Foreign Words, Practicing And Doing Free Water Donate

Two students set up water successfully two dedicated students founded the water Web page in February 2008 and the ability make everyone available to donate water without having to pay a cent to the third world. This platform introduced in the first month over 60,000 millilitre of fresh water and has potential monthly free to donate several thousand litres of water. 25,000 people die every day from the consequences of unsafe water. About 6,000 children are affected. Some deadly diseases spread out over water, which is drunk directly from rivers and lakes.

Thanks to the technology of LifeStraw people through a straw with integrated filter can now ensure this water without drinking. Natalie Wiedmeier and Gero Gode two Augsburg students make with their new project water for donations to organizations, which use the LifeStraw. This post is financed by advertisements on the website. 10 ml of water for a known Word for each correct known foreign word on the website donates the visitors of 10 ml fresh water to vulnerable people. The quiz is growing to an average of 100 new words every day and is thus always exciting for all users. The growth of visitors illustrate this trend.

The national spread of the idea and the number of visitors is growing every day and always doubled within a few days. The visitors on the new platform can fill a virtual 50 ml water glass, a complete bottle to a total 5 glasses, or as many bottles as he would like. The fun never ends, no matter if in nice round, or in single-player. That all foreign words right away white seems excluded. Do you know more than your friends?