Binoculars, Chronic Craters, Parachute

BINOCULARS, CRATERS, PARACHUTE Authorities of the FIFA had walked saying that the transit of So Paulo will need changes during the events of Pantry 2014. Difficult to establish for where to start these changes; quality of the roads? Excess of vehicles? Bottling? Imprudent drivers? Chaos in the transit of the city, who still it did not attend the film? It is unaware of the plot, personages directors of the drama? Binoculars, craters and until parachute are some of the alternatives to run away from the difficult transit of the city, and who knows not it facilitates the access to the place of the games? The binoculars help the visualization of the games the torcedor can to run away from the sound deafening of the departures. It is not rare to come across with true craters in the streets, why not to use to advantage them? The holes can serve of ticket (or it treads) to arrive at the place. The parachute jump allows to land directly for the arquibancada one. To twist against only for two factors: rain or explosions of culverts. In case that it occurs floods, some torcedor can not to know to swim e, imagines to walk in sidewalk to surprise at fire flares?