Driver Education

Driver education in everyday life we can notice the way home, work, school or other activities is becoming increasingly more complicated since every day increases the number of cars in the cities and they continue in the same way, I think that today the driver education is very important both for the authorities as for motorists and also pedestrians.We currently have road signs which in some way expedite the roads, but that goes with this. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Danny Meyer. In many cases by haste or other reasons we do ignore those causing accidents and losses up to human.To improve this we must ask ourselves what to do or how to do to improve the roads and avoid accidents.Let’s look at the role played by each of the characters already mention which all the population at some point touches us play.Motorist: it always hurry to reach their destination, is distracted, stressed, loses control, does not care and thus does not respect the signs and not to the pedestrian, causing accidents.You must respect signs out more early and patience.Pedestrian: you should know that roads and streets are not to go walking or playing, I believe that this is the biggest problem that we pedestrians and is where we should start putting in practice the driver education. According to NYC Mayor, who has experience with these questions. So that in this way we avoid the recklessness of citizens wanting to place stops every 10 meters or in front of his house. Since this cut off roads.Authorities: as such have to enforce traffic rules not falling into corruption that this way everyone respect the road rules and having better circulation and driver education. As a contribution to citizenship, I think that if everyone had very clear driver education everything would be easier, as motorists would avoid the traffic and pollution, as pedestrian accidents and as authorities corruption.We put into practice our driver education and show our culture to make useful traffic, bridges, pedestrian areas and the placement of stops at strategic locations.

Milohnic Morals

In my criterion, the end of this verse is a species of recolectivo system. Its reach is a semantic missile. It is a species of intrinsic fight with the word. Perhaps it saves the word to us. It is possible. The word is the word. It is always necessary, because as Decir sentenced Sfocles a word will be to say it to everything . (A valuable related resource: amazing restaurateur). In my more recent poemario I have including the following one inscription of Andres: is not the aim don’t mention it.

/Only the shame of which is not shut up. It is my adhesion with its extraordinary poetic quality and its loyal condition of humanist and visionary of the art. The phantasmagoric picture of an orb in war from its same existence is a topic of great expressive depth that Milohnic Morals faces with honesty the eyes, these eyes, are always tired to see and of not seeing, of as much horror. The planet reaches the hyperbolic number of 14,000 wars, where desolation, the cannibalism and the death have had expressions of negation of the human quality. And nor what to say of the genocides and all the human barbarism that besieges every day to us the death hardly night of this sky. Or in this other text Habit in the exile of the tear: /My signs are hidden, despiadadas . In another verse I lyrical adduces is good to be silent dreaming about his stones of sea and of island, where the elements of the liquidity become a semitico vector that compares the tears with the sea, nevertheless, is to be silent dreaming about their stones, where the conversion lyrical desire in aesthetic depth. The Chilean author incorporates the sea like lyrical subject in several of his poems. the sea is treasonous: the sea is another one that breaks.

Hilfinger Jam Session

A jam session of superlatives in the Berlin tape Club of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger had loaded once again: this time it went to Berlin with much music celebrities to the jam session. With: Kelly Rowland and Wyclef Jean (ex-Fugees), the soul singer Joy Denalane and Michi Beck of the fantastic four. Improvisation, quick changes and surprising riffs and rhymes: Bebop, blues, rock or hip hop – Jam Sessions are inseparable from the history of music. The New York fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has this famous tradition boom revives: in Los Angeles, London, Milan and now currently in Berlin tape Club. The rules of a Jam Session are very simple: meet several artists on the stage after a short Soundcheck and play away together but it wasn’t quite so easy then.

In addition to empathy and improvisation talent, also a piece of good organization include professinell to get all the stars at the start. Brief scare in Berlin: the backing band had a different set list as destiny’s Child Star Kelly Rowland get just good that set the soundcheck one day prior to the session in a black box Music Rehearsal Hall. Everyone kept its nerve, tour manager and sound engineer to disponierten, while the musicians at the buffet strengthened themselves where there was so tasty stuff like spicy Moazzarella Taler with Cous Cous or blue Montana chicken wings. All bio sees itself. Because the buffet came the organic caterer from Berlin once again select catering. “Lovely catering people”, a crew member of joy Denalane, who had arrived in the meantime mummelte. Michi Beck was also not far, Wyclef Jean, however, warmed up for an exclusive radio concert at the station of kiss – the evening of superlatives was so nothing in the way.

