The Era Of Cash Registers – It Was Long Ago ?

The era of trade automation began with the invention of the barcode. Back in the old days, when about cash registers and never heard, after the development of megacities has happened and changed the style of retail trade. Small shops European cities, where the shopkeeper, who is also the seller, he knows all his regular customers in the face, began to sell goods on credit, which should pay off within a month. Of course, this situation would be absolutely unacceptable in any big city department store, where the flow of people every day just comes and remember all of it is simply impossible. After all visitors to these establishments need more attention, money, in their turn, require constant consideration, and the goods – in constant control. It was at this time a David Brown invented a special device – as time to monitor the trading institution. These were the baskets, which hangs from a rope carousel. Shop assistant in his present understanding, took the money and sent them a cashier in a basket. The cashier, in turn, returned the consultant change, as well as prescribing receipt. For example, in some big department store cashier sits – in the heart of this “web”, and to him from all sides “flock” cash. Beauty, you can not find? For the first time this system in practice, tried to the largest furniture store, located in Massachusetts, in 1879. Immediately thereafter, increased sales, and visitors began to go and see the store more often. Significantly reduced the time previously spent on all kinds of commercial transactions, improved control over the movement of funds and the remainder of the goods in the warehouse. What’s still here need advertising! The system worked, and turned a profit – what else is needed for prosperity of the business? Following this, a furniture store and other major supermarkets have started to order a similar system. Orders to the inventor came even from the remotest corners of the United States, then to them joined and Europe. And in the 20 th century began rampant sale of modern cash registers, which we use to this day.

Google Adwords

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