Choose Holiday

What would be the ideal cottage for a holiday? Only a spacious and comfortable, or have any number of claims? Of course, in a high demand for suburban real estate and against the background low number of proposals on rent cottages by the day to talk about any little standardization productively – in the suburbs to buy or lease virtually all the options. However, companies already involved in the first year rental cottages for rent, are almost always there is a list of mandatory conditions that make holiday not only comfortable but also safe, interesting and memorable. Otherwise, how to make a good person? .. Principal When choosing moments cottage holiday should always be taken into account a number of objective circumstances. First, you should always aim to match your room (just out of town trip with friends or a corporate party) with the potential landlord. Accept that your guests are unlikely to be thrilled if, having arrived at the cottage for a holiday, they will have nowhere to park.

Because of these seemingly small things may well suffer and your reputation of the business man! Secondly, the important aspect of choosing a cottage for the rest – the distance from the city. In this regard, it should be remembered that if, for family or friendly measures the distance to the city in most cases – not of principle, for “corporate party” – distance from the metropolis is very important. Do not forget that all of your colleagues at work that day could be any cases in the city, and therefore try to rent a cottage for a relaxing break within 10-15 minutes drive from the Moscow Ring Road. On the territory of the cottage of course, to own the cottages, designed for relaxation, you must also include an extremely demanding. An important point – the number of floors (Levels) in the house and, accordingly, the number of places to live: the choice Holiday must be defined in advance how many people will visit your party or event. Remember that for parties with great number of participants, a reasonable rent for the rest is not roomy cabin, and a mansion.

In addition, the rest in the cottage will be disabled if the local area there is no playground, a small pool. In the cottage on a mandatory basis should be a restaurant, rooms for billiards and / or table tennis, a spacious dining room, all necessary appliances and electronics. In some cases (that agree very attractive) in the Holiday Home is a small birch grove and an artificial pond with fish lured. Within sight Choosing a cottage holiday, remember that all the time to stay in house – of little exercise. Even if the corny end booze, have to go to the store. And there he was in the vicinity? Do you have provided this opportunity? Of course, you can temporarily leave the rest to quit cottage and go for everything you need in the city, but what if you are already, as they say, was on his chest? That’s right, you need to plan your vacation time in advance, before arrival at the cottage. Approximately the same situation and with reservoirs – Many cottage communities are a good distance from rivers or lakes, and so to the nearest body of water you need to travel by car. Are you sure that you have a sober driver? Largely for this reason ideal cottage for a rest period must be located if not on the river bank, at least within sight of the pond.

Port Aventura

Spain is famous for an abundance of excellent resorts. The most famous coast in Spain – Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol – called tourists to rest on its beaches all year round. Translated from the Spanish Costa Dorada sounds as the "Gold Coast". It stretches of beaches and miles of golden sand, there are comfortable hotels and world famous resorts. Very well developed infrastructure beach holiday – water parks, swimming pools, excursions and boat trips. In the adventure park Port Aventura you will find entertainment in the spirit of the 5 different parts of the world, with their national colors, cuisine, folklore and attractions. A classic holiday destination is Spain resort the beautiful name of Salou. It is acknowledged tourist capital of Spain. Click Bill de Blasio for additional related pages.

In this seaside town there is entertainment, even the pickiest traveler. Here you can relax on comfortable beach or take a giddy shopping, dine at a cozy restaurant with ethnic cuisine or go to the disco, take a walk on a yacht or in a park of exotic plants. In any case, you get a lot of unforgettable impressions and sea of positive emotions. Since the Middle Ages known resort of Cambrils. Today it is one of the most popular resorts in Spain. The main attraction of the town – fish market, a place simply amazing and exciting any fan of leisure. Fresh fish or seafood, you can try the local restaurants. Cambrils night full of music, discos and bars open.

Well, if you still managed to get bored, you can easily get Salou. One of the most famous resorts in Andalucia – Costa del Sol is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can and touch the history, and enjoy the culture and art, and special romance. Costa del Sol keeps the culture of ancient peoples who inhabited this area – the Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Romans. Here is how the ancient Spanish customs, Spanish guitar and hear the castanets, visit Andalusian villages and settlements, some of them have been around for over 4000 years old, will enjoy the delicious local wines – sherry, and Malaga.