Christopher Schwarz

Markus Lupertz. 3. The artist Sala Lieber, born in Budapest Hungary, studied at the Art Academy of Dresden and Dusseldorf with Prof. Jorg Alaa village Prof. Gerhard Merz, and is a master student of Prof. Herbert Brandl. 4.

Caro Jost, who studied at the art students League in New York. Caro Jost exhibited in New York, Munich, Cologne and Shanghai. Her Streetprints she showed at the Expo 2000 and to the 50th Biennale. 5. as the fifth, the artist Andrea Lehmann was nominated on multiple referral.

Andrea Lehmann presented so far in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona. She studied at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf and is a master student of Prof. Markus Lupertz. The past 12 years following artists have participated in friends of the arts on the projects of the company: PIA Dehne, Anna Vilents, Sandra Hoitz, Stefanie Purschler, Kristin Dembny, Anke Stalpers, Alexandra Sell, Yun Lee, Gabriele Basch, Mantalina Psoma, Katja Prewozny, Melissa and Bapiste Pawlik, Kirstin Lampert,. Christina Assmann, Kate waters, Catherine Mayer, Iris Zakaria, Mutsumi Aoki, Alison Degbe, Jemma Endersby, Adi Braun, Julia Graff situation, grit Wallace, Gila Abutalebi, Daniela Rothenburg and Gabriele Weinspach. Since 1999, the friends of the arts organize the Goethe-Festival under the direction of Gottfried Bohmer. Since April 2008 the online platform established exclusive interview on the Internet portal, the renowned German heads will be interviewed exclusively to issues of the time. Opened the series in conversation with Prof. Barzon Brock, who turned the questions of Andreas wild Hagen and Christopher Schwarz. “The second conversation led the ARD editor Andreas Oehler, the is Gottfried Bohmer’s questions to the responsibility of the political caste, the supposed elites” and makes orgies of looting of the State as well as the consequences for democracy. The winner of the Kaiserswerther art Prize 2008 is end of may by the jury selected and on the art and culture portal of the public presented.

Colored Art Autumn

Shown topical art in ZeitOrten in Braunschweig and Wolfsburg offers time travel through the recent past, present and future of Marcel Dzama in the ZeitOrt Kunstverein Braunschweig with its fantastic figuration of ink and watercolor of New York artist Marcel Dzama international fame gained. Today it belongs to the most important figurative working artists of his generation. The ZeitOrt Kunstverein Braunschweig Dzama dedicated to the exhibition the never comprehensive known into the forgotten the first exclusive exhibition in Germany. In addition to a wide selection of ink and collages, sculptures, dioramas, and films will be presented. Dzamas eerie dream world of the unconscious builds usually no stringent narrative, but creates a metaphorical landscape.

In the Hall of mirrors of the Villa Salve Hospes is A game of chess Dzamas current film. The exhibitions run by the 17.9 up 13.11 in the ZeitOrt be Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg Cartier-Bresson Henri Cartier-Bresson as one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. He was the master of the moment, and many of his recordings are in the Entered the history of photography as masterpieces. Cartier-Bresson “s technique to produce exactly composed photographs, he described with the words:” taking pictures means mind, eye and heart on a line to bring. ” It is a way of life.” The exhibition features around 100 exhibits chosen by Cartier Bresson, who died in 2004, during his lifetime even. The black and white landscape photographs produced between 1933 and 1999 show how strong his photographic work by the broad of Eastern philosophies was inspired.

The selection is complemented by seven rare lithographs, which exclusively has provided his widow Martine Franck from their private collections. The exhibition can be seen until May 13, 2012. Pop and culture of everyday life in the ZeitOrt Museum of photography-the exhibition “Our House” Braunschweig will translate capitalize the universe of the two artists Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber Braunschweig in the Gatehouses of the ZeitOrt Museum of photography. Their portraits Sieber and Stuke its way to an old question New: what identity do I for me? Where is the exterior appearance, behavior and appearance, always the scene of this communication with the other – and the photography is stage and mirror. Not only the West, but especially of Japanese popular culture its special attention. Japanese lesson”, in the southern Gatehouse, the two artists make to own and, as it promises the title of the exhibition, turn in your House. The team of ZeitOrte has ideas for weekend trips with art, culture and more in six epochs from prehistoric times to the future with insider tips more tips in terms of art and culture. You can find the right hotel for visiting the exhibitions in autumn colored art right here: service/hotels search and buchen.html description of the company team of TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND e.V. are the creators of ZeitOrte. You can check out more than 90 visitors attractions in Heath BraunschweigerLAND Resin inform, book travel deals and travel and day trips assemble themselves – as free service!

