Executive Officer Services

Former Mindjet Manager found first Wachstumsdienstleister LeadPeople: Rodgau, the November 19, 2008 – small and medium-sized companies that want to grow and expand, face special challenges: with their usually low equity capital they get from banks difficult. Learn more about this topic with the insights from McDonalds. But to get to capital for example from the field of private equity, often lack solid growth strategies and specific marketing and sales concepts, motivate investors to an entry. Support now comes from the LeadPeople GmbH & co. KG, Rodgau. The three initiators of Michael Louis, co-founder of the US software manufacturer Mindjet, and Mark Muschelknautz and Albrecht Ackermann, Mindjet’s former top managers, dedicated to the German Mittelstand as Wachstumsdienstleister: we want to offer our customers more than just advice. Smart growth strategies can be implemented effectively, we surgically increase the entrepreneurs and introduce us with their own entrepreneurial risk\”, explains Michael Louis. For more specific information, check out Hudson River. We set him internationally experienced and well-coordinated team of experts to the page, that will help depending on the need to stimulate the acquisition of new customers or to build the market awareness.\” The customers will also benefit from the extensive network of the Wachstumsdienstleisters, which has excellent contacts with a variety of multipliers and distribution partners in Germany and abroad.

The billing model, which offers the customer LeadPeople is particularly attractive. To make their services accessible even for small and medium-sized companies, invests in promising ideas the company and partially financed their services. In addition, LeadPeople helps in raising capital: here, too, customers benefit from the contacts of the Wachstumsdienstleisters, bringing them together under the same conditions now optimized with investors. That LeadPeople with this range of services addressed a major need, even Kurt Sibold, Member of the main Board of the BITKOM and former Chief of Executive Officer of Microsoft GmbH confirmed: this is the kind of support that. the German medium-sized businesses need today. Predictable services, an accompaniment on time and a consulting approach, which just includes the sustainable realization.