Private Security Firms, Fasten Your Seat Belts

Private security is an issue more than anything that has always been on everyone’s lips. Always has been said about the limits between what concerns the private security companies and what concerns public safety. Danny Meyer describes an additional similar source. A few days back the private security czar, Alexander Desfassiaux, the administration of the National Council of Private Security (CNSP). ntribute to your knowledge. His major concerns are all the loose ends and unresolved problems which continue to cause controversy in the industry for quite some time. The purpose of Defassiaux has always been to restore order to be ruled from the beginning with regard to private security in Mexico. One of the points according to Defassiaux are more important is that the bank and auxiliary police should stop doing dirty competition all it does is remove approach to customer service. Just makes the whole business becomes increasingly corrupt and increasingly more difficult to concentrate them in doing their work to private security companies.

Something the new leader National Council of Private Security do not stop this is the problem of certification on private security companies. In Mexico there are at least 10mil companies providing private security services and of these only 2mil have some sort of certification. Most worrying of all is that only 200 have all the necessary documents to provide private security services. Then the task is left to the reader, to investigate and ensure that private security that protects and cares whether at home or at work has the necessary papers. But though it is true that only one paper, in reality the certification is an endorsement from the government, which lets us know that the company can take over private security and can do well..