Jose Miguel Sanchez

The reading of the work of Henry George Progreso and poverty that recommended me Juan M. Alarcon Castillon and explanations about the current stock market performance by Jose Miguel Sanchez I used to develop, together with the study of the Tobin tax which I already explained in my previous work, a model of financing typical for the RB. Which obviously requires a theoretical explanation. It is not mixing several ideas, but analyzing various theories that allow to see the need to specifically establish a RB, rate of financing of basic income rate. Characterized: to) as a single fee, which mixes with the model of single tax proposed in his time Henry George. (b) by leaving the financial economy, as the dominant sector of current economic development. Which leads us to expand the study of James Tobin, on his famous rate for monetary transactions.

Henry George analyzes the economic realities of his era, the last half of the century XIX. Part of observing how an increasingly rich and prosperous society also increases poverty. What he sees something amazing. Little more than one century later we can read the declarations of the director of the Chase Manhattan Bank in the United States. UU. David Rockefeller: poverty is the great absurdity of the current economic system.

This American Banker poses that poverty would not be avoided handing out money, but developing alongside personal benefits as well as social. The question is how to do it more when the model of creating employment for distributing wealth is exhausted. This question is to which George wanted to give an answer. He noted that the technique and science increased work efficiency, especially at the beginning of the use of steam and electricity. George discusses how it relates the capital salary and criticism, in this regard, several theories, including that of Adam Smith. It studies processes of emerging economies, as happened in his time in the United States.

Business Plan Car Rental

Players will first give the car hire top division of Intourist. NYC Mayor: the source for more info. It happened 15 years ago. Please visit New York Museums if you seek more information. Provided such service only to foreigners who are accustomed to such service. Worldwide, many tourists and business people arriving in a strange city, sit yourself behind the wheel – it's cheaper than taking a taxi, and offers complete freedom of movement. It is therefore logical that the next rolling salon was opened in the capital's international airport, one of the franchisees worldwide car rental system Hertz. Guests from abroad until the second half of the 90 accounted for approximately 80% of customers a few rolling companies. But then the ranks of the desired time popolzovavshis car have exploded grow at the expense of Russian citizens. This fact entrepreneurs are not left unattended.

Now, according to the director of "Alex-pole" Yuri Lvov, the market for car rental is growing at 15-20% per year. Its turnover up to $ 2.5 million per month, and all involved in the Russian hire up to 3000 cars. If we compare with the U.S., this figure is ridiculously low. There, in the office "cool" about 2 million cars. On a scale domestic companies until can only dream about.

According to experts, the main reason for backwardness of the Russian market of car rental in the fact that many potential customers simply do not know about the existence of such a service. Therefore, many rental firms advertise not only your brand, how many services per se. Perhaps this is why "promoted" brands that the consumer would recognize at first glance, this market still is not there.

Rental Residential Real Estate Tips

For many relevant issues associated with finding housing. Someone is trying to solve this problem through their own efforts, while others use the services – real estate agents. This article focuses on how to find housing on their own, as to deal with realtors and how to interact with homeowners. This article was written by former realtors and the nature of news is exclusively for the essence of which lies in the fact to determine the most effective and costly mene scenario. Calm all those who attended to the possible advertising real estate services, on the contrary in the article suggests ways to bypass real estate agents or to minimize costs for their services.

To begin with, that try to understand where to get information about the proposed rent apartments. For example, realtors, as professionals, have learned to collect, organize and analyze all relevant information. They enjoy special databases on the Internet, newspapers such as "hands" and are attracted by advertising direct requests from homeowners. In general, taking over all the molasses and concentrated in the hands of almost all rental real estate agencies sell the information gathered for a lot of money, usually it is 100% of the monthly payment for rent. If we start from a market feasibility, the Commission no less of the Agencies do not interest, because nine times out of ten in the transaction involves two agents, one from the employer, the other by the landlord, the commission has taken only one who will remove the housing and is divided equally between the agents. Danny Meyer brings even more insight to the discussion.

