Marko Christiansen

Bad only if she expected a dumbbell hardened computer science professor with steel-blue eyes and then hits a car mechanic. (This is not derogatory towards mechanics meant.) And how does it work now? The only real way is to be as it is. His own personality to show. The author of the book shows how to correctly do this, very impressive. It feels because sometimes even write a woman.

No wonder, when we know that also the author his dream – and current wife in a single stock exchange has know and learned to love. She was watching probably the one or the other time help him at work over the shoulder, which does not harm the book, but made especially for the benefit of that man wants to impress Yes Mrs. But absolutely own credit of the authors is to have posted no boring psycho-meditation-tone. No therapeutic “we men are so bad” discussions is recommended or shallow relationship-bla-bla to the best returns, but real practical tips from man to man, with which you can start whatever. To get lots of easy to understand step by step instructions so that the whole thing is already almost as easily as a car repair.

One can advise all men, i.e. not only to those who are just looking,: “just read this book and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is basically to come when you no longer does a few familiar things, but noticed some odds and ends with women in the conversation. “And it’s not hard if you know what really matters to women in men and especially, which one totally discourages”. But also for women, this book is interesting. It is an ideal gift for the friend or good acquaintance, where she always wonders why the never ‘ got a girlfriend. Is not about…? Probably not, but he just doesn’t know how to do it properly. Enjoy the reading of Marko Christiansen