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But it will be that it is possible to influence people, motivates them so that they play the role that is waited by its leader? So that this problematic either answered we will make one brief dissertao on leadership and you as well as lead the motivations that these exert on its led the point of if feeling responsible for the successful execution of its tasks. 2 THEORETICAL BASEMENT Exist diverse forms to define leadership, thus look some, which could in giving a general concept to them. Leadership is the process to lead a group of people, transforming it into a team that generates resulted. It is the ability to lead and to influence its led of ethical and positive form so that they contribute voluntarily and with enthusiasm to reach the objectives of the team and the organization. (WIKIPDIA, 2010) Also we have the concept of Nunes (s/a apud George Terry, s/a) that it says that ' ' Leadership is the activity to lead people being made them to pledge itself voluntarily in an objective of grupo.' ' Leadership is a term used currently that it assigns that one that it leads, but this term for much time was appraised as it commands, hierarchy or power.

In this point we cite Gomes (s/a, P. 1) that in she says &#039 to them; ' During much time, and still in the age Taylor and Fayol, little heard to speak in leadership. The used terms more were ' ' chefia' ' , hierarchy, subordination, power … ' '. Completing citation above we can paraphrase N3obrega (2008) in which speaks that the act to lead is not for any one, therefore it demands a personal loyalty, of which few people obtain to support, and still says that ' ' … Heads sounds common, leads is rare. It is therefore that many companies of success exist, but little happy people there dentro' ' (N3OBREGA, 2008 p.18) As Hunter (2004) the leadership is an ability to influence its collaborators so that they work with enthusiasm, being aimed at to reach the objectives for a common good. Hear from experts in the field like McRib for a more varied view.