Madame Tussauds

Marie Tussaud, founder of the Madame Tussauds, celebrates this year on 1st December 2011 its 250th birthday (born on the 1.12.1761) has continuously evolved over this long period of time the brand and established. There are many reasons for the absolutely exemplary success story of the group. Guests get a unique access to popular and famous personalities in the wax museum Madame Tussauds and takes a piece far into the exciting world. The selection of the wax celebrities and the extraordinary interactive environment are the main factors for the successful result of the worldwide entertainment group. Opportunity to celebrate enough, and the founder is duly live high there is in all 12 Madame, Tussauds attractions therefore this year! Who was Marie Tussaud? Artist, entertainer, and especially good business woman who understood it, was to her private and professional life under a hat bring other women as the property of the man at a time, Marie Tussaud, born Grossholtz, were viewed. Her life was marked by many incredible events and was sometimes more exciting by some celebrities of the time. Her mother was the owner of a wax exhibition in Paris, where Marie soon became his protege housekeeper for Dr.

Philip Curtius. He taught her at the age of six years, to work with wax and to make masks of faces. Already as a teenager, she modeled the most famous people in France. During the French Revolution, it forced them to demonstrate their loyalty, she had to make death masks of executed aristocrats and escaped even just the execution. At a time without mass media she succeeded in this, to familiarize the people with well-known names and significant events associate, to generate attention in public. Realistic portraits of statesmen, politicians and crooks gave each name a suitable face and quickened the imagination of the public.

She brought to Curtius’ demise in 1802 the exhibition to Britain. in 1835, Madame Tussauds was housed in a permanent site in London. Known as the “Baker Street Bazaar”, visitors paid six pfennigs, to experience the most famous people of the time. The attraction moved the Marylebone Road in 1884 at the current site -. At the age of 88, died Marie Tussaud, and left behind an at that time extremely well-known attraction that today is grown on an empire of 12 branches. Once and now while Madame Tussauds earlier resembled a Museum, where artifacts and wax figures behind red cords were issued, taking Madame Tussauds now for many years already on the factor of interactivity. Visitors to may can come close to the figures, attack them and take pictures with them. Whether to perform his favorite song together with a great singer or his athletic abilities prove to be much is possible in the interactive environment. While the quality of the wax figures is continuously maintained and is also developed in the demand. Adaptations and renewals are Madame Tussauds especially important to stay always at the pulse of time and again on the new a wide audience. Some original artifacts by Marie Tussaud remain in the London attraction such as the original guillotine, which was directed towards Marie Antoinette, as well as made some death masks, Marie in the wake of the revolution. Currently, Madame Tussauds has interactive attractions in London, Blackpool, Amsterdam, Berlin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Washington.