A Smarter Way Out Of The Crisis

a Leipzig company realized noble houses – 2009 another record year expected ways out of the crisis: the architecture is in permanent crisis and the current economic developments make the situation worse. The crisis is worldwide as well as to read in the interviews with international architects. Every crisis offers but also a chance for those who know how it grabs the forelock. I want to introduce some interesting ideas in loose sequence. Sometimes, the ideas are not new, but nevertheless not less interesting, or failed.

A2haus is the beginning today. The company a2haus designs, plans and builds individual architect houses at a fixed price. The client gets in – and that’s I think once – 3 designs by different architects for a very low fee of 2,000 euros. The favorite of builders is then planned and implemented at a fixed price. The client has no obligations on the protection fee for the \”competition\”. The company a2haus writes: it takes also the threshold, many builders in PES to decide on our way to modern architecture. With us so there is no expensive sketch for the price of 3,000 to 5,000 euros, which then often don’t score at the start. Instead the a2 Builder free of charge three and gets this right.

The competition is our way to continue once begun dialogue with potential builders\”for the fee a very detailed planning and consultation is brought before the\”competition\”under processing a list of questions constantly in modification with future builders. This results in a very comprehensive protocol, which then forms the basis of sound design work. The result of this creative implementation of the task, the client receives 3 full sets of graphic representations of the design. In addition to 3D images of the outside views in exquisite and very expensive rendering a map with a classification of the building in the plot and all plans will be presented.

Foxx Insurance

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