Electricity prices rise in 2011 back to Sun, wind and biomass are the energy sources of the future and they come at a price. 2,047 cents, the eco-electricity allocation, so the sum with paying all consumers per kilowatt hour over the price of electricity rises to 3.5 cents. To 15 October every year the operator must fasten setting for the amount of the next year. And despite the increase in the levy of green electricity on the rise: 2020, there should already be eco electricity account for 40 percent. A kind cost brake to prevent that the eco-electricity levy keep shoots in the height. The industry anticipates a maximum of just four cents in the next few years by 2030, you should shut the promotion then slowly zero.

The Government wants to create eco power accounted for 80 per cent by 2050. It’s like the old days even when the nuclear power not to boost aid. Energy expert Claudia Kemfert of the German Institute for economic research (DIW) refers to the fact that the green energy sector thanks to the promotion in the last three years despite the economic crisis had growth rates of up to 40 percent. Thomas A. Sluga

Cluster Technologies

Carlos Mora Vanegas economic scenarios of present which are characterized by being dynamic, generators of challenges, great changes have involved within your behavior to clusters, aspect that management cannot ignore and topical than the specialty program of management quality in the Area of postgraduate of Faces of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuelaconsidered very important in contributing towards the formation of the participant to consider them especially in all that which will benefit companies.As indicated Clusters can be a viable solution for the micro, small and medium-sized companies in the medium term. Some implemented models have already produced successful results. To be able to consider the implementation of Clusters at the regional level we must, first of all, understand what a Cluster. Get more background information with materials from jim king. The basic concept of Cluster builds on the strategic alliance of several commercial entities working as a team for the common benefit of all of them. These entities keep your corporate, legal and tax structure, or do not change its status.

Not necessarily have to be in the same branch of products, but if they must be incidental or complementary products. The aim is to search, using a catalytic internal or external, the form of the maximum benefit to the available resources, minimizing waste and costs to achieve competitiveness. Commented by, which I know can not be ignored have experienced the advantages and dangers of an economy truly global, at the same time I know has entered fully into the information age, although most in the age of information, I know you can say that I know has entered the era of data, one of whose most important challenges is toprecisely, to find the appropriate data to process them and convert them into information for decision-making. Advances in the technologies of the information and communication technologies (ICT) have changed greatly the possibilities of doing business more than the traditional limitations of space and time.

French Socialist Party

The unexpected turn of the judicial process of Dominique Strauss-Kahn caused by discrediting the testimony of the employee’s hotel revealed today by the New York Times and released this afternoon has unleashed a wave of excitement in France. Meanwhile, politicians – and especially to the left – is interrogated about the political future that until May 15, the day of his arrest, was French politician more popular, carbonized once see him handcuffed path of jail, accused of attempted rape. The news is a news bombshell that gives full in the French Socialist Party (PS), to which it belongs DSK, training already wrapped in an unpredictable presidential primary process, more unpredictable now than ever. The question is clear: do you can DSK, to which everyone was already amortized, present or, at least, play an important role in these primaries? Still have potential to be the rival to Sarkozy in the presidential elections in the coming year? Source of the news:: France is interrogated on the political future of the former Director of the IMF. Connecticut brings even more insight to the discussion.

New Trade Fair App

All event information at a glance the exhibition developed the app for the EUROBIKE 2012, the Heidelberg mobile international in cooperation with the Messe Friedrichshafen and Columbus Interactive Digital Agency, contains all important information about arrival and Bus shuttles, as well as more general information about opening hours, prices and service contacts. The app offers a comprehensive directory of program the visitors of the trade fair. Interesting dates can be synchronized with the phone’s calendar. In addition, the corresponding events on the social media channels Facebook and Twitter can be divided. So visitors can communicate quickly its own status and place of residence their friends. “Information about the DEMO DAY” as well as to the HOLIDAY ON BIKE bike travel market “complete directory of the program. Inform the exhibitors, brands and goods directories bookmarks in the form of photo, video, text, or voice memo and your products.

These can be found before the trade fair: interesting information can be found using stored in the bookmark feature in the myEUROBIKE area. Besides text notes, even photos, videos, and audio notes can be held. Visitors can store important data and images in a gallery and later export via media export out of the app. “” “Features – general information (hours, prices, contacts, facilities, etc.