Car Rental Hires

Rental cars insurance rental car survives the crisis continue to recruit users to rent cars for their domestic travel and not give up insurance coverage to any additional risk according to a recent survey that manifested themselves in this regard over 85% of respondents. According to recent studies and statistics, low-cost carries in all sectors of product purchase or rental of goods and services procurement. It is estimated that contracting out 'online' and paid for in advance, any comparison can be made online up to 13% cheaper than it by another method that requires physical presence or moving to a local business or supplier. The first step came with the airlines, who managed to liven up the long hours of waiting to purchase and check-in through the use of computers. They were then trains and now little by little the big rental companies and other travel services and tourism.

All companies have settled in the development of new technologies and low-cost push. Rudy Giuliani gathered all the information. The sector of car rental companies try not to lose that flip with respect to new sales channels and thus, in this way, many have been forced to revise its prices downward. Not only because of economic circumstances, also because of the competition, it also gained strength on the Internet. Simpler and cheaper it means for internet users book their services have led to the car rental companies to provide power to elect, hire extra services like car insurance that does not give up and stay with a single click, without moving home, in front of your computer screen. A survey of 850 car rental users between May and October 2009 shows that, despite the crisis, users continue to hire rental vehicles for their national movement and not give up insurance coverage to any additional risk in more than 85% of respondents.

It highlights the fact that states that an increasing women who opt for this type of service. The survey has resulted in numbers that contrast a priori with the study by the Centre for Transport and Mobility. And is that an increasing number who are choosing this type of service, which allows state sector expectations, once the economy recovers, as usual. Serve as data that last September 2009, the global market for car hire was worth 28,000 million euros, with a high degree of concentration. Thus, in North America and Europe account for 85% of revenue (55% and 32% respectively) and also in Europe, the concentration being even higher, as are the four companies control more than half the market. One of the best choices for () including insurance remains Pepecar. be sure to check their offers on its website.

Property Rentals

Still practiced a sort of way: just go on the street as you liked, and interest from local residents who rents housing. The first year I found the room exactly in this way. During the season shall be an impressive share of Theodosius 🙂 Well, of course for other resort towns is also true. Amazing restaurateur helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The city is located along the Gulf of , so if you move to the sea, past the beach so you will not miss. There are urban and even suburban "wild" beaches. Swim recommend mainly on the "wild".

They are few people, fresh water, indigenous feodosiytsy swim so to them. But if you do not have opportunity to rest apart from the beds, as well as an awning or any of the city's beaches for the appropriate coin will give you these services. Sandy beaches, is found not very big pebbles. Water is clear, clean, and warm. The question of power is relevant to almost every spa guests.

Personally, I was eating in a beautiful dining room, which is located on the street Fedko. The present number of houses can not tell, but if etaketak what the sea near you located on the left, so dining will be on the right. The building in bright colors, it is not easy with something confused. Next there is a sign as well as an impressive turn around always 🙂 The food is hearty and very inexpensive. This is the most known, but by no means the only dining room in town. Well, in Feodosia mass cafes, restaurants, bars, together with the extensive options of dishes and prices. Major supermarkets in the city of course not, but there are many shops, some are open around the clock. Of the attractive and informative leaflets for tourists in the history of Theodosia there, perhaps, everything. This museum, which was founded in 1811, and is one of the oldest in cis. Art gallery (which is also a museum), the great artist Ivan Aivazovsky, built in 1880. Both museums are located on the avenue Aivazovsky. Memorial house-museum of Alexander Grin in the street art gallery, and as a mini-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. Architecture memorials are a variety of constructions: the tower of St. Constantine, erected in 1382, and the fountain Aivazovsky, completed in 1888. Villas and mansions on Embankment: giving "Stamboli" dacha "Milos", giving "Victoria". To the west of the city are the remnants of the Genoese fortress, its two towers have survived even to this day – a tower of Clement vi, as well as the tower Crisco. Here is an old renovated church. In most Theodosia mass of medieval churches: Orthodox, Armenian Catholic, a Muslim mosque. List all sites is very tedious. I can only say that now in the city, and also in its vicinity are about 150 monuments of history and architecture. Not without attention and entertainment. In the city of 2 or three kinotetatra, on the waterfront are many night clubs. In many restaurants arranged the dance floor. At the end of the promenade is an amusement area. In the summer of Theodosius often attend concerts pop stars as the vocal and conversational genre. In general, Theodosius – a resort that does not let you get bored, will provide entertainment for every taste, and leave in the memory is so friendly memories that are now in a resort want to come back again.