Muscat City Centre

But in the daytime you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the desert. You can participate in a jeep safari through the desert or in professional fishing. Go to the beach, sunbathing on the beach or take a dip in the warm waves. Swim in the lake one of the many oases. Watch the dolphins, whales and turtles.

Visit the forts and castles, caves, valleys, oases. Become a spectator camel racing. Inspect the Bedouin village – thatched huts and tents on the sand felt. And you can just relax in one of the luxury hotels Omana.Kakie souvenirs worth buying in Oman Going to Oman, do not forget about that you can buy souvenirs in the country for themselves and their loved ones. The main Omani souvenir – incense. You can buy handmade jewelry of gold and silver dagger or hand-inlaid silver in Oman are called hanzhar (khanjar). Do not forget about perfume Amouage, the combination of the best aromas East, and about oriental sweets, particularly halva. The oldest market of Oman – Matrahsky Suk (Mutrah Souq), bazaar in Muscat, one of the beautiful markets in the country and probably throughout the Arab world.

Omanis have this bazaar is called "Dark Market", because even in the daytime here reigns the mystical twilight, through the roofs, reliably protecting the streets and shopping series from the scorching sun. In the air scents of Oriental spices and perfumes, incense and incense. It stores all over with silver daggers, clothing and footwear, both traditional and modern Omani halva, and spices, Oriental lamps, fabrics, the smell of coffee and cardamom. In the gold market in Salalah you can buy antiques, gold and silver. In this market very affordable prices. Three kilometers from Salalah is Al Hafah – the best place in Oman to buy incense. You can also buy clothes and traditional textiles, gold and silver ware, created by the hands of artisans. Near the fort is a market Bahla Bahla Souq, there also can be purchased products of local artisans, daggers, jewelry, and halva. The largest shopping mall in Muscat is Muscat City Centre, and Al Bustan is a wonderful jewelry store.

UNESCO World Heritage

The first two articles devoted to World Heritage sites in Egypt, described the monuments left over from the heyday of the ancient Egyptian civilization as well as places associated with the development of Christianity. But today, Egypt – A Muslim country, and here you can find a variety of historical monuments of Islam. Also, despite the fact that much of the country falls on the barren desert, UNESCO noted the interesting paleontological findings, committed in Egypt. Read more here: Danny Meyer. It should be noted that you can get the best tours in Egypt from Moscow or any other Russian city, but even living in a luxury hotel does not replace the experience of exploring the historical and cultural monuments, whose age is estimated by many centuries. Egypt in 640, was conquered by the Arabs, and from that time began to spread Islam throughout the country. Already in 641, in the Nile Delta town was founded Fustat, which became the capital of Egypt, which was built the first mosque in Africa, called the Mosque of Amr. In 870 the capital was moved to the nearby city of Al-Katai, and in 969 built Cairo, which subsequently engulf previous capital.

Today, Cairo – multi-million dollar modern city, but it is an old district, which is recognized as one of the oldest examples of Islamic urban planning. It is Islamic Cairo is included in the list UNESCO World Heritage site. Here you can find ancient mosques, traditional oriental baths, fountains, and many buildings have stood more than a thousand years. One of the oldest mosques, which preserved its original appearance, is the mosque of Ibn Tulun, built in 879. Since it was built many Islamic structures that defined the unique flavor of Islamic Cairo. On a trip to Cairo can be go to any Egyptian resort, and although the monuments of Islamic architecture are less popular with tourists than the Egyptian, you will not regret it, if familiar with them.

In Egypt also there and a natural monument, UNESCO award. At the beginning of last century, Fayoum Governorate, located in fifteen hundred miles southwest of Cairo, were found perfectly preserved remains of ancient whales. Since then, the valley where found paleontological, called Wadi al-hits, which translates as "the valley of the whales." The number and preservation of the finds are unique, and besides, they perfectly illustrate the evolution of ocean-going mammal from animals living on the land. However, tourists are not too attracted to ancient fossils, but for the Paleontologists Wadi al-Heath offers excellent opportunities for research. Since prices for all tours in Egypt are quite low, you no problems can go on a trip to the Red Sea coast, and then select a day to visit you are interested in World Heritage sites, as the UNESCO list of places in a truly unique cultural monuments and Nature.