German Information

Through a central platform advertising a tool for information gathering is information about products, services, and companies on the Internet have rank very high. Internet users are often looking for a central platform on which the desired information aggregated and can be found well structured. Also is looking for a comfortable and comprehensive presentation of the inter food item. Advertising in video form and image – as a presentation could be a way to do this. In the following article, the advertising platform is presented On it, Internet users can use advertising as a means for obtaining information.

Online shops, companies and private advertisers can combine their advertising on various topics on a single platform. In two commercials (5 pictures or one video per advertising) are eligible for free. Advertising as a means of obtaining information according to polls, find out more than half of German citizens on the Internet about a subject before taking a In making purchasing decision. These facts make it clear what meaning have information on the Internet. Often Internet users find themselves but in the search for appropriate information in a jungle.

All too often you must realize that selected objects is not adequately presented and required information can hardly be found. Just the advertising picture and video form is it that puts the focus on the presentation of an object and attempts to lead on the object to the user. You therefore provides a valuable information base and can influence a purchasing decision or similar considerably. The central advertising platform goXad offers a central advertising platform the website since January of this year, where for any topics advertising can be turned and viewed. Thus, this platform becomes a meeting place for advertising. Users can inform themselves extensively inter food objects in the form of advertising. Advertisers have the opportunity products, services and companies on goXad again to introduce.