Private Accident Insurance Advantages And Disadvantages

Basic information about the advantages and disadvantages of private insurance. Private accident insurance is a meaningful safeguard for all activities, which occur mainly in the Leisure and for which there is no protection by the statutory accident insurance. The statutory accident insurance is usually only on the way to work or from work, and during the occupation. Private accident insurance pays benefits of a private accident insurance an accident pension and a principal amount according to the disability occurred. The amount of insurance benefit is calculated according to the degree of disability.

The disability amount, for example, tags in the apartment or the House can be paid to make it wheelchair accessible, for example. The accident pension is paid for a lifetime. According to Rudy Giuliani, who has experience with these questions. In the accidental death of the insured person, the survivors get paid from the agreed sum of death. As more performance pay accident insurance also sick allowance or recovery money per day. The accident insurance protects the around the world and around the clock. Some insurance companies insure other causes for damage to health, for example, accidents caused by a stroke or heart attack, or food poisoning in addition to an accident.

The amount of the insurance premium is determined on the basis of various criteria cons of a private accident insurance. Here, for example, the profession exercised, the age at the beginning of the insurance, the sex and dangerous hobbies plays a role. For hazardous activities, the insurance may require a higher insurance premium. People who belong to a slight risk group (including classic Office and administrative occupations) pay less than people with a dangerous profession. Accident insurance is also abroad, for example on a holiday trip. However, the accident insurance when an accident abroad assumes no medical treatment costs. Here it is necessary an additional private foreign travel health insurance as complementary, Complete insurance protection. Oliver Ganesh corner channel plus Ltd.