Rental Apartments

How to protect yourself from the risks in renting by owner. It's no secret that the Moscow real estate is always a price. The owners of apartments in Moscow can earn through good putting homeownership out, However, in order to avoid all possible risks and errors, you need to know all the nuances and pitfalls of this business. Owners of real estate in Moscow must be minimally versed in legal and legal issues putting their homes without any intermediaries. You must have well-written contract of lease to avoid further misunderstandings. That can only do not go to fraudsters in our time, trying to capitalize on gullibility and naivete owners.

The basic scam is similar scams subnaym apartment, or its subsequent resale. This happens when the housing has surrendered to retake third tricksters face. In this case, crooks take payment from their victims in advance, explaining their own actions instability in the economy. When, after a while there is the true owner of the property, begin proceedings, which may last for an indefinite period, and accompanied by endless trials. Justice will prevail, but this would require considerable time and energy.

To avoid such a situation, when drafting a contract to rent an apartment without intermediaries need to formally deny the tenant the right to grant sub-lease. In this case, upon the occurrence of specified circumstances property owner has every right to expel illegal tenants. Resale rented an apartment – it's more serious and legally punishable fraud. In our time, will not make much effort to make fake documents and make a sale transaction. When the landlord discovers deception and says the police began the investigation and lengthy litigation involving a considerable financial cost. In order not to become a victim of this scam all the documents for housing should be kept out of the apartment and did not give their tenants, while at the fraudsters will not be likely to copy and use your documents for their own purposes. In addition apartment should be kept under constant supervision, and if your fears are confirmed, it will suffice to simply terminate the contract. Apartments for rent by owner. Single base apartment offered for rent in Moscow and Moscow region only Owners. Want to rent rent flats without Agents and Realtors. Draft Central Bureau of Common Property tsebn created especially for those who want to sell or buy an apartment / room rent rent an apartment / room Moscow or the Moscow region is without intermediaries.

Parental Orders

The idea to write this article came to me in connection with specific case studies. I was approached by a young woman Katya, who complained of depression, constant fatigue, tearfulness for any reason, and often without occasion. ‘I have a loving husband, two small children whom I love very much, but for some time, I seemed to have lost with them an emotional connection. For no reason, no reason at all annoying, shouting at them. I left the profession, which was very successful.

She was a Professional Actress. Success was a long time. But one day, finding themselves at the height of his fame, she was frightened, I do not know why, what for this success may come in the form of public atonement – the disease I or my family. I unexpectedly dropped around the scene. And now I feel lost, unnecessary. I live as though when – it may be a child, was instructed: do not be meaningful, not to succeed, not to be is not to be normal, do not belong ‘How do I get out of this? What is happening to me? ” As it turned out in the process of psychotherapy, the picture of life (as indeed, the lives of most people), influenced by the so-called parenting orders.

They are essential for human life. R. and M. Guldingi treat parents as prescription messages transmitted by parents because of their (parents) own problems: anger, fear, confusion, unhappiness, anxiety, failure, etc. In his book ‘Healing the new solution’ M. and R. Guldingi give a list of basic parenting orders and taken on the basis of their children’s decisions. Injunction ‘do not do’ usually give your child jerking fear parents, who forbid him the usual things: climb, crawl, run, etc., infecting his self-doubt. As an adult man with such a prescription can not take their own decisions. Injunction ‘do not be’ – one of the worst, because in the future may produce in a person prone to self-effacement one way or another. It often sounds like this: ‘If it was not you, I would have long ago moved away from your father ‘,’ If you were not there, I would be easier to live and not be pulling the strap ‘,’ You’re so hard to be born, that I have since sick ‘, etc. etc. Injunction ‘do not be a significant’ often arises when, tugging children, parents say: ‘Children should be quiet and discreet. ” Prescription of ‘not Bring’ gives parents often during games. When the answer to win a child, they are offended, they break contact, as if telling: ‘do not be winning, and not ‘ Injunction ‘do not be a’ often give the child ‘not the’ gender (eg, waiting for a boy and a girl), to satisfy their unfulfilled expectations begin to clothe and educate this girl as a boy. Prescription of ‘not whether normal ‘and’ do not be healthy ‘get the children taken care of or love only when they are very sick. Psychosomatic symptoms. If a person is not being assisted to overcome stressful situations, is gradually emerging, so-called psychosomatic. Psychopathy. Psychopathy itself terapevtichno and entails a positive change in many patients.

