The Contained Anger

Even in the beings more pacatos, pparently inert, can be observed moments of pure fury with its ‘ ‘ monsters internos’ ‘ if materializing to reach the first one, coitado, that it will be for the front. It starts as a wave that grows and becomes giant passing over everything and of all without discrimination and after some time goes losing force coming back to the state of previous inertia. I ruin but it left is great for many times irretrievable. What it will be that it inside binds to the button of a being making to liberate feelings capable to even become it another unrecognizable one for proper? Incapacity to have self-control or to have control excessively? It seems that it functions as a box where everything is kept of good and bad, mixed and without distinction until the storage capacity arrives at the limit and without more nor but it blows up without no justifiable reason for the size of the splinter degree that is capable to produce. The anger is to extravasar of what if it cannot support, is an shout, botar for is, but without domain of the force with that if she places, it is irrational, she is demonic and annihilating for it spreads who it, wounds the soul of feels who it. The anger cause a sensation of drunkeness to its conductor who can leave to run over as if directing a mismanaged car was, therefore it is to guide the feeling of the fondness to reach without reason and why, because the anger does not have reason for more reason that can have.

The control uncontrols of it to think that everything must be absorbed and kept it generates the exaggeration of supporting that at the point to overflow arrives when more cannot support. The emotions dominate to who they if delivery But have as they not to deliver itself? You are capable of for them not leaving itself to dominate? She will be possible to resist it I sing inebriante of the fervor of the set free disequilibrium for the anger that entorpece the direction of the coherence? The anger corrodes and changes back to who it loads. to weigh of its possessor, cause damage some to the being that by it is aimed to receive its effect, not to be proper it that it goes leaving to make bitter the soul for fel that of it unfastens until the point of ‘ ‘ empretecer’ ‘ to diminish in erasing of the solitude in the way them many load that it and solitary if feel and remain. It beats, maltreats to who thinks that with it she is to reach to who not even knows that for it she has such feeling. The anger alone has a side and to this it can reach and only wound.