Michael Oehme: Google Optimization Is Mandatory Task Of PR Agencies

In recent years the issue of dealing with Google has become increasingly Friedberg the compulsory task for advertising agencies and Public Relations firms, found 2011. “The reasons for this are found quickly: virtually everyone, whether a customer, business partner, journalist, even the staff of the Bank in lending on the Internet is about smart, what it because of his counterpart” to read. With a market share of nearly 90%, is Google doing one of the search engines that this meaning shows now States, such as the example of China, forcing number to act, view recent events. While a variety of studies show that publications in the Internet by readers is almost equivalent provided with carefully researched articles in newspapers and magazines. Herein lies a certain danger, because a non-negligible part takes place anonymously, facts, opinions, imputations are often blurred. Some use the Internet and also primarily the search engine Google, to people and companies specifically to discredit, for example, through forums or blogs.

From the one celebrated as the Crown of creation in terms of freedom of expression, see other serious dangers grow up, especially as feeder has been Google or the more frequently used areas of social network marketing very heavily in our personal lives. To grasp Google, you must understand its classification. Google uses a certain ranking of websites and information and assess in particular the density of links, the so-called popularity here in addition to formal aspects and the incidence of so-called key words (keywords). They assessed how many other pages refer to, for example, your own website. This ranking algorithm was introduced by Google, is now also at other search engines as standard, and was often questioned, but still never quite figured out to our knowledge. In addition to the number of links that reference this on the own side, is also rated as well because the pages are even linked, which refer to the separate page. Ever more so the friends who help you, all the better. It is like in school or in real life.

Google measures the importance of pages so indeed and here, so the topic of Google Optimization an entire industry has developed, which requires an interplay of software developers, graphic designers and copywriters. While Google can count only links to pages has collected it in his own store. So anyone who wants to improve its Internet site, should bring some patience. For more information,