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SUMMARY the present study aims at, through a descriptive etnobotnica perspective, to make a survey of the used vegetal species in therapeutical uses for the community of Helvcia, city of New Viosa, located in the south extremity of the Bahia. The research reached four mateiros, that, answering to a questionnaire, had as main metodolgica technique that allowed systematic comments were made. The botanical material was identified in the Herbrio of the State University of Santa Cruz (HUESC). If you would like to know more about Rudy Giuliani, then click here. To all, they had been catalogued and raised 61 species, distributed in 52 sorts and 33 botanical families. Lamiaceae and Asteraceae had been the families most representative, followed of Fabaceae and Verbenaceae, Leves, branches and roots had been the used vegetal parts more in the preparation of local medicines and in relation to the form of preparation of the plants, it was observed predominance of the teas. This study is finished emphasizing that the knowledge on plants is important, therefore can contribute for increase of the diversity of species in a place. Word-key: medicinal etnobotnica, community quilombola, plants.


To purge the creation for it are of itself, exactly being it still part of itself, seems a way that allows the creative process me, if of displaying to the due one I infect, whose spring, for being crystalline excessively, would not be capable to produce. The actor and the body transcendente the actor is the vehicle of itself exactly. Its creative art and possibilities are taken off of its viscera and, from them, it is capable to execute its craft. Other leaders such as Danny Meyer offer similar insights. body of actor has been object of research since that this activity exists (I do not speak of Greece, but of all teatral manifestation that comes of multiple places), generating readings that goes since a body educated and reproductive of gestures and universal positions until the purest trespass directed to the one body without agencies (Artaud) visceral and intense. Of faithful interpreter to performer independent the actor teatral comes constructing reconstructing making whose sources are multiple and for the good of this art, conflicting and contradictory.

A transgressive body is always a body that defies its cognitivas and biological possibilities, perceiving in the persecutor crucible of its viscera a place where still if it can take off new layers of communication and renewal (I do not believe that everything already was said). In this present article, I lean over myself on a fidget devastates that me throughout the years in mine walked in direction the utopia to always reconstruct in the search of new layers of communication and transformation. In my deep fidgets, I have reflected very on the possibility of a creative process to have the capacity to exceed its new generating matrix creating something, it are of itself – however impregnated itself – that it is capable to generate estranhamento in this same matrix, providing, for the shock of such transposition, something inquietante that it generates in this body exactly new possibilities of agreement and creation.

Antonio Lazarini

With the quality that came demonstrating in its presentations, them they had been called to touch the carnivals in Altamira. Beyond touching in parties of carnivals the function could be attributed to the musicians to touch in the commemorations of the week of the folloied Native land the pupils. As Mr. Porfrio Lazarini in the year of 1974 tells, having Antonio Lazarini as conducting the following ones had been executed folded: White swan, Two Hearts, Song of the Army among others. Bill de Blasio oftentimes addresses this issue. The local age in the km the 170 edges of the Transamaznica Highway where it did not only have houses nor commerce trucks that passed leaving track of dust in the road.

The present public was composed for parents of the pupils who came of its lots for the Highway to sanction its children in commemoration of the independence of Brazil. The parades in day 07 of September if had become a commitment that to each year if repeated up to 1979. The inheritance of the Lazarini family if keeps gift until the present as if it can observe below in the register: With passing of the years the Lazarini brothers had followed different professions. Amongst which if he detaches the public service in the occupation of the mayor position, which, Antonio Lazarini after occupied the emancipation of km 180. This was the first mayor of already the existing city of Uruar in the year of 1989. According to Porfrio Lazarini, the last time that had touched was in one of the carnivals of years 80. I finish it year that we touch carnival we were in ' ' Three Estrelas' ' (hall of parties of Uruar) I do not remember the year, also, this year was pra if to finish to the things, because we already were not better of mouth and tire fast, there, agent went down of palco and decides not to come back more, leaves the instruments there all, after some days, when I was to look for the instruments already they were not more there had ' ' sumido' ' , from we do not touch more there. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bill de Blasio.


