New York Iron

Although the clinical improvement and the normalization of the hemoglobina and red globule concentrations occur precociously with the iron replacement, the therapeutical dose must be kept by 3 the 4 months for the replacement of the iron supplies. Some cares must be taken to maximize the absorption of the iron, as its ingestion the 30 60 minutes before the meals. Not to dilute the medicine in no liquid and not to ingest citric fruit juice after the use of the medicine. The ferrous sulphate can bring some inconveniences with its use as nauseas, indigesto, constipation and diarria that, in general, are proportional to the ingested amount of iron. It can be tried to solve this problem through a gradual increase of the doses and the scheduling in the doses to> long of the day. In case that these measures do not decide, the ferrous sulphate for the ferrous gliconato can be substituted, however, had to its lesser content of elementary iron more demands a drawn out treatment (OLIVEIRA, 2007). 11.

CONCLUSION the inserted anemia in the politics you publish is recent factor, since this was only possible with the accomplishment of the Cupola of New York in 1990, with the promotion of the ONU, the anemias ones the world-wide levels of health and nutrition in comparison with other illnesses of less excellent aspects came to have priorities. One also verifies that desencadeantes factors for anmico state as alimentary lack, verminoses and infrastructure are factors correlated with the economic condition partner of the individual and marcantes characteristics of underdeveloped countries as in the case Brazil. In our country it has the necessity of a more including state with municipal and state cooperation of the secretariats and agencies promovedores of the health and inside of this context to evidence the current reality of anemia in the Brazilian scope. However in the gestacional case it has of if having a bigger comprometimento of the gestante and of the agencies promovedores of the health since a study made for the PNDS in 2006 exists that he was evidenced that eighty percent of the gestantes carries through at least six consultations in prenatal and these people who obtain to keep these indices, are people with escolaridade level and superior socioeconmico profile, that is, although the health to be supplied to all of universal form, observes inaqualities in the aspects sociocultural and economic. .


4.2-Familiar the family passed inside for a period of great changes of these last 20 years, but exactly thus, it is of this institution that the pupil will remove its experiences and its personality. The paper of the family is basic in the formation of this young, therefore from the experiences lived in house, many times, the pupil will lead for the school, imagining that they are extremely natural attitudes. Of this form, we perceive that the family is the mirror of the pupil. 4.3-Friendship As all we are associable individuals, is practically impossible a person not to have its center of friendships or next people. When still we are children, everything that our professors and parents you say in them, is led in consideration, however, when we arrive mainly in the adolescence, all these concepts whom we have regarding many things are changed on account of these friendships. Tiny homes has firm opinions on the matter.

This happens, therefore normally the adolescent develops certain ' ' presso' ' that accepted or to be understood in a space, either necessary to change its attitudes or forms of speaking to please its friends. In these four presented cases we obtain to observe that the paper of the professor in classroom is not only to be worried about the passed substance, but mainly, to observe if this pupil really is having some neurological or social problem being. Moreover, the professional of the education must stimulate a bigger participation of the family in the school, making with that the parents really obtain to observe the development of this pupil in the room. The question then is the following one: Which of these presented reasons really influences in the understanding of a pupil in relation to the determined substance? It fits to the professor to identify its pupil and to try didactically, to show that the work market waits this young and that to enter in the same, not only needs this young understanding accurate or human beings, but the two together areas.