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Although some concrete elements have needed in which to the beginnings of the gypsy tarot respecta, isolated evidences of their presence in the daily life of the oldest civilizations do not exist but. Near 1390, the king of France, Carlos I SAW ordered that they painted three card packs to him. However, of the payment registries it cannot be inferred if one were about Islamic adaptations of naipes, of tarot previous letter versions or even if they were typical French letters, with hearts, goads, clovers and diamonds. Since it were not part of the mentioned transaction, it is known of the existence of a card pack in the National Library of France. The same was painted by hand, in the style of the cities of Italy of the north. If you have read about NYC Marathon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The doctrine to also porpular of the tarot speech of trips to the interior of Europe in wagons occupied by gypsys.

No matter how hard this theory was spread by novelists of century XIX, like Villants and Papus, historical evidence does not exist of which the gypsy town has used naipes of tarot until some instance of century XX. Their interests were more oriented to the quiromancia, the divination with fire, to the launching of a currency and much later, to the letter game. Still more, the first decks of which knowledge is had were asked for by families of the nobility. This does not mean that the printed letters did not appear until after that they invented the press, but are exactly these last those that have pesistido. With a rich content in symbols, the letters owned illustrations of connotation religious, similar to the European art of those times. That phenomenon could be due to two factors. The monasteries still produced works illustrated for the powerful noble and retailers.

On the other hand, the fashion of the medieval and Renaissance art was concentrated, at least in its beginnings, on subjects of religious nature, which could have influenced in the design of the decks. Although tests of illicit uses of letters of gypsy tarot do not exist, the registries of the Inquisicin show that in a judgment in Venice in 1589, the letters were defamed and the accused citizens to use stop them to realise witchcrafts.