Latin American Consuela

Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of the very best writers in France in the United States. In the U.S., he left in consequence of demobilization in the 40s. Because of this there is little sketches of the Prince by Antoine said publisher, and offered little famous author to make this boy with wings, invented the main character of his tales. What did the popular author, and in 1943 Saint-Exupery finishes his story, but to the bitter regret once the work is not adopted by foreigners are not admitted. But today, this book is considered one of the very popular today, and the number of books sold overstates the figure at 80 million this tale has a translation of the text of more than 150 in our world five hundred different publishing. The Little Prince is a fearless hero of the product in which the person selected qualities such as openness of soul, full of unselfishness. This is the most important quality that is only children, and they are the heart and soul, and yet well aware that they are responsible for those who tamed, and that today have forgotten how to do grown-ups.

This product is not only a little story for children for school, and philosophical literary work, his study will be useful to people of all ages. Most of the phrases that have become all skzki known, "the main thing – what the eyes …" or another "It's nice where there is no us …. Zdess in product of ordinary words is due to unexplained pain. The Little Prince the hero who never was an exception and is considered biografichnym. This tale is a challenge worldwide pistelem, the invocation of humanity not to forget of sincerity, love and the soul.

And as such visible to the idea that in mind Inside, he had not managed to grow up, and Antoine was a kid. It is because of the Antoine was very hard to exist in a harsh community with their ideals and foundations. A comparison does not end here only main character in the tale is the prototype of a soft and whimsical roses, this Latin American Consuela, the wife of Antoine de Saint-Exupery with fiery temper. Help her almost certainly invaluable in writing the story. Long nights have been written about the product, and patch up and help in choosing the advancement of the plot, had no one else, like Consuelo, the closest woman to Antoine. To see de Saint-Exupery, and learn about his life, that this spiritual man, and very contemporary and stylish writer, you just need to read the "Little Prince"!