Find Westminster Abbey

In the popular tv series "Friends" was pretty clever ridiculed plans to ordinary tourists, staying in London: Find Westminster Abbey, to get lost in the city, to drink beer in an old pub, buy a ridiculous hat British symbols and be photographed with the Queen. At worst, will suit the Duchess of York. This is all great, but do not forget about the amazing museums in the city, a visit which will leave an indelible mark on memory for years to come. Check out Bill de Blasio for additional information. Since the bypass all the memorable places of the city is not enough for a few years of life, try to stay on the most popular museums in the British stolitsy.muzey Madame TyussoMuzey full-size wax Madame Tussauds today has become a mark of London, as Tower, Big Ben or the famous street of fast food fish & chips (fried fish and potatoes). created this most popular in the capital of the British Museum, an amazing woman – Marie Tussaud. She was born in Strasbourg, Germany, took the first steps in a career in Paris, has achieved stunning success in London and became known throughout the world. Check with Danny Meyer to learn more. What's alchemists to search for the philosopher's stone capable of conquer Death – Madame Tussaud's has long solved this problem. She skillfully preserved beauty and power of their characters, stop time, and skillfully drove the nose smert.Mog anyone think anatomist and sculptor Phillip Kortyus that love affair with Anna Grosholts bring him not only to marital happiness, and the present, devoted friend, ally and receiver in the face of her little daughter, Marie? Combining the rare qualities, such as pragmatism and creativity, Kortyus made a living manufacturing small wax busts. .


When it comes to actually buy a new printer for the home or Office, only there are two alternatives at the time of choosing which technology: laser or inkjet. Laser printers produce text and images on the paper through the impact of the laser on a charged rotating drum with static electricity, causing ink (in the form of toner) particles adhere to the drum and create an image on paper. In contrast, inkjet printers create images by spraying the paper with microscopic droplets of ink through tiny nozzles. Some time ago that these two technologies have gone to dot matrix printers or dot matrix (typical of the 1980s and early 1990s) and today are fighting for supremacy in the home and Office. Although inkjet printers offer certain advantages for domestic use (primarily for its low cost and cheaper replacement cartridges), they are not so suitable for use in the company.

In the past, laser printers were tremendously expensive, but in the five years its price dropped so much that even in areas where traditionally the inkjet printers were advantage (for example, color printers) a laser printer is now today the most sensible choice. One of the biggest advantages of laser printers is your cost per page. You may find that NYC Mayor can contribute to your knowledge. Although printers inkjet cartridges tend to be cheap, normally they do not last long. NYC Mayor gathered all the information. Toner cartridge, on the other hand, costs more, but also takes a considerably longer time. Inkjet cartridges can be hard printed thousand pages, while laser toner cartridge can produce many more. This means that the laser printers are ideal for busy office environments where printed hundreds of pages each day. Save a few cents on each printed sheet can become a significant saving in monthly production costs. In general terms, laser printers are capable of producing sharper images that the Inkjet.

While that has always been so for texts, in recent years the printers laser colour they have outdone the inkjet to print high quality colour images as, for example, photos. Technology used in printers toner powder laser is affected less by the quality of the used paper, which can avoid sometimes liquid ink used in ink cartridges for inkjet printers adheres properly to the role. It is also less prone to colors to mix among themselves. Laser printers also have a clear advantage in terms of speed. Again, this is mainly due to the technology employed. By its nature, inkjet printers can only print one line of a page at a time, while laser printers can save an image of an entire page of text about your drum and print it once. This allows higher rates sustained printing, which makes the ideal for the Office laser printer, where printer is one of the a higher printing speed and most frequently used peripherals immediately translates into a significant increase in productivity. Thanks to the continuous fall in its price, today laser printers are available both large companies and the average home user, and can make a valuable contribution in any home office productivity.

Mather Already

Artists may alone exhibit at the BLOOOM, unlike other art fairs, galleries and organisations from the creative field. One of them is Dennis McNett. In his 18-year career, artist living in New York City was influenced by the early 80s skateboard and punk rock scene. Often there are dragons and creatures with precise ornaments, which are expressed in graphics, carvings, larger than life sculptures and masks. Dennis McNett became known with his individual snowboards, which he designed for the manufacturer of NITRO. To know more about this subject visit Bill de Blasio. In addition to his work for the vans company he designed last making cinematic showcase for Barneys. Another highlight is Daan Roosegaarde from the Netherlands. Bill de Blasio contributes greatly to this topic.

