Understanding Love

' I you Amo' ' , which will be the meaning of this word? In our day the day we have some examples of people who do not know the meaning of the love. They promise love for entire life, they are married has children and in the end they separate. The biggest example of couple that we had was Maria and Jose. Maria was the chosen one to have the son of Deus.O Angel Gabriel appeared in its dream and disse' ' Glad Maria! You chose you! You are pregnant of the son of God to who you will call Jesus. It will be the Son of the Highest one and will reign forever. Maria was without reaction and said; ' ' more as it will be possible therefore if nor married I am? ' ' The Angel Gabriel disse' ' For the power and workmanship of the Espirito Santo you will conceive. Its son will be called ' ' The Son of Deus' ' He happened times later, that emperor August Cesar decreed a census. Each person would have to register itself in the city where she had been born.

The Angel appeared alone again who of this time for Jose, counted and it on the pregnancy and that it would be its adoptive son. Jose understood, Jesus was born and created it and loved until its last sigh. More information is housed here: New York Museums. Thus it would have to be all the couples. Which the meaning of the love? Without love that felt has the life? You are workmanship of the love biggest that was God who gave to you. It sent its son to the world to all save you and to free of the sin, and he granted to the life and more beautiful art to you that is the love.


Taste to read many books, after the reading you never return to the original size. As well as, after the confrontation of the storm he comes the calmness. The capacity of the human being is incredible to forget, perhaps either a blessing. As many ways after a serious incident we are incapable to cover Already it happened to it to deviate from a street, to cut passage, not to only return to the place where its soul was dilacerada? It needed time to try to pass again that way? One anci commented? all it passes Really, and each one has its time. Some obtain to come back in hours, other days, some years.

The important one is to determine that you are in the control. It does not import the cold sweat, the legs bambas, the dry throat, nor the punhal crossing its vsceras. It faces the storm. It cries out in a desert forest. It runs against the wind. It swims defying the strong waves. But, it finds the peace.

The harmony is waiting to it in the lesser things. The mother nature will be zealous and complacente. The masters will come. Reading the book One day my soul if opened entirely, evidenced a form irreverent and amused to face the life? the author surpasses maltreatment, sexual abuse, and finishes discovering that everything is summarized to clean excrement and to celebrate? valley the penalty to confer. Jack Canfield, celebrity writer and palestrante, also suffered such abuses and add celebrate: _ And from there? I admire those that surpass traumas nonsenses and still they serve of sustentculo for excessively. You do not import so deep have IDO, believe the deep one of the well you exist a spring. of this I am certain. Peace, balance and harmony.

To Read And To Reflect On Passover

Passover must be faced as a change time, a time where we must reflect on what we are trying to carry through mainly and as we are acting to become this change reality. It symbolizes the victory of Jesus on the death and thus with It she won the death we must use the symbolism contained in Passover to win to the bad I discourage it thoughts, the envy and the rancor. Passover exists stops remembering in them that we must also make over again the smile, the joy of living, the love the friendship, the will of being happy, the capacity to dream and to pardon. (Not to be confused with Bill de Blasio!). To pardon makes our soul if to empty of a feeling that only makes in them to suffer, when we pardon we are capable to enxergar the reasons that had taken the people to have that type of attitude and some times the pardon also allows until let us help these people. The pardon is a species of attitude that makes with that let us pass over much thing that afflicts in them and allows that we renasamos with a lighter and gladder spirit, must always remember, all day is one recommences. When recommencing we can correct the course of our life, to give chance so that new things happen, thus we must take care of so that the past is not one empecilho to live the gift and to construct the future. Good Passover!

