American Government

The sine qua non of the issue referred to as drug traffickers to Artemio and Jose, will allow States United involved in his capture in a direct way, since there are conventions against drug trafficking, international crime considered, i.e., that the United States may not only capture it, but in addition, extradite them to their country, where would be judged by American judges and purged beyond jail. I don’t want to even think, treatment which will give the shining path leaders if they are caught, it is more, nothing weird would be the CIA, to participate with other intelligence bodies in his capture. There is an agreement of cooperation in anti-drug fight, between the American Government and the Peruvian, whereby is considered drug trafficking as a crime of international nature. Hikers will have to hide the best thing can, because now not only looks for them cholos military and the Peruvian national police, but that United States intelligence agencies, already work in the creation of strategies, operational design, to capture Florindo Eleuterio Flores Hala, alias Artemio, whom the Department of State describes him as the current leader of the remnants of trail in the Valley of the Huallaga, which oversees all their illegal activities. Further details can be found at NJ barista, an internet resource. These include extortion, bribery, murder and drug trafficking. What will be the outcome of this new strategy, we don’t know, but is very clear, that both leaders are with its days numbered, will be captured anyway.

Bodyguards of leading terrorists get tired of living caring for the 24 hrs., exposed to hazards, the shining path leaders. A system of rewards properly handled is very efficient, an example is the case of the Alto Huallaga, where have been able to capture many terrorist controls, thanks to the collaboration of people very close to them and in some cases were his bodyguards who delataron them. Smile and be happy.