Christmas Magic

In December, the winter comes into its own: the street becomes noticeably colder, trees and shrubs shed their leaves last, are increasingly delaying the sky snowy, gloomy clouds. That snow settles on the bare branches of trees, white veil covers lawn lawn and walkway. In those days, particularly feels the approach of Christmas holidays. New year – for many people the most favorite holiday. Mark wants his bright, fun to impressions left on all year. Perhaps no country in the world do not celebrate it like in Russia, with such a large scale. A whole year we expect fantasize, what will this New Year's Eve. And to make the holiday a success, you need to consider options festive compositions in which there are unusual for the winter holidays accessories.

Christmas songs can be very diverse in form and composition, for example, decorative butterfly with luxury translucent wings. Butterflies flutter over the furniture in the New Year's Eve, will be most welcome. Or branch spruce, decorated with New Year's toys, ribbons, candles. It is interesting to look a Christmas song in the glass vase on the leg. Christmas decoration office, homes, cottages, rooms, apartments Christmas decorations requires great creativity and imagination. Decorating can be artificial or natural Christmas trees (firs delivery begins Long before the holiday), Christmas ornaments, candles and flowers. For even more opinions, read materials from New York Museums. Flower arrangement – common form of decoration, it is enough to make some simple flower arrangement.

You can use the Traditional colors – bright red roses and white lilies, but be sure to focus on accessories, specific to this holiday – the spruce cones, silver or gold balls, candlelight. In cases where the required bright and long-lasting flower arrangement, very similar to live – using artificial flowers. Sometimes with implanted artificial flowers and dried plants. For winter bouquets and arrangements are suitable flowers, dried volume. Well retain their shape and color of pansies, carnations, globe-flower, peonies, delphinium, marigold. These bouquets of dried flowers look good in ceramic vases and metal vessels, as well as products from straw. But what the New Year without a Christmas tree? Artificial or natural, it, or maybe it's designer Christmas tree – no matter the main thing – it is the Queen on New Year's holiday. For even more details, read what NY Museums says on the issue. Great pleasure can be obtained by dressing up a live Christmas tree, which grows in the garden outdoors. Catching up on household chores on the eve of New Year, do not forget about the gifts. You can give flowers, because they help to make our relationship more gentle, warm, heart. Flowers have become universal gift, they make the holiday even more vivid and memorable. Especially touching are small gift or floral bouquets. Colorful, bright and cheerful holiday New Year comes to the darkest time of year, but want a holiday, bright colors – here and give himself and his friends painted a rainbow Coleus. He leaves and red and yellow, green and black and speckled, and striped. This is not a plant, but just a fireworks display! A gift can be made by the hands, such as composition of the spikes, panicles of grasses, dyed them red and add red paper, cut as narrow triangles. This composition can be called "fire." It will look good in this or a decorative fireplace. New Year's holidays looming fast. Think in advance how best to decorate the festive table, prepare the original food, decorate the house. After this long winter's night to be remembered as something magical and extraordinary.


Suppose, for example your gift, they will feel the full force of attraction of loving hearts – velvet beckons and seduces … affectionate, gentle, luxurious – it is impossible to resist. Do not forget to say that this material was sewn royal robes! Can sew and her! And let the royal mantle from Honeymooners will continue to crown wedding, and will marry seventy anniversary of living together! Talking about the aristocratic garments of velvet? How can you not remember the TV commercials – "girl's best friend is diamonds," What could be better for the triumph of character than jewelry? Pay attention to a series of "Black Velvet", with black diamonds. Imagine the sparkle in sparkling black diamonds with white-rimmed jewel … These contrasts, be sure to create a mood of celebration … Well, if the diamond is not enough money, do not worry! You will rescue cosmetics, which allows a woman to always look like a king! Do not forget to accompany this gift genuine compliments of youth and beauty Honeymoon! Want to make an original gift? To such a gift was not from anyone of the guests? Here you another hint – Amur velvet.

This tree grows in the Far East. Very decorative, easily cultivated. A variety of options can be explored – from planting a tree, if weather conditions permit. But then you know that heat-loving and Amur velvet love of light. It grows fast and lives up to 300 years, that and wish to spouses. An interesting gift and souvenirs can be wood of this tree, which has beautiful color and very expressive drawing.

