Choosing A Cell Phone

If you are going to choose a mobile phone for the price, it means a constraint set for the class. Indeed, the higher functions of the phone, and complicated structures, and the price is higher. So choose the best of the cell more suitable You to class, not to overpay for unnecessary .Dlya to use mobile phone only in its intended purpose, will have to choose the class of simple phones. And let not afraid of big size and weight, simple design and a black and white display. All this is offered to manufacturers for a decent price from 1000 to 2000P.

By the middle class are cell with color screens and polyphonic different levels. Check with Danny Meyer to learn more. For the price up to 7000r in this class can be choose a mobile phone with a different camera features, built-in memory. In addition, at this price you can get, and MP3-player and radio. With this class of mobile phones begins and support gprs, allowing upload new ringtones and pictures. This category is more calculated on the youth audience. Trendy phones stand out due to unusual design solutions in coloring and shape of the shell itself.

Equipment of mobile set functions may be different from what depends on price. For those who are not important functionality of a mobile phone, you can choose a stylish device that emphasizes .Telefony business class – is a high level of equipment useful functions. If you want to have a good set of communications capabilities, and happy with the price 8000-15000r, it is rational to choose a mobile phone belonging to this class. In multimedia phones emphasis on music features and functionality of the camera. Choose a mobile phone will be among the vehicles in the price range from 8000 to 15000r, because other functions are here. Smartphones – a class of mobile phones that are comparable in functionality to handhelds. This capability (PDA + mobile) is not cheap, depending on the characteristics of the proposed mobile phone, you can choose from 10000 to 25000r. In many respects it depends on the cpu frequency, which lies in the range 100-400 MHz. Smartphones are usually endowed with a large screen with a corresponding resolution. Occupy a certain niche devices with touch screen, which makes it easy to set text, but it requires accuracy in circulation. Also increasingly began to appear smartphones with a full keyboard layout. Such functionality is, of course, can not make a compact, and therefore all Smartphones are large. Before you choose a mobile phone, think about what features you need and helpful, to determine the price you're willing to pay. A wide range of mobile phone allows you to choose. I would like to draw attention to the manufacturers of mobile firms. Nokia phones are appreciated for their reliability, and price them higher than others. Samsung devices often benefit as a display. In cellular company Sony Ericsson can find the optimal combination of price and functionality.

Center Case

And then later by the participants of the debates of this information "mash" chose the most powerful arguments. Since we are discussing for the topic – "Psychoemotional stress as one of the sore points of the modern world", have been helpful compilations of various legislative acts: the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Education Act, the Constitution, the Charter of the OS, the rules of TB instructions for anti-terrorism activities, plans for educational institutions, software development, analytical reports on the results of the Center, etc. Agree, such documents are sufficiently authoritative sources for the argument. Another of the treasures to find evidence of the argument – the media: newspapers, magazines, Internet. NYC Mayor wanted to know more. In our case, almost every newspaper article we could find with frightening headlines and photographs: "Fell airliner", "Statistics of the victims on the roads of war," "Environmental disaster in Russia," "The tragedy in Beslan!" September 11 in New York, "" Child prostitution through the eyes of the children! " etc. Posters, political slogans, theater and circus posters, invitations to exhibitions and dance festivals, announcements of competitions, the actual certificates for achievement (sports, intellectual battles, creativity) …

This is not a complete list of materials that were distributed to the participants of the debate. Naturally, not all of them were used. Each has found, that at the moment seemed most important to prove his case. The main thing is that information was chosen so as to not create any advantage for either side. The essence of the debate – it's all the same dispute.