Coffee – The Quality And Price Dumping, Shipping Coffee

Coffee holds as a commodity of commodities in the global world and oil is second place. Each year, 90-115 million bags of 60 kg for the coffee produced shipping. Most coffee is grown by small farmers with their families in hard work and manual labor. The family is busy all year trying to maintain the coffee trees, to work the soil, peel to pick coffee, and dry. The coffee prices are regulated but affected by supply and demand in the stock markets of the world. With more and more coffee cultivation, especially in Vietnam, the discounted price of coffee on and on, down to seasonal exceptions (bad harvests). Consumers in Germany are of course pleased when advertised in all newspapers so that we, the price of coffee has been reduced.

The cheap price of coffee is of course the coffee farmers back on their feet. They can not feed from the cheap coffee prices in their families to offer their children properly and no proper training, just because the customer is king once again his coffee want to pay 2.79 for a pound. The large chains must always faster and cheaper to roast the coffee. They roast the coffee beans in 1-2 minutes at up to 400 degrees, and burn the beans are not roasted. As you may have purchased the allegedly best beans, if they do not further process them properly. Many customers react with acidity and stomach pain to the sharp roasting, since no decaffeinated coffee also helps. Coffee must slow min at about 200 degrees up to 12th roasted, are only escaping the bitter and the flavor from the coffee unfolds. Small coffee vendors undergoing a real rush to their gourmet coffee, this is a bit more expensive, you get a coffee drinker but no stomach problems. Try it yourself, then you taste the coffee and again in their breakfast and coffee cup.