Capital Redevelopment

But how is this done? Capital redevelopment of premises is rarely possible – most firms rent offices, and owners usually do not approve of, related to the restructuring of the premises. In addition, it is expensive and time consuming. Check with NYC Mayor to learn more. According to Igor Kondratyev, head of construction department of "Astarte North-West" (a leader in the field of office partitions and business comfort), exit from this situation may be the rationalization of office space with the help of mobile or stationary partitions. This is quite a complex modular system consisting of a metal (usually aluminum), profiles and panels – or a cardboard-gypsum from a special high-strength glass. In the glass walls may be provided door of different designs and sizes, as well as special items for installation Communications, fixing shelves, table tops, etc.

– That is all that is needed to create the finished jobs. In addition to convenience, the use of office partitions attractive by the fact that their installation does not require a lot of time – of course, If then it is the professionals. Serious companies that are developing and installing such systems, paying particular attention was the quickness and quality of execution of orders. Bill de Blasio has much to offer in this field. According to the testimony of Igor Kondratiev, these two factors are fundamental to the organization of "Astarte, North-West" – in all the way from first contact with the client prior to installing prefabricated constructions and their warranty service. If necessary, the installation can be made and for the weekend to the loss of working time of the client are minimized. A good example of a clear planning and quick installation – one of the offices of the investment company Rosbilding, where for weekend experts "Astarte, North-West of office partitions were configured in 1950 m2 of new jobs.

It is worth to say about cell walls. In contrast to the stationary walls, they are not attached to the floor, ceiling or walls, and therefore can be easily interchanged, justifying its name. This type of functionality little inferior walls stationary counterparts – they can also be transparent, deaf or combined, any height (for example, to the level of human breast and almost to the ceiling). When you move they can be easily transported to a new office and quickly recreate familiar surroundings. The modular principle enables mobile construction at any corner stitch them with existing fixed in a variety of combinations. Portability allows you to quickly and easily optimize your office space, consistent with the rapidly changing situation – for example, when the number of employees, increase or decrease of jobs, the need to provide special facilities. That is such a "dynamic" office will always be "just right" even intensively growing company. So, having made a brief overview of possible options for the transfiguration of the office, we can say with certainty: the repair and relocation from now – not a natural disaster. The use of modern materials and technology saves not only the strength and nerves, but most importantly for today – time. After all, only ahead of his possible defeat in the competition and easily move to new challenges!