Individualized Body Building Program

In this opportunity we will describe and will conduct an exercise with a utility and whose influence applied over the area of the lower limbs or lower train, has a very direct effect on quadriceps, about both of them uptown and the Vastos knee), also affects the femoral biceps, adductor, buttocks, calves, 115f them, and in as many muscles of the hip and torso synergistswhich help stabilize the movement. In the upper part of our body, we find a strengthening of the lumbar and back, of course a great stimulus for breathing by being an exercise that requires a very good oxygenation. The technique as well as simple is also very common in gyms to see many errors in its execution, especially in the posture, is by placement of the feet, knees, especially spinal and posture according to the purposes for which applies this exercise limits far get off the hip thus affecting in a more direct way or not different zones muscle. It requires the synchronized use of muscle fibers of the whole body. And how it’s one of most natural human movements, like that walking or running. Recent studies reveal that with the sit-ups triple the calories burned using the muscles of our body.

So it is also a powerful tool to burn fat. Follow the plan we suggest and you’ll soon see the results more ahead we’ll see with variations in the positions of the feet, by regulating the descent and position you can work more glutes, quadriceps upper, adductor (muscle located between the legs), the effect is guaranteed. Put the bar at the top of the back and support it with a wide grip puts your feet further apart than the width of your back to your feet pointing outward at a 45 degree angle keep your head up and look forward as beam above the deadlift until arriving with the thighs parallel to the floor. Get up from your heels force so you activate the muscles of your buttocks.