Advertising Agencies And Information Intelligence

Advertising agencies and information intelligence Authors: Denis Markov, Business Portal 'Industry in Russia, "Dmitry Rulev Support of business (business plans, contracts, job descriptions) To date, advertising firm came into our lives and in terms of ordinary layman, it seems easier than to create a promotional video and paste it in the middle of some interesting movies, to collect as many viewers, there can be nothing. This stereotype survived since the beginning of market relations, when the goods in the market was not too much and the consumer is not so picky on quality. At the present stage of development when the goods in the market is more than enough, and buyers want something special or sophisticated, there is a need for a more detailed study of the market, products and customer behavior. In view of these conditions and is now becoming increasingly popular service specialized firms and advertising agencies to advise clients on market research and planning advertising campaigns. This service is very time consuming and requires significant financial expenditures, and not any full service advertising agency is able to cope with this task, despite the famous name on the production of promotional products is not going and any other services they provide can not.

When choosing eklamnogo agency conducting serious market research should pay attention to the following criteria. First, an advertising agency should be large, since only the large advertising agencies may have full State marketing specialists and are able to ensure their continued employment. Second, only a large advertising agency have an opportunity to continuously conduct surveys or purchase the results from independent reytinovyh agencies and research companies. .