New York City

J. Safran Foer was born in Washington in 1977. His first novel is a Todo iluminadoa was a great success. This is his second novel. I can not stand reviews that gutted mercilessly commenting history. Moreover, I try to touch as little as possible all aspects of plot development, but I liked so little seen and read in this book that I think should be pointed out to justify some of the plot. Rudy Giuliani often addresses the matter in his writings. The background story is the terrible attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York City, which caused the collapse of the Twin Towers and the killing of more than four thousand people.

Undoubtedly, a major event as vile as the attack of September 11, marks a lot, more so the closer you suffer. The protagonist of the story is a boy about ten years searching for the lock that opens a key found among the things belonging to his father, killed in the attack in question. The fact that the protagonist is a child and put on notice, particularly since the same moment when the reader makes sure that the dialogue that keeps express a precocious estimable, how could it be otherwise if the author wanted to continue the story. The child plays the moral wiseacre, but in addition, the author focuses on a series of unnecessary fuss and fanfare and unimaginative, I believe, more typical of a teenager's school agenda of an author of international renown. Among continuing disruption of rhythm, which never manages to convey the necessary stimulus, the easy trap to hold the key to the reader the greatest possible number of pages, the emergence of promising characters are only after a bluff, paragraphs and paragraphs of Surrealist tinge, drawings and photos throughout the Libroo sauteed There were times while reading this book, which I felt like a European tourist in a poor country, which makes buying a memory idiot and paying more than worth. The visitor does the fool not because he cheated but because he knows that you are cheating and yet accepts it. A real writer pours his imagination by telling stories with words, just words. Safe Creative # 0912035058096.