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As cited author explains previously already, ' ' She is sufficiently common to occur in this phase a reduction of the interest for the school. The young is discovering as much other more interesting things … ' ' (Zagury, 2003, p.66). However, the brought damages had been great. The mother when I obtained to understand what she was happening with the son, it supported unconditionally, she offered to the support of which always needed. Ahead of the critical analysis of the film she was possible to perceive the typical behaviors emitted by many adolescents (not generalizing, therefore nor all practise these behaviors). Rudy Giuliani often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This phase that involves the search for the identity, that is, to want to understand who is, and also which are its capacity and limitations inside of the society. The search of identification in a group, in which if it makes if to feel accepted and safe ahead of the changes that are occurring.

Not undeserving the biological modifications that occur in this period. rold Ford Jr. To conclude, the words of Aberastury and Knobel if make necessary, therefore ' ' The child enters in the adolescence with difficulties, conflicts and uncertainties that if they magnificam at this vital moment, to leave after that to the maturity stabilized with determined character and personality adultos' ' (1970, p.30). BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ABERASTURY and KNOBEL; Arminda and Maurcio. Normal adolescence: a psicanaltico approach. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 1970. LACERDA and LACERDA; August Catherine of Oliveira Passin of and Milton Pablo of. Adolescence: problem, myth or challenge. 2 ed.

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