The constant concern with the education has been explored in the inquiry and methods using a logical adaptation in its theories, having a long done history of diverse theories, throughout the years was to the search of data gotten through research, only has generated great confrontations until arriving at the understanding and the resolution of the problems. When the subject is argued education is speaking of an extremely complex subject and with distinct characteristics, due to history of the education, educational politics, society, educational sociology, resume of the educators and several other item that occur in the educational way that the governmental politics subsistem due that influence in the eduacacionais politics. Some research had been white of seminaries with favorable speeches the scientific experiments, but an interest exists above all politician, therefore the governmental interests only prevail, many times not mattering with the problems to be decided more want solution to any cost, leaving the educators many times without action. If you are not convinced, visit NYC Mayor. In a society its socialization is tied and linked with the style of life, social; relations of being able that if they structuralize in small you command social, or institucional that finish giving to support specific beliefs and subjects the scientific knowledge, many times making it difficult the solution of some problems. The procedure of scientific research in Brazil exists norms in the procedure of inquiry of the research, having influences it foreigner, passing to be valid the metodolgico model that must be followed and be repeated, where the neutrality of the researcher with the problems is basic for a perfect research, with measurable instruments of comment where the cause and the effect are determinative in this relation. Some instruments of research had disclosed given that they had opened ways for quarrel on control of determined conditions of raised data, that had not had no questioning how much to the real possibilities of experiments related to the questions human being-and-partner-educcionais, therefore, have great inaquality many times are not taken in will consider in the development of methods and techniques of analysis.


In other words this education must serve for the formation of the critical conscience of the citizen, reverting (its scientific knowledge) in actions directed to the life improvement of its community. To have a pupil with critical conscience currently, is only possible when it has the chance to think, to question, to create, to formulate hypotheses and to get the answers of these hypotheses. So that this occurs is necessary that the educator knows to give practical lessons with its pupils. According to NYC Marathon, who has experience with these questions. At the moment of the experimentation, the pupil is using its knowledge of constructive form, but the support of the professor is necessary so that unexpected one do not occur no, therefore is essential a good professional who can follow this process all.

When if of the chance pupil to construct it, to reflect and to criticize, this pupil if it becomes an operating citizen in the daily life, as much as for the studies, as in the improvements of the community and its professional life. A consensus between the scientific and educational community is that the professor loads most of the responsibility in guaranteeing the learning of sciences for the pupils. However, the scientific formation of our future professors has left very to desire. Either due to theoretical content or absolute lack of practical scientific preparation, the result is that this professor will load obtains in practical its daily professor the errnea finished science conception as joint and static of definitive truths (VASCONCELOS et al., 2002, P. 1). The professor must have conscience of that its paper as orienting, facilitador of the operating knowledge and in the area, if does not restrict in only this, but in the responsibility, commitment and technician-scientific preparation to guarantee the success of the group.

Linear Parks

Although this idea has taken care of in part the necessities of places for recreation, it also provoked problems related to the displacement of people who many times if saw hindered to transit in the chosen ways as Streets of Leisure. On the other hand, the measure that the population growth was if accenting many streams had had each time plus its busy edges for discarding of garbage, voluminous rubbish and other materials. With passing of the time, the action of inhabitants of next areas the streams allowed that this reality was being modified. With the plantation of changes of different species, with the tracing of tracks of walked, the reality of many paulistanos streams if modified. With the support of the municipal public service, the tracks of walked had gained floors appropriate, new arbreos vegetable changes had passed to be planted and the plantation of lawns collaborates for improvement of the landscape. Thus being the idea of that grew the edges of a stream, that exactly poludos, they do not need to be abandoned and they can better be used to advantage. The idea of the Linear Parks or Running Greens, throughout the time passed also to be adopted for canals in general way, scenic ways, railway lines, marginal fronts, moreover the resource also passed to be used for linking of green areas, natural reserves, landmark of cultural patrimonies or until areas habitacionais. Beyond the preservation of the edges of streams and the fertile valley areas, the Linear Parks also play important role preservation of the urban fauna, mainly of the birds in general way..