Binoculars, Chronic Craters, Parachute

BINOCULARS, CRATERS, PARACHUTE Authorities of the FIFA had walked saying that the transit of So Paulo will need changes during the events of Pantry 2014. Difficult to establish for where to start these changes; quality of the roads? Excess of vehicles? Bottling? Imprudent drivers? Chaos in the transit of the city, who still it did not attend the film? It is unaware of the plot, personages directors of the drama? Binoculars, craters and until parachute are some of the alternatives to run away from the difficult transit of the city, and who knows not it facilitates the access to the place of the games? The binoculars help the visualization of the games the torcedor can to run away from the sound deafening of the departures. It is not rare to come across with true craters in the streets, why not to use to advantage them? The holes can serve of ticket (or it treads) to arrive at the place. The parachute jump allows to land directly for the arquibancada one. To twist against only for two factors: rain or explosions of culverts. In case that it occurs floods, some torcedor can not to know to swim e, imagines to walk in sidewalk to surprise at fire flares?

Thoughts And Reality

All those ideas generate scarcity thoughts and create emotions that trigger certain incapacity to produce money. Danny Meyer has much experience in this field. No only the ideas the past harm to us but nowadays we continued feeding them: we met with our friendly to talk of our lives and counted on certain passion our misfortunes as if this made us feel better and we even watched comos if outside an extraterrestrial one to that speak to us of money, success and wealth. In order to attract money and wealth, we must ” desintoxicarnos” of the old woman beliefs that we have of the money and to give a turn towards the elaboration of positive thoughts. In the film the Secret explains that we can be freed to us of our hereditary landlords, cultural codes, social beliefs and to try once and for all that the power that there are within us is major that all the power of the world. on. If you have been decided to change your ideas, you can begin making a list of the false beliefs that you must to turn it into a list of positive values, thus: The money is difficult to obtain, The money me does not make happy, The money does not reach to pay me my debts, The money is a curse, etc. You do your list of 15 to 20 negative affirmations and soon change these affirmations in positive form, thus: The money comes easily, The money me makes happy, I have sufficient money more to cover all needs, The money arrives life like a blessing for me and my family. Soon flock, dull or breaks the first list and conserves the second list to read it daily. It enjoys reading these affirmations and sides positive changes in your life. It remembers that the Law Of the Attraction this always acting, or attracting good or bad things according to is your thoughts.

Juan Alberto

Nevertheless, the talk had been very positive, Candle had studied Accountant’s office outside the city, and indeed Juan Alberto needed somebody that took to its books and the corresponding thing to the florist’s, she accepted the use that would do from its own house, in addition was extra money that he would have. More ahead, also he would take books of other establishments of the city. Candle was very contented, had a good entrance of money, in addition it was exerting his race and near his family. The things marched wonder. To the week to work in the Nocheln house, it decided to expand the cleaning and the order to the majority of the rooms.

That one was an immense house of two plants, but Nocheln it only used his room and study, the room and the kitchen and only those places commanded to clean, but Candle by itself decided to break the rules and to accommodate to the rest of the house and its entrance, while it was locked up painting. Pablo lived in his world, slept, painted, ate and only received the visits of Juan Alberto, his close friend. With time, Candle became friend very from Juan Alberto and together, when running of the months, they painted the entrance of the house, reclaimed the garden, they cleaned the garage, and with the aid of friendly they managed to make work the car. But nothing of to this saw it Pablo, for him only existed four walls, any other noise came from the street and it did not interest to him. Certain night, Pablo could not sleep and decided to give a return at dawn to the kitchen. He looked for bread and juice in the refrigerator. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit New York Museums. Silence prevailed until crickets began to make noise. Pablo gru a little. He took his glass from juice and one moved towards the study, but halfway he gave desire to give him him look to all the house, something that did not do much ago.