Capital Formation

The law firm Dittenheber & Werner inform OLG Cologne decided on 21 June 2011, the expenses made during the marriage for the purpose of old-age provision and wealth creation, not restrict the scope of the post-divorce maintenance. Under most conditions Rudy Giuliani would agree. The Munich family law specialists in the law firm of Dittenheber & Werner informed the judgment relevant to high income areas. In the negotiated legal dispute, the dependent applicant demanded the payment of maintenance arrears amounting to 64.427,20 by her former husband. The unterhaltsverpflichtete dentist had indisputably a monthly net income of 11.251,00 at the time of separation. Thereof, the plaintiff demanded a post-divorce maintenance in the amount of monthly 4.447.40. The former spouse disagreed with the claim of the applicant on the grounds, the maintenance required by you would be not the adequate marriage specified in 1361 BGB extent the maintenance performance. At the time of the marriage, his net salary not in full have to the Available said, as for the retirement protection and capital formation per month 5,000 to 6,000 in a House were gone. Read more from Jo Natauri to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In contrast, noted the OLG Cologne, alleged by the applicant demand for everyday purchases without living and old age pension expenditure by monthly 2.379.43 had been priced reasonably to the marriage. Even if you follow the argument of the defendant, the family had, while the marriage has lasted, 6200 and 7200 per month for everyday expenses available. The amount of maintenance required by the applicant was therefore appropriately and not objectionable to the conjugal relations. Still, the OLG Cologne contradicted versions of the defendant to the reduction of the maintenance claim due to expenses for old-age pension and wealth creation. If the spouses have decided during their common marriage time to introduce significant parts of the family income, in the financing of a House would be no reduction in this post-divorce keep result. The maintenance scheme, it is possible that instill assets making used income in the determination of the maintenance. In this context, the Cologne judge were that the assets of the spouse of who alone benefit after the marriage of the now almost stress-free House, not at the expense of the maintenance claim of the dependent applicant must go. Now stress-free income would be used therefore rightly fully to the maintenance calculation, more so than the majority of expenditure already had accounts for divorce prior to the lis pendens.

The OLG Cologne sentenced the defendant debtor accordingly to the payment of the outstanding maintenance claims. An experienced legal counsel should be consulted necessarily governing divorce. The family law expert of the Munich firm of Dittenheber & Werner campaigned for many years for it, asserting the interests of their clients and hesitate to contact for more information ready.

Warmer Summer

Summer, which begins Tuesday in Spain to the 19.16 hours, it will be warmer than normal and will be accompanied by the first wave of heat. You are expected to be reach values up to 40 degrees in areas of Andalusia with a wind chill of embarrassment. The quarter March has been the warmest since 1951. In recent months, Bill de Blasio has been very successful. Summer, which begins Tuesday in Spain to the 19.16 hours, it will be warmer than normal and will be accompanied by the first heat wave of the summer, which is expected to be produced the first days of next week in the West and South of the peninsula. Next week, he said at press conference the spokesman for the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (Aemet), Angel Rivera, will take place the first heat wave of the station, especially in the West and South peninsular, where is expected to be achieved values of up to 40 degrees in areas of Andalusia with a wind chill of embarrassment. For spokesman, station summer (JulySeptember) will dominate temperatures exceeding the values normal in all Spain, being more defendants in the regions of Eastern and southern Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands.

Rivera pointed out that the normal average temperature for the summer in Spain and the Balearic Islands is 22.4 degrees Celsius, 19 degrees Celsius in the northern peninsula and 26 degrees in Andalusia. During the period July-September are not appreciated significant trends with respect to precipitation. Summer 2011 will be in the line of recent hot summers and this trend will also affect the rest of the European continent, stated Rivera. Warm spring on the spring ends, Rivera has ensured that it has been the March-may quarter the warmest of the historical series started in 1951 with temperatures that have been 2.3 C above normal in relation to the period of rrencia (1971-2000), ahead of the years 1997 (15.24 degrees Celsius) and 2006 (15,13 degrees Celsius). The month of March has been very warm in Galicia, Navarra, Catalonia, Aragon and northeast of Castilla la Mancha, while has been cold in the peninsular, Northern Centre of Extremadura and parts of Andalusia. The month of April has endured a monthly average temperature of 3.9 C above the mean value and the month of may has been the third warmest in Spain since 1951, after 1964 and 2006. In terms of episodes of significant low temperatures, Aemet said the first dozen of the month of March, when frost occurred throughout the Interior of the peninsular northern half with values less than – 5 C in the Northern plateau and mountainous areas. A significant fact, Rivera has pointed out the city of avila, where on March 4 recorded values of – 5, 4c (minimum value between capitals). This quarter rainfall, have placed altogether above the normal value, since has been a precipitation around 195 litres per square metre, 10% on the normal value of 175 liters per square meter. Finally, the Aemet has reported that this year hydrological, ranging from 1 October 2010 to September 30, 2011, until June 12 accumulates a total of 590 litres per square metre of real value, slightly more than 10% above the average normal value for this period (532 liters per square meter). Source of the news: A heat wave will inaugurate a warmer summer than normal

