Factory Paschen

Germany is one of the leading countries-manufacturers of furniture in different directions. German furniture of the highest quality materials, practicality and functionality. In recent years, German manufacturers are actively working with design studios of Great Britain, Italy and Spain, resulting in the light appears, this German furniture, satisfying the most demanding tastes. Furniture: Furniture hallway – is primarily utilitarian. Therefore, when choosing such furniture is important to strike a balance between aesthetics and the functions assigned to it. What is the function? Obvious – is storing clothing and footwear, non-obvious – organization of space hallway so as to ensure convenience.

It should be noted that in most cases a further requirement for furniture for the hallway is the need to minimize its size to leave as much space at the entrance to the premises. German furniture for the hall without much difficulty to help you in resolving this issue. Choosing furniture for bedroom interior design and furniture for the bedroom, do not be afraid to seem too picky. After the morning, opening his eyes, you should rejoice every detail. Elegant and light forms, the careful execution, the richness of German furniture finish will take a lot of pleasure to those who like to spend a few hours tranquility and bliss in his bedroom. Furniture for kitchen planning kitchen – an important task, which is the most significant impact on our quality of life. Kitchen – "capital" of each dwelling, and therefore it should not be simply beautiful, and defiantly, defiantly good.

Dynamic and modern German cuisine perfectly combines the latest technological developments, contemporary design and relaxed atmosphere of a family holiday. German producers are open to new forms, ideas and opinions, but at the same time, do not forget about the traditions, which is reflected in the design of new collections. Furniture for living room furniture will allow the German to turn your living room into the most intimate part of the house, where you can enjoy a deserved rest. Your room is unique with furniture from the collections of such well-known factories, such as Klenk and Koinor. German libraries today home library regained status heirlooms and personal pride. Therefore, to create it are very, very seriously. Before the "hunt" for rare folios, the future masters of "treasure" still think – and whether there is in the house suitable furniture, decent society vintage Rabelais Cicero? German libraries – perhaps the best thing invented to date for the storage of collections. Bright representative of German quality amazing adaptability – Factory Paschen, specializing in the manufacture of furniture for libraries and classrooms. From Paschen can build any track on the size and function, and Insertion possible up to millimeter.