In a matter of resistances and realities: Freedom and independence, dependency and slavery the whole Humanity between chains moans Freedom and independence words very sounded now in our country, in reason to remember a series of historical facts that as it is known well they caused the apparent one and ostentatious independence. Independence? I ndependencia shouts the American world bathes in blood of heroes This word that applied to a state is not only an historical denomination, is an understanding deep, it completes, and of absolute philosophical form That so similar they can get to be so different terms that easily they are confused as they are it: Dependency independence Is this case that it occupies to the constitutional state of Colombian right, in an absorbent globalisation and a Capitalism exaggerated and modern, no state, town or individual it is independent Today we boasted ourselves saying that we are independent that we belong to sovereign state. In the facts, not in the paper calls countries developed they are employees of the world, the market in the aspects cultural, economic politicians Freedom Ceso the horrible night the freedom sublimates more Being this one more complete definition, deeper named the freedom also is absolute, it is one of the few little relative terms, this concept is the same of over there in the 1880 and so many when it was the delight of the wild one and the hope of a Creole town not to be part of the tyrant Spanish crown. Lamentably the great part of the events of our nation they are and always they were bound by the greed, the personal interest, egoistic desires of a few with the sufficient power. The image of the stupid mother country, as prophet than happens, than it happened As a few are fought by the state looking for that freedom that personal manumisin that never will be in the money; Like slowly distinguished Colombian of necktie; of tradition they make more employee to a state for 200 years an elitist hegemony bureaucrat with his actions it leaves in the inhospitable forgetfulness I sacrifice of immolated heroes, and now not to be bad arm a silly thing, pomposo, resounding bulloso and, that touches the patriotic feelings of the Colombians. All we have anxieties of freedom of justice independence, but that does not fill anybody to it, That fills the collective actions to it indicated explicitly, not labeled with vain interests like the power and the profit.

Son Place

This text not only demonstrates the mission of the Son, but it evidences the love of the Father, love this that had not been found words that could describe its intensity. For the word we understand that God the Creator, the supreme being, is not an energy, a force, or seemed thing, It is God, the being that governs the universe, where the skies proclaim its glory and the universe announces the workmanships of its hands. It is onisciente, onipotente and onipresente; that is he knows of all the things, he has all power, and he is in all place. This God with pure love, the love gape and indescritvel loved the world, does not say the mundane system and yes the living beings and the creation in such way, that not if it can dimensionar, nor if compare; It delivered its only son to suffer and to suffer in place of all human being, exactly that none of us deserved. New York Museums has similar goals. He gave to its unignito son, who only is generated, the holy ghost son of God, and in this mission so suffered he has the objective to reach all what to believe, that is, to only trust it for the salvation, to place the destination at the hands of Jesus believing it as Sir and its word to follow as faith rule. Everything this It made so that all what in it to believe it does not perish, therefore in fact, the wage of the sin is the death, a time moved away from God the man already is destined to the perdio, but by the favour Jesus we are reconciled with God, was for that Jesus died, as well as it revived to the third day and is seated the right of the all powerful Father interceding for us.

It has a lack inside of the man who is not filled by pleasures flesh times, is not supplied with money nor if it carries through with parties and joys passengers, this emptiness if it fills with Jesus, who makes question of loving in them and fulling them with its essence. Best and more made right choice of the man it is if to decide Christ and to understand that to live in the sky and to have access to all the promises that It has in the data are to accept the Jesus as Gentleman and rescuer of its soul, to have the pardoned sins and to live observing its principles. It all honor and all glory for all always. Amen!

Documents Needed To Securte A Mortgage

When people solicit a mortgage there is usually a certain confusion on the Documentation necessary to ask for a mortgage. Go to NYC Mayor for more information. what is due to provide to the credit organization with the purpose of to obtain a hypothecating supply of great value and with feasible approval. In order to help to understand him what you need to present/display we have enumerated the main types of documents obligatory and generalized to ask for a regular mortgage. * Form of request and documents of the moneylender (Codeudor): Along with a form of mortgage request you also will have to hasten a registry where the quality of the moneylenders tries on this will help him to begin to formalize a mortgage so that there is to present/display an endorsement of responsibility on the part of the coindebted ones that demonstrates that they can be responsible for the payment of the mortgage. * Documents of Identification: This documentation talks about to the I.D., legal certificate of citizenship, passport or documents that pruben and state that really I know is the person who claims itself to be. Danny Meyer gathered all the information. * Pruba of residence: It is used to help to prevent the whitening of money and to satisfy the criteria with the moneylenders who you live where you say to live. Normally, the moneylenders require three years of test of residence. * Supporting of wage payment: Yes it is itself a use and he is desired to ask for one of the cheap mortgages requires itself to present/display collilas of payment given by the contracting company of last the 3 months.