Patrizia Pepe

THE new application of PATRIZIA PEPE for IPHONES: Fashion and technology meeting focusing on the mobile phone “where is Patrizia?”, Erfolgsslogan of the new advertising campaign by Patrizia Pepe. is also the name of an innovative application for iPhone now: as of today you can check-in is and and register in the coolest places, to notify all members of the community, exactly where is Patrizia. Vinit Bodas New York may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Entirely in keeping with the message of last winter, which according to all customers/consumers/members of the community should have the possibility to feel a little like Patrizia it comes now to tell where p is – where she’s going, which places she visits. According to the logic of 2.0, the user now play the main role in the localization of Patrizia. NY Museums is full of insight into the issues. The Facebook share feature is integrated into the application.

QRcode compatible is the app. The online store of Patrizia Pepe, where you can shop for a long time by mobile phone, was also renovated. The section “Videos”, the store locator, the look book, the Specifying the next branch, which results in the desired items, as well as the blog belong to the new look and feel. more info. The plans of the store locators and the look books are integrated into Google maps. The big advantage – routes already specify the location of the user can be generated. With the introduction of this innovative app, Patrizia Pepe proves that the company perfectly mastered the language of new media and proactively to know all the possibilities of the mobile channel. Ufficio Stampa Patrizia Pepe Barbieri & Ridet Corso di Porta Romana 98, 20122 Milano Tel:+39-02/ – fax:+39-02/ – Ufficio stampa B!Digital B!Digital – Francesca Ferrara – PR & corporate events Buongiorno s.p.a Tel. + 39 02/58 213

AWEK Goes Fashion – New POS Solution

AWEK presents 2012 software suite for the textile trade at the EuroCIS is AWEK a new POS solution for retailers in the areas of fashion and textile, which sets new trends for the efficient management of all processes between POS, branch and headquarters. Read more here: doug imbruce. The complete provider for POS systems has developed in the last few months the solution of euroSUITE fashion and showing the new product with extensive range of functions at the fair. In addition euroSUITE AWEK brings the proven retail choice this year a software solution tailored to the needs of the fashion retail market. Details can be found by clicking Jo Natauri or emailing the administrator. The euroSUITE fashion supports all formats of the textile trade, from the fashion shop on vertical up to multi-label stores and franchise concepts. Used in the development of technologies such as Java and open standards lead to performance, the multi layered SOA architecture ensures scalability and connectivity to ERP system. In addition, integrated customer binding modules and the promotional engine for creating actions create added value for fashion retailers. With the new solution combines industry experience in the retail industry with innovation competence”AWEK, explains Andreas Berger, Board the AWEK AG. Solution fashion trade will benefit, because we offer not only a powerful range of functions, but with most modern technologies have developed a high-performance product, which proves its strength, especially at the point of sale.” The platform-independent POS solution provides graphical user interfaces with style comprehensive functionality for the point of sale.

With touch surface developed specifically for the fashion industry, the Fund is tailored adapted on the processes in the store. The design of the intuitive checkout interface was newly created with focus on ergonomics. Fashion modules the euroSUITE fashion consists of the modules of euroCASH for the store, euroCOMMANDER for the back office and euroCONTROL for the head office. In addition to the cash functions such as article collection and payment transactions in multiple currencies, the Fund offers a flexible mix & match system, promotion control and applying discounts and allowances as well as management of customer cards. Specific requirements for the fashion area such as choices, sizes, and a voucher management are integrated in the solution.

The software solution is resilient through the offline and supports a completely self-sufficient fund operation with automatic resynchronization in case of errors. EuroCONTROL textile traders about a Web-based head – and back office to centrally control their POS systems and control. Access via browser to the data via smartPhone or Tablet PCs creates flexibility and independence of time and place. Functions as the central maintenance of master data, the organisation of clients, extensive reports and the integration of ERP system form a solid foundation for all business-critical processes. EuroCOMMANDER the Web-based BackOffice solution ensures reliability and depicts the processes. The system delivers actionable reports for the control of the stores.