Daily Cottage Rental

Rent a cottage for a day – an unforgettable vacation. Information on how to love the Russians spend their holidays, you can not even speak. All well-known Russian and love to the most diverse beach offerings. In second place after hot countries on the degree of popularity are except that ski resorts that have proliferated in recent years. But that's what the VIP vacation in Moscow has known very little. Although this type of holiday all more and more begins to attract the category of people who can not leave for an extended period of time. But on this trend, we should say that it took place only be at the very beginning so to speak epic recreation Suburbs.

And was determined primarily by the fact, on what terms cottage complexes were prepared to provide shelter. At a certain stage of development the industry it was easier to pass a cottage on the period beginning with the month. And more. But with time the situation has changed. Demand started to use so to speak, short-term engagement with a living, for example, a cottage for a weekend in the suburbs.

Or during a break in service, that is, within three to four days. And with the appearance of just such a cottage village variety of recreational activities with the development of their infrastructure, the opportunity to go to relax on weekends. Or even a week just to have fun day out of town. And room cottages in this case were not used as homes for a living, but as hotel rooms. Contributed to the growth and level of service.

Rental Property

Renting an apartment – often an exciting venture. No one knows the method to quickly remove one hundred percent right apartment or room, at least not looking like trash piled smelly corner in a house full of alcoholics and punks. Usually this depends mainly on luck: it happens that in the first came across the same ad over the phone will offer a suitable option, which can fall in love at first sight, and sometimes that will be shoveled all ads search the whole Internet and ring up a good deal of real estate agencies, but in vain. We can hope for good luck, but this is not the correct approach to the matter: after all, windy luck tends to even modify lucky. It is possible, For example, toss up and once again rely on luck – just as stupid method like the previous one.

Because rental apartments – the work to which you want to go really smart. To rent an apartment, you need to start well articulate their demands. It makes no sense to watch ads with one-room apartments, if you just set ourselves off a two-room apartment in Minsk. You do not need to communicate with the agents that demand money simply for the fact finding, not least because you have defined for themselves what to pay only after you achieve a goal. It makes no sense to listen to advice of people who can offer to rent the apartment to not close an area to which you Rent an apartment in a place where not close to the same work, school or family? Exclusively with clear demands can move on a path search. But even they can not be a panacea, as ways to fool wants to withdraw or rent an apartment lot. Almost no matter you are looking for a rent a small apartment or a large family house: the risks are almost always equal. And so it will be important to have patience and not be the first counter-offer: great chances are that you'll find the best option for a short time. And if they do not have time – will be able to go back to the original version. With the identification of suitable apartments do not have to hurry: you and you know, because you live in these walls.

Basic Abilities

What makes an entrepreneur? This has been the question that for a long time and in many scopes has been posed. It is inquired on the characteristics that must have a successful entrepreneur and if it is born with those characteristics or they are learned. Every day in the world new and successful entrepreneurs are born. But the question continues, one is born enterprising or becomes entrepreneur? The discussion on this subject does not finish. Some think that it is born enterprising and others think that can be taught (to learn) to be an entrepreneur.

Still more, many enterprising being is similar to being an artist, anyway is due to act. Of some realised surveys one follows that, for some people, an entrepreneur is a leader, with clear objectives, disciplined, competitive and until charismatic. Nevertheless, for other people, an entrepreneur is adventurous, that is always facing risks. What we could say to all this? In some sense, both theories take something of reason. It is verified that the majority of successful entrepreneurs have common some qualities and abilities, which allow them, indeed, to be successful. In this case, these qualities, can be taught. Nevertheless, frequently it seems to be, rather, an inherent force that drives these people to enter the businesses or to prepare itself formally to initiate a race in the businesses, and to develop projects like entrepreneurs.

But what we could say of an entrepreneur, it differentiates that it from the other people? First of all, the entrepreneurs have a vision different from the world surrounds that them. They see it like a system, like an integrated unit, in which they see opportunities continuously. He turns them to this, simultaneously, in constant thinkers, seeing opportunities constantly to undertake a business or a project. He characterizes his desire of triumph, and they become people who still compete against themselves.