Uwe Tim

In the North prefer to call them snacks of rabas. You must add a squeeze of lemon and eat them right away, while the calamari are crispy. Amazing restaurateur will not settle for partial explanations. They are usually cut into rings of a centimeter thick. If you leave cool the bread ends up being a piece of gum. Madrid is the city with the largest fish after Tokyo market, why should not be surprised that the specialty of the capital in full plateau are the calamari. Currywurst: Hamburg and Berlin are fighting for the title of having invented the most popular street stalls sausage: the currywurst or sausage dipped in curry sauce. It consists of a cooked sausage (traditional) and cut into slices to better absorb a sauce made from ketchup and curry powder.

The author Uwe Tim wrote a novel, the discovery of the Currywurst that situates the finding in Hamburg. It is possible that the second most important port of Europe – was invented in the Hanseatic City, however the German capital holds the Imbiss or oldest currywurst kiosk. Konnopke s is called, has existed since 1930 and is out of the mouth of Schonhauser Alle meter. Kroket: The Dutch are specialists in croquettes. Your kroket is a relative of the crispy French croquer of flour and potatoes.

Unlike the Spanish of bechamel sauce with Ham, or those of Portugal with cod and pan, the kroket usually carry beef. They became very popular after the second world war. Then the Dutch began to prepare all kinds of krokets with leftovers from the meal. When they are small and round are called bitterball and accompany them mustard. Like the Spaniards, the Dutch are true fans of the batter and bread crumbs. Their fried fish is called Kibbeling. Vending machines as the Febo chain offer calories 24 hours a day. For example, Frikandel or Patatje Oorlog, battle chips pringadas in various sauces at the same time. They are so allocated in the Netherlands which can be ordered from Arabic or olives food home to three or four in the morning. Fast food appetite never sleeps. Original author and source of the article.

Georges Melies

The most important of the arts, despite the fact that flowed almost a century, is still just a movie. And that cinema, like no other art form, just with the popularization of the internet lives following their formation. Bill de Blasio is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Improvement of high technology can not only improve the image and sound, but also to send him a set of interested current and timely film. Present an unusual cultural space including the fact that, unlike earlier periods, almost impossible to determine the original or a fake in front of us. Moreover, the claim that computer files do not exist at the definition of a minor version or the original.

All computer documents – the originals and copies in parallel. And it really – a great chance for free movies online. Although certainly not always agree with the copyright holders. Online Internet nowadays given the opportunity to watch or download movies and almost all of the treasures of this amazing world of creativity, and from the Russian. Since essentially all of the legacy of cinema at this time long existed in digital form, from the Lumiere brothers and Georges Melies, the chief theoretician of the plot and to the latest movie releases.

Still, watch online movies Russian, of course, find much more quickly. Danny Meyer is likely to agree. And even if movie, which you would like to see, just do not find probably see a lot of other wonderful bands, namely the one that you want to find a different time. Or even on another Web site. Independently or digitize it and please other visitors of the web. Movie actually turns out to be the most important among the arts. And perhaps the most beloved by virtually all citizens. And all for the reason that movie no matter where the citizen lives what gets the money. Qualitatively, the movie everyone will see something close and it is correct. Since it is the movie a chance to be seen not only verbal, information content, but also the movement, shape, colors, sounds, and all other components of the sensory information that the person receives a full personal subconscious associations. Clearly, in the cinema the most important – experience. How to find social commentary. Human memory. Exclusively in this case, the movie is truly a messenger is the very beauty that, despite everything, still does not stop to save our world. And all movies online just another method of initiation to such beauty. And, obviously, to the history and culture of the world's population.

Female Ways

To find in a life of the friend each girl aspires. Why the girl? Because, as a rule, this question is actual first of all for young girls. However if to tell about it in a more comprehensive sense words, undoubtedly, the problem is fair for many women. Basically, to find the man for any woman will not make special work. But all the matter is that is a question not simply of the man, and about the friend. Many women require the friend with whom it is possible to go on a life on which can rely to which can give all love. But to meet such man, unfortunately, for many women it is represented possibility enough difficult.

