located between the legs), the effect is guaranteed. Put the bar at the top of the back and support it with a wide grip puts your feet further apart than the width of your back to your feet pointing outward at a 45 degree angle keep your head up and look forward as beam above the deadlift until arriving with the thighs parallel to the floor. Get up from your heels force so you activate the muscles of your buttocks.