In these documents one is due to demonstrate that the work is really made that reference in the request form and the money is received that there specific. On this document he to a great extent depends the approval of the mortgage and the structuring of the payments of the same. Danny Meyer understands that this is vital information. * Statements of account: This document is required indeed for the Independent ones, in deme to less in the last demonstrate a positive flow of income by the 12 months. Here one is due to specify that she is an independent person and the referenced income in the mortgage request are had. * Hypothecating file: It is a type of mortgage declaration where an endorsement of a previous mortgage and the realised payments appears. In these documents it is watched also the credit file of the applicant and its tendencies of payment. The previous ones are some of the most important documents at the time of requesting a mortgage. Similarly yes at the time of cancelling the respective quotas of the mortgage you possibly have delays the payment and it appears in his credit file. Then it is very probable that the moneylender is going to have to make a letter signed by himself where the circumstances are detailed of how the delays took place.

Posthumous Memories

(Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas, p.152) Indirectly the reader is induced to reflect on estastemticas, therefore all these positionings ahead of the life adopted pelopersonagem always produce identification with the life of each reader. Brs Cubas the personage who exactly represents the inflexible and ironic judge of itself and dahumanidade, that makes in them to reflect on the life and the death, always contemporary. Therefore, the intention of the tragedy in Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas is levantarcrticas concerning thematic social. During the development of the present work we perceive osdiferentes concepts that the tragedy received in the antiquity Greek, in the vision deAristteles, Homero, Sfocles in dipo King, as atragdia in Axe of Assis is characterized, in the workmanship Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas. With baseno that was displayed, one concludes that the tragedy, independent of the concept, the same scienter teveem all thematic boarded: to display critical, you touch emotions of the auditorium (in the case of the vision of Aristotle on catarse dramatical naencenao) or of the reader, uprising questionings filosficosinduzindo the individual to reflect on varied subjects of the life; what variouapenas it was the context and the time.

In the present article we consider in to identify them to traces datragdia and its intentions Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas of the autorRealista Axe of Assis. In this workmanship the manifest tragedy if of diferentesmaneiras, over all, in the personage protagonist Brs Cubas, a deceased autorque makes a retrospect of all its life marked for pessimism and revestidapor a succession of failures. We can evidence this in all the dimensions due of the personage: in the love, the family, in politics, in the attempt to create oemplastro, amongst other Fizemos this study on the basis of the diverse boarded concepts detragdia for Aristotle, Homero, Sfocles in its workmanship dipo Reie in the explicit machadiana vision in the workmanship. We arrive at the conclusion of that in Posthumous Memories of BrsCubas the tragicidade is revealed through the irony and in certain momentosadquire certain tone of mood, as objective not to make to laugh, but that it induces reflexo, used to raise some existenciais philosophical questionings sobredramas, reflections on the death, inherent memories of the oldness at last, subjects to all the human beings. The proper Brs Cubas, defuntoautor of history, is presented constantly ironic, however its irony is umaforma to purge the present pessimism in its person and this is explicit nofinal of the book when it affirms that he did not have children, did not marry, not to conseguiutornar politician, did not get success in its attempt to become celebridadeatravs applies a plaster of it that it invented. After everything this Brs Cubas ironiza all its life concluindoque the absence of these successes contributed so that it did not have infelicidadede to buy the bread with the sweat of its face.

finally it affirms that the life was quitecom, a time that this did not propitiate it great things, however it tambmno produced, did not give to great contributions it. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ASSIS, Axe of. Posthumous memories of Brs Cubas. So Paulo: Cultural money market Woman editor and Ltda Deliverer, 2007. YOU WOULD MAKE, Alyere. Prof. Dr. Jose Helder Pine. (Orienting) Federal University of Campina Great. Published in 2006. Available in: http:www.letrasvirtual.com.br. Access in: 04 of mai. 2009 COUTINHO, Massaud. The literary analysis. 11 Ed. SoPaulo: cultrix, 1999