This it is caused by many factors: character, education level, own outlook and many other things, as a rule, individual for each woman. Also one of the major factors influencing possibility to find the friend of a life, the factor of degradation of the man's population amplifying against non-uniform distribution of the population to sexual signs is. At present time, statistically, the quantity of women exceeds quantity of men. However, speech in article will go not about the statistican, and about what methods women use to find the friend. Whether it is necessary to use similar methods, to solve, of course, to the woman as one it and only she, has the right to create the life and to reap its results. The modern world differs free customs. Using the given possibility, the considerable quantity of women suffices try to solve a problem of search of the friend the methods directed on biological weaknesses of the person.

Undoubtedly, given method is one of effective, but whether it helps to reach a main objective – search of the friend, a question disputable. Thus to a course there is the most refined weapon: immorality and forwardness display, attachment display to bad habits and the other elements which purpose of use, attraction of man's attention is. For some reason one of the most effective methods and the most qualitative which use, by all means, comes to the end with success, is forgotten today by women absolutely. As a rule, the given method always was applied and applied, is exclusive at subconscious level of a female organism. Nevertheless, any woman can always apply it and in any case, it is necessary to want it. The given method is absolutely simple and consists that the woman, should remain the woman. Coming back to the first method of attraction of men, it is possible to ascertain with confidence that the women resorting to the given method, deeply are mistaken, if think that, thus, they really approach the man to themselves. Here the situation can be compared to game in dolls. Has played, has bothered, has thrown. The second method, from the given point of view, much more effectively as if more close to get acquainted with a man's internal essence, it is possible to note, irrespective of an external image of men, huge aspiration of the last to female cleanliness, morals, caress and love. And it not statements of the author, is laws of the nature which the person began to break also often, as well as the laws created by him.

Italy Capital

Moscow is shrouded by smoke from incinerators recently around the world there is a tendency to reduce the amount of household and industrial waste. The garbage crisis in Italy has once again made clear how urgent the problem for humanity. Thinking about it in Russia. By 2012, the authorities of the Russian capital plan to halve the amount of waste in Moscow to be landfill. For example, planned to reduce the disposal of municipal waste in landfills of non-residential sector from 81% to 20-38% of solid waste and bulky waste from 80% to 27-37%, and the waste of health facilities from 99 to 8-12%.

In addition, the Russian capital in the near future will be one of the world’s centers of incineration, as soon in Moscow will have six incinerators in addition to the already existing four. And it threatens the capital of the deterioration of the environment, so as incinerators every day into the atmosphere will be disposed of 60 million cubic meters gas from the combustion of solid waste. The flue gases of waste incineration plants, even under current emissions standards, rich in harmful substances – heavy metals, dioxins and furans, sulfur oxides and nitrogen, which is very negative impact on the health of citizens and guests of the capital. In Russia, marked the International Day for pups on March 15 in Russia, as in Most countries in the world marked the International Day for pups. In many countries in that day there were demonstrations and pickets against the killing of pups – pups. And, as a rule, look demonstrators had been sent to Russia – the only country in the world, where not prohibited by such a mass murder and inhumane seal pups. Because of its beautiful white fur tens of thousands of pups are killed on the White Sea coast in the Arkhangelsk region.

It is in this region of Russia is a massive and bloody trade. Killing pups is very cruel: pups beaten to death with iron clubs. previously reported on took place in late February and early March, stocks and pickets in protect pups. Last week, the Karelian Humane Society held in Petrozavodsk Decade in support of pups. But, unfortunately, numerous and regularly held shares and the pickets did not solve the problem fundamentally pups way. This problem should be solved at the highest level. But last week the State Duma postponed the discussion on the slaughter hunting pups. In the meantime, environmentalists and activists to protect animals continue to collect signatures in defense of pups. Since March 12, Deputy Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol received a collective appeal to ban people catch young harp seals (pups), under which their signatures to put more than 335,000 Russians.