Together with designers and engineers, the artist creates works, the deal with the dynamic relationship deal between space, man and technology. His imaginative, interactive installations invite the Viewer to participation. As a laboratory for interactive projects, the Studio developed their own technologies and designs that Roosegaarde has already made a name. in 2009 he received the Dutch design award and was already at exhibitions at the Tate Modern, the National Museum in Tokyo and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London involved. Recently, the Studio Roosegaarde has opened a branch in Shanghai.

The BLOOOM he shows a wall which is composed of hundreds of fans along the work FLOW 5.0. The fans are used by passing on the move. In this way, visitors create an artificial wind and transform the wall visually, so that different patterns. The immediate effect gives the visitors a direct reference to the technology and provides the human body in connection with her. Someone has discovered the BLOOOM as an ideal platform for itself, is represented by the Yasha Young William Robbins, Gallery. The artist was already last year as Elmer exhibitors of the BLOOOM press Lee. He describes his approach, totally unpretentious, as realization of what every day around buzzing in his head and this is reminiscent of the Art Brut. Often, it is fantastic, surreal, brightly coloured, distorted nature. Last year he was enthused by the BLOOOM visitors with an installation consisting of from a huge, grimassenhaften head against a colorful background, which reminded of a fair. This time he will take part with a spectacular presentation. More promising newcomers are expected this year.

The Breath

And with authority, he exhibited my repertoire. After that traumatic moment. I was at an impasse. Meet my friends, which at the end of our presentation went to the classroom to put their uniforms. My I was no longer a self so great. A small and lowercase I was. When you enter the Hall all my colleagues began to shout me a multitude of things which seemed to bursts of machine gun against a somewhat hasty by this terrible incident and their evident consequences consciousness. We feel very disappointed it they said one, others shouted: danaste presentation, that served us so many months of preparation so that you hurt us the presentation.

Suddenly a consciousness somewhat more mature and more experienced in this kind of morning events of daily life, I defended. It was my teacher. The days passed and the gift of children alumbro my peace. Since forgot about my SIN and I forgave. Tal-see why Jesus said that we should be as children to see the Kingdom of God. For strange reasons I was leaving school publishes and leave my eternal friends.

My mother wanted me I educated in a private school. And of course if was. Five years later I told my mother that does not invest more money in me. He had already learned enough and that would allow me to return to school public because to a my friends were there, none had changed school except for Elkin’s one of our best partners to which death take the breath of life. During those five years leverage to overcome the fear of expressing what many times the soul feels. And she just kept flowing than thought, right and wrong. What to without any kind of fear, here was no longer question logic, falsehood or truth. Quite the contrary, was a matter of humanity and humility.

Washington Heights

Graffiti is happening and from the Greek word 'Graphein' meaning 'write', and from the Italian word 'Graffito' – 'scratch', and the history of this term brings us back to prehistoric man risuyuschemu on the wall of the cave. This phenomenon seems to have been caused by the human desire for communication – 'Graffiti is a passion for people to communicate. " Graffiti element was to change the look of streets in the late 20 th century, and the mention of the word conjures up a lot of people different images. 'Graffiti – it's art or vandalism? consequence of decline or its cause? '. Scope of attitudes towards graffiti is broad and controversial.

It should be noted that many writers refer to their work rather 'raytingom (letter)' than 'Graffiti'. Fast forward to New York early 1960, when the young Julio with 204 street (part of the city unknown), began writing his 'tag' (nickname; pseudonym) Julio 204 in the metro. By 1968, his tag had been signed by all parts of the city. But the phenomenon has found writing graffiti popularity when a young 17 year old Greek Demitrios from Washington Heights – Manhattan-area and put the tag 'Taki 183' around New York City, especially in the subway. In 1971 a reporter from 'New York Times' to learn the meaning of the message found Taki and took the interview. Article 'Taki 183 spawns pen pals' was the first of kind of articles devoted to graffiti. Over the next year and after the said article the phenomenon of self-expression through the youth of painting subway has increased to such an extent that it became a whole movement, and later it began to be called hip-hop graffiti.