St Petersburg

Lifetime taxi – just something about a century. The idea to change the cabs and carts on the various machines, was born somewhere in the late XIX century in France. Details can be found by clicking NYC Marathon or emailing the administrator. So before the end of the last century through the streets of European capitals and ran first taxi. In fact, we are the pioneers of the first machines avtoizvoza not believe these taxis, because this business is just born and worked without any order. The name "taxi" or "Taxi" is derived from a small priborchiki, which was coined in 1905 – meter board, a meter.

The introduction of this device in the cars, carrying passengers in large cities, it was really necessary: drivers and passengers are much easier to arrange payment, having such an objective gauge of the work produced. Transport innovation and soon reached the Russian expanses: the first Russian taxi was machine with a counter, which registered in St. Petersburg in 1906. Within a short time in St Petersburg taxi gained immense popularity in much of the capital's residents. And how could not choose a comfortable Closed belly taxi carts, wagons, carts, cab, were moving among the din and smells of the city, in direct contact with the St.

Petersburg has become famous for its unpredictability of weather. Strange but true: the taxi-Petersburg – The world's first automobile company, for the sixth year in nineteen anywhere else does not register the latter-day vehicles. Although, of course, is now considered to be the anniversary of the birth of taxi transport from the London 1907 project. A couple of years later the taxi started running first on the streets of Moscow, and then taxi boom has come to other major Russian cities. Of course, new businesses in remote provinces, they could not keep up with the capital of the empire, and Moscow and then grabbed a new fishery. It took only six years after the St.

Mercedes Pump

The basis of the power supply system for each diesel engine is the fuel pump. Therefore, it is no wonder that the price of a new fuel pump sometimes even exceed the value of used cars. Therefore, the majority of motorists when replacing Fuel pump prefers toplevnomu restored high-pressure pump. The main functions of high pressure fuel pump – this is metered supply of fuel to the injectors, fuel pump on the responsibility to providing the start of injection, which is given by the angle of injection, like the corner of the ignition, if we draw an analogy with gasoline engines. Fuel pump for diesel engines use one of alternative distribution systems, fuel – it pumps the distribution or series type. High pressure fuel pumps in-line plunger is very cumbersome, and are mainly used for Car-heavy trucks.

On diesel engines of passenger cars (except for Mercedes-Benz) is generally used, fuel pump fuel injection pump camshaft tipa.Ustroystvo order to fuel a plunger received a pair of low pressure, Pumps are used pre-paging. In the distribution of such fuel pump mounted inside the pump housing. In-line, on the contrary, – passed out and driven from the camshaft diesel engine. High pressure fuel pumps can also be divided into two groups, depending on the mechanism controlling the amount of fuel supplied. It is electronic and mechanical fuel pump. It is clear that electronic monitoring takes into account a greater number of parameters to be more accurate and cost-effective. There are several types of fuel pumps, high pressure, which are used in cars are diesels.