New York City Marathon

The summer ended, but that doesn’t mean that there are still many reasons to make a trip to New York, one of the world’s cultural powers. With cool temperatures and the autumn leaves fluttering in the outskirts of the Central Park, autumn is a time of the year very attractive to visit New York; the diversity of events that the city has to offer are one more than the many reasons for a holiday in New York during the Golden season of the year. Located between the influx of summer tourists and Christmas celebrations, autumn is the perfect time to see New York without the crowds on the road. The city offers many events of importance at this time of the year; from the feast of San Gennaro in little Italy, giving flavor to New York from the inherited cultural mix, the festivities of Halloween and the day of Thanksgiving, events that really they give life to the city. Learn New York long holidays and weekends can be useful for planning your trip and coincide with the celebrations.

If it is of visit in September, may coincide with the labor day and perceive a solemn and respectful air on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11. It’s believed that Bill de Blasio sees a great future in this idea. For visitors from October, the day of the race falls the second Monday of the month and the citizens of New York can enjoy a long weekend, so it always feels an atmosphere of joy in the air. Travel at the end of October also allows travelers to experience the trick or treat Halloween. November also holds its own with the activities and annual events in the city to continue to attract international visitors; from the popular New York City Marathon, where thousands of runners take to the streets of the city, until the colorful parades and spectacular fireworks that are part of the Thanksgiving Parade, an opportunity that the citizens of the United States to celebrate its history and visitors have are more than welcome to participate. Even if you’re expecting a visit tourist, quiet and reflective the famous city, autumn station It has a unique atmosphere. Get more background information with materials from Bill de Blasio. Whether you travel in late summer in the sunny month of September or travel to New York to witness the first falling leaves in October and November. Visit the Big Apple in the fall, also is an opportunity to explore the city to his style, without having to overwhelm by the crowd.

This also means that you can enjoy a lower congestion and a greater availability of hotels in New York when you travel out of season. In addition you can save some money by visiting tourist sites using the New York Pass a tourist card which allows entry without having to queue to more than 50 attractions of New York City. Have fun and enjoy your visit in autumn to the Big Apple. Miami and New York seal Alliance to strengthen tourism Blog de Viajes deployed to 17 thousand 900 police officers by day of the dead festivities: El Arsenal / Journal Digital predictions of a former israeli agent our chat night starts festivities of all holy in Tuxpan strikes in the metro and the EMTvuelven to match UGT in EMT Valencia

Street Data

ALVARA AG and CashEDI take ride on Leipzig the industry’s interest is growing. The specialised procedure CashEDI of the German Central Bank, as well as to tailor-made services of ALVARA cash management group AG, at banks, savings banks, value service providers and trading companies are increasingly gaining confidant. The ALVARA AG achieved various successful launches over the last few weeks. So, the first collective deposit of the CashEDI specialised procedure was performed in Lubeck with a cash and runs since then in the productive environment. Amazing restaurateur has firm opinions on the matter. The money processing software used by CMS cash management systems GmbH sends the relevant deposit data to the ALVARA to AG. Within the online platform ALVARA ICC automated processes to convert the incoming data to the CashEDI format and transferred them to the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The Leipziger ALVARA cash management group company is the first certified company for the CashEDI specialised procedure. There was a further successful start in Leipzig. There, a large Swedish furniture store announced the deposit data for P containers every day itself. Via the online platform ALVARA ICC, to collect the appropriate data and about the technical procedure, CashEDI delivered to the Deutsche Bundesbank. The competent cash is responsible only for the transport request in this case, because the German customer funds at low cost is one from Bundesbank and recorded. That the new procedures not only in Germany will have a success, one sees at the latest since the world’s largest computer trade fair CeBIT 2008 in Hanover. The exchange of information with other European banks and institutions has increased and will help in the coming years, that in other countries the electronic exchange of data is hold.

