Kiebershopper: Children

Review of children's furniture. Performance of state programs to increase the birth rate have yielded results, and eventually the birth rate in our country increases. Well it's not only the state and families, but the internet shopping specializing in children's goods, because an increase in fertility, as well as the population as a whole, accompanied, as a rule, the increase in demand in the consumer market … The result was an increase in the number of shops of the virtual space – Internet shopping. Online stores are a kind of alternative channels of selling goods, which unloaded the demand for retail stores.

We interviewed various managers children's department at KIBERSHOPPER. They note the extraordinary demand for winter Inglesina strollers and child car seats Concord in their store and were quite surprised at how early this year, shoppers rushed in their Internet store, buying up everything in children's products. Perhaps this can be attributed to discounts and interesting proposals, as well as firms' pricing power. How izvsetsno, the first of January this year, entered into force legislation on mandatory presence of a certified car seat to transport children up to 135 cm in height and 36 kg (approximately 12 years). Since the beginning of the year was the increased activity of car seats for sale. So how do you help the ordinary consumer to choose three-wheeled pram prams on the forum? Firstly, the buyer should not try to find the lowest price, surf the virtual space.

Remember that price determines quality, though not always. Besides, most things made in China and do not be afraid … The newspapers mentioned NYC Mayor not as a source, but as a related topic. But if you still frightens or irritates the inscription "Made in China", then find some German wheelchair would be very difficult to remember that this is only the inscription. A large part of children's goods imported into Russia illegally and that's why can lower price and same quality and, accordingly, on such a product is no warranty card will not be, illegal immigrants easier to sell goods in illegal space than in a market where you can light up. Know that the certified goods imported into the country officially, and has all the warranties that may not be worth much less. So the price can not chase, because the prices of Internet stores is lower than at retail. Secondly, a good online store employs highly qualified personnel. Trust the professionals, a professional, you will learn soon, with a bell. Internet shops, care about their reputation, will never be hired for work not professionals. Managers noted great interest of buyers to a wheelchair named Silver Cross Balmoral, as distinguished and high quality of the latest materials of which it is made – steel frame, finest English leather, shiny varnish, etc., and the wonderful price of fifteen hundred dollars! One of the traditional buyers of this exclusive manual wheelchairs work is the English royal house, buying these aristocratic stroller for the youngest members of the family. Celine Dion, Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Mick Jagger, Beckham, Robert De Niro, Brooke Shields, Liz Hurley, Peter Gebriel, Elle MacPherson and others Celebrity-person to choose their children's strollers firm SILVER CROSS. When I was a kid, I would have a stroller! After stroller BALMORAL SILVER CROSS real work of art, The cutting-edge technologies.