Compass Point Studios

New album ‘ gravity at last’ Ayo appears in October. (* Ayo joy means\”, the point belongs to the spelling) Who has believed that there is to explore a new ground in popular music, has deceived himself thoroughly. This proved the Cologne-born, swinging between New York and Paris singer and songwriter Ayo 2006/07. with their debut album, joyful\”. Alongside equally quiet as intimate tones, she expanded fascinating exotic world music traces the genre of acoustic soul.

Sounds that almost logically fit from their moving biography in sound and a distinctive Ayo.-sound blend. After the Foundation was so, Ayo presented itself. \”outside France: joyful\” Italy appeared in over 40 countries in Greece, and a huge success for a debut album gave the Switzerland of gold and double platinum in Poland and France. \”With their new, forthcoming album gravity at last\” Ayo makes. a further major Step into the spotlight of the international music scene. No wonder after all the musical criticized on the support of some musicians can count: in addition to soul legend Donny Hathaway (\”the ghetto\”) and reggae pioneer Jimmy Cliff (\”I can see clearly now\”) Ayo worked their two mentors.

\”gravity at last\” also with various other artists of A League together. Including Hammond King and blues innovator Lucky Peterson and Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello guitarist Larry Campbell. At the heart of the 13 new, Jay Newland (Norah Jones and others) produced by and in the legendary Compass Point Studios recorded track the velvety voice of Ayo is of course in the Bahamas (including the rolling stones, Bob Marley). She understands as a 28 year old mother of a young son it now better than ever, to explore their feelings and to describe, to dive this finally in goosebumps-producing harmonies. While artist colleagues often strenuous seek authenticity, Ayo remains. only they itself: Casual, nonchalant, and incredibly charismatic.