Government Decree

It seems an open question whether such a detailed documentation of wearing a supportive, secondary character, not having prescribed form and order of approval shall bind the developer. People such as NYC Marathon would likely agree. According to the literal wording of the norm paragraph 1 of Section 13 of the implementation of the state construction supervision in Russia in the new edition of Working documentation of its binding force equated to the project documentation. According to Secs. “B” Section 7 of the rf Government Regulation amended in Government Decree of 05.03.2007 145 “About the order organizing and conducting public examination of project documentation and engineering research, namely paragraphs. “Well,” Section 2 of the Regulation is contained in the new edition. Abandoned edited this norm contain any provisions for the determination of the composition and content requirements of design documentation prior to the enactment of the act, ie, consideration of rf Government, according to regulatory specifications (hereinafter – NTT) to develop one.

The norm in the new edition sets the application of appropriate ntt to project documentation, development of which commenced before the entry into force of the reporting Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. The project document; fluctuations of, the development of which started later, respectively, apply approved under consideration by rf Government Regulation. Such a peg to the moment early development of project documentation is extremely flawed. Indeed, what is considered the beginning point of development: the time of the contract with the customer project organization? the start of the work planning organization under a contract? The date of actual commencement of work of the project organization? Furthermore, in today’s Russian society to abuse the customer on agreement with the project organization and “adjustment” date of commencement of the development of project documentation “backdating.” It is also not quite clear what date would be ready to take over the top design documentation State authorities in carrying out its mandate: it seems that every specific body – his own.