The online platform ALVARA ICC architecture is well prepared for this extension. Through the software technology of ALVARA AG it will be banks and trading companies, their data and the physical history of money across national borders to track. The next stage of the Online platform ALVARA ICC is already in the test stage. With the new advanced functionality, a full picture of the machine connection is possible. Because not only Safebags and P containers include the cash cycle, but also money depositors, coin Exchange and automatic teller machines. Contact: ALVARA cash management group Street 18 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 98-990-200 fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 99 25-109 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Jana Heinrich to ALVARA ALVARA Management Group AG is a new service provider in the area of cash management. Competent specialists with extensive experience in the industry founded the company with the aim to provide better security for all market participants through transparency and greater efficiency through independence. They share their extensive expertise in the coordination and processing of cash transfers, to analyze the causes of the existing security gaps and subsequently an efficient and risk-free solution for everyone to develop.

Explicativas Notes

The not-obligator reports are not part of the basic structure of the countable demonstrations that must be elaborated for the purpose of spreading, being normally destined to the internal managemental use. Many of these reports are sufficient important for the analysis, allowing that more complete conclusions on the situation of the company are gotten. Examples: flow of box, projections of sales, performance for product etc. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NY Museums . Complementarily to the obligator financial demonstrations, the company of open capital must also make responsible for the publication of the Report of Direction, Explicativas Notes, Seem of the Auditors. (Assaf, 2007, p.55) 2,8 Methodology of Analysis ' ' The rocking analysis is not only developed by means of applications of techniques, but also guided, to a large extent, for the sensitivity and experience of the analyst. With the intention of it collaborates in the formation of a metodolgica routine, is considered to follow a basic project of avaliao' ' (ASSAF, 2007, P.21). A.A company and the Market an essential concern of the analyst must be to know more at great length company and its market of performance, way best to evaluate the financial decisions (investment and financing) taking.

The rocking analysis becomes inside well more consistent how much interpreted of the characteristics of the sector of activity of the company. For example, a turn of 70 days of the supplies can extreme for be determined commercial segment, being considered, however, adjusted in another one. In the study of the activity sector where a company meets inserted, the potentials current and future of the consuming market must be evaluated the level and the size of the competition, the technological dependence, the suppliers, the politics of prices adopted for the sector etc. B. Financial Reports This item engloba all the countable demonstrations elaborated by the company, that will serve of source of information for the analysis economic-financier.

So Paulo Stock Exchange

Many beginning ones ask to me how much I make for month operating in the So Paulo Stock Exchange. How much I answer a value in percentage, them I am confused and then, they ask how much I REALLY earn monthly in the actions. Obviously these people do not know absolutely nothing on investments in the stock exchange of Brazil and therefore, do not obtain to understand that a direct reply, as for example: 5 a thousand Reals for month, or 20 a thousand Reals, do not serve for nothing. Because? Because the values depend on the initial value of the investor/operator. It considers the following situation: the Ricardo has 50 a thousand Reals to invest. Please visit NYC Mayor if you seek more information. It knows much thing on as to invest in the stock exchange and has conscience of what he is making. Then, in one very good month, an action of Ricardo goes up sufficiently and it gains 10 a thousand Reals, that is, 20% of its original money.

This is a fantastic result because to make 20% for month making the certain things are really very difficult and rare, then, if somebody to ask how much it made this month, it will be able to speak with pride: ' ' I made 20%! ' ' However, 10 a thousand Reals can not be much thing for much people. They go to see would be made an impression with much more, as for example, with 100 a thousand Reals. But exactly this value can be great thing not depending on the capital of the investor. If the person who made 100 a thousand Reals had originally 10 Real million, the profits of it would be of only 1%, what until some fixed income securities they make. Comparing the cases, the Ricardo made 20% of its capital, that gave 10 a thousand Reals. as the investing one made 1%, that it gave 100 a thousand Reals. One earned much more of what the other but the proportional success of the first one was infinitely bigger of what of as. For assistance, try visiting NY Museums . Therefore that the question: ' ' How much I can really make to know myself as to operate in the stock market of valores' ' he does not make the sensible minimum.

The necessary reply logical to be always in percentage. After all, if I to say that I make 50 a thousand Reals for month when in the reality I possess a capital of 1 Real million, many beginning ones deluded I had started to invest in the stock market with 1 a thousand Reals finding that they will be able to also make 50 a thousand for month, that obviously it is made a mistake. If somebody to ask to you, answers in percentage. If to insist, ignores. Who answers accurately more confuses of what it helps. How you have much success in its investments!