Baby Car Seat

Recaro company for many years engaged in the development of car seats, and during his success won the title of trendsetter in the business of automobile accessories. Recaro design is always at the forefront: the chair racer Sports fireballs have long used design Recaro. Not left behind and the development of seats for young pilots. For many years, the company produces Recaro masterpieces in the field of child safety in cars. Ruler car seats for children to read too many seats for babies and children from birth to one year or one and a half, depending on the physical development of children. Car Seat RECARO Young Profi plus – a very practical car seat combines not only the safety in the car, but also maximum comfort in use. Car seat can be mounted in the car as the car seat belt, and with the help of mounting Isofix.

Isofix system for the car seat is the Recaro Young option, and if your car is not equipped with a fastening system, you can fasten seat belt staff car. Setting the chair will not take long, thanks to a special guide for the belt car car seat is firmly fixed in its place. If your vehicle is equipped with mounting Isofix, but do you think about whether to spend money to buy Doponitelnye Isofix base for the chair? Of course not required, but in this case, you lose a few bonuses. Namely, Isofix base is attached to the car and there is no need to shoot it every time. Just secured a base in place and forgotten. Now take off and put the car seat can be together with a sleeping baby did not bother him.

If you save at the base, each time will have to buckle the car seat when you bring a child into a car and unfasten the belt when the bear from home. It’s not very tiring, but it makes some discomfort when you realize that things might be, much easier. But whatever you have in your vehicle Isofix system or not, in any case, all the owners and passengers of the car seats get extra Advantages: It is convenient to carry along with a sleeping child. To do this, there is a convenient handle, which is adjusted depending on use. This car seat can be used as a rocker at the exit of nature or a visit, ie in places where there is no handy crib, stroller or baby can be put to sleep or just relax. Will appreciate this car seat and those who have to wear it, it really is extremely easy. RECARO Seats are available in two types of performance: covering car seats made of microfiber or suede. The difference between these materials, only the tactile sense, nothing more. For this company Recaro seats offer Additional accessories such as rain gear and mosquito net. Raincoat is needed on a rainy or snowy weather. If the child fell asleep on the way home, and from the car to carry him home in a chair without a raincoat does not, in this case rain would drip down on him. We’ll have to wake up and take the child into his arms. And in his other hand held the chair. As a result, even the keys to the house to get will be nothing, not enough hands. This is not fatal course, but maybe it’s worth a bit of overpaying for the comfort and convenience?