Explicativas Notes

The not-obligator reports are not part of the basic structure of the countable demonstrations that must be elaborated for the purpose of spreading, being normally destined to the internal managemental use. Many of these reports are sufficient important for the analysis, allowing that more complete conclusions on the situation of the company are gotten. Examples: flow of box, projections of sales, performance for product etc. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NY Museums . Complementarily to the obligator financial demonstrations, the company of open capital must also make responsible for the publication of the Report of Direction, Explicativas Notes, Seem of the Auditors. (Assaf, 2007, p.55) 2,8 Methodology of Analysis ' ' The rocking analysis is not only developed by means of applications of techniques, but also guided, to a large extent, for the sensitivity and experience of the analyst. With the intention of it collaborates in the formation of a metodolgica routine, is considered to follow a basic project of avaliao' ' (ASSAF, 2007, P.21). A.A company and the Market an essential concern of the analyst must be to know more at great length company and its market of performance, way best to evaluate the financial decisions (investment and financing) taking.

The rocking analysis becomes inside well more consistent how much interpreted of the characteristics of the sector of activity of the company. For example, a turn of 70 days of the supplies can extreme for be determined commercial segment, being considered, however, adjusted in another one. In the study of the activity sector where a company meets inserted, the potentials current and future of the consuming market must be evaluated the level and the size of the competition, the technological dependence, the suppliers, the politics of prices adopted for the sector etc. B. Financial Reports This item engloba all the countable demonstrations elaborated by the company, that will serve of source of information for the analysis economic-financier.

So Paulo Stock Exchange

Many beginning ones ask to me how much I make for month operating in the So Paulo Stock Exchange. How much I answer a value in percentage, them I am confused and then, they ask how much I REALLY earn monthly in the actions. Obviously these people do not know absolutely nothing on investments in the stock exchange of Brazil and therefore, do not obtain to understand that a direct reply, as for example: 5 a thousand Reals for month, or 20 a thousand Reals, do not serve for nothing. Because? Because the values depend on the initial value of the investor/operator. It considers the following situation: the Ricardo has 50 a thousand Reals to invest. Please visit NYC Mayor if you seek more information. It knows much thing on as to invest in the stock exchange and has conscience of what he is making. Then, in one very good month, an action of Ricardo goes up sufficiently and it gains 10 a thousand Reals, that is, 20% of its original money.

This is a fantastic result because to make 20% for month making the certain things are really very difficult and rare, then, if somebody to ask how much it made this month, it will be able to speak with pride: ' ' I made 20%! ' ' However, 10 a thousand Reals can not be much thing for much people. They go to see would be made an impression with much more, as for example, with 100 a thousand Reals. But exactly this value can be great thing not depending on the capital of the investor. If the person who made 100 a thousand Reals had originally 10 Real million, the profits of it would be of only 1%, what until some fixed income securities they make. Comparing the cases, the Ricardo made 20% of its capital, that gave 10 a thousand Reals. as the investing one made 1%, that it gave 100 a thousand Reals. One earned much more of what the other but the proportional success of the first one was infinitely bigger of what of as. For assistance, try visiting NY Museums . Therefore that the question: ' ' How much I can really make to know myself as to operate in the stock market of valores' ' he does not make the sensible minimum.

The necessary reply logical to be always in percentage. After all, if I to say that I make 50 a thousand Reals for month when in the reality I possess a capital of 1 Real million, many beginning ones deluded I had started to invest in the stock market with 1 a thousand Reals finding that they will be able to also make 50 a thousand for month, that obviously it is made a mistake. If somebody to ask to you, answers in percentage. If to insist, ignores. Who answers accurately more confuses of what it helps. How you have much success in its investments!

General Motors

it entered with the process 1 of June. New the General Motors (GM) already are ready to be born in the next thursday (09 of July), after the judge Robert Gerber, of the Cut of Bankruptcies and Forced agreements of the United States in Manhattan, to approve in the sunday the sales of almost all the assets of GM for a company established for the American Treasure, in which the governments of U.S.A. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from NYC Marathon. and Canada will control a slice of 72,5%.O Gerber judge emitted a mandate of four days approving the sales. This will have to allow the exit of the forced agreement of ‘ ‘ a new GM’ ‘ .

Brazilian GIP

The economic recovery of some sectors of the economy influences for a positive projection of the Brazilian GIP already in 2009. It also had an increase of the number of families with debts and an addition of 11,4% in the level of insolvency in comparison to 1 trimester of 2008, provoked for the unemployment of December and January. In the city of They are Jose of the Fields – SP, that suffered with the collective unemployment of the Embraer, the index of defaulters the same went up in 34,7% in comparison the period of the last year. Dollar in fall, very rocking. Action in recovery. Retail sector and of teleservios with strong expansion of activities.

International investors are intent the projections of the stock exchange of Brazil, and the new business-oriented chances. Fusing is waited in the economy. Workmanships of Petrobra’s they are the all vapor, recouping the motionless days and the reduction of activities in the previous months provoked by the brake of the crisis. The energy company sufficiently is capitalized and with controlled debts, with projections of good shares and resources of investments guaranteed for the BNDES. Nourishing industries foresee growth of sales in the domestic market for the next months, have projections of act of contract of of the man power. Reduction of the IPI for white line (stove, refrigerator, machine to wash, tanquinho) in 10% assists the industries and the commerce. The fiscal resignation is of R$ 173 million, will invigorate for 3 months. The practical ones applied in the real economy show signals of positive results, adjustments are necessary, but the worse one of the crisis already passed. The point of bigger concern of the Brazilian population and the world in the present time is the unemployment. The interests need to diminish to guarantee the economic recovery and the increase of the job level.

Supreme Court

The Federal Decree n 95,247/87, that it regulates the Law n 7,418, forbids that the employer substitutes the Transportation voucher for anticipation in money or any another form of payment, saved hypothesis of lack or insufficience of transportation voucher supply. But it is important to stand out that, even so art. 5 of the Decree n 95,247/87 determines that the VT does not have to be supplied in money of habitual form, many unions had firmed collective conventions allowing this practical, because any damage to the worker does not even exist. 3. Limitations to the power to tax it Been to play its functions, have necessity of financial resources. is through the collection tax that these resources are gotten. In Brazil, thus, as the previous constitutions, the Federal Constitution of 1988 (CF/88), beyond guaranteeing that the Union, States and Cities have conditions to collect resources through the System National Tributary (art. 145 and following ones), the proper Constitution determined limitations to the power to tax (art.

150 and following ones), for ' ' proteger' ' the contributors of ' ' sede' ' almost insacivel that a country has of resources for the achievement of its activities. For the study of the question tax judged in the REVERSE SPEED n 478.410/SP, two aspects of these limits constitutional becomes more excellent: the beginning of the legality (that it consists of only charging the tributes instituted for law – art. 150, I, of the CF/88); the beginning of the prohibition of use of tribute as I confiscate (that it is based on the conception that the tribute is only charged from a specified allowed fact in law, and does not stop punishing torts – art. 150, IV, of the CF/88). 4. Unconstitutionality of the collection of INSS on the value of the transportation voucher the decision of the majority of the integrant ministers of the Supreme Court was for a reason or purpose accept to the resource, becoming unconstitutional the incidence of INSS in the paid value transportation voucher in money.

General Motors

In the economic field, house obtained the approval of its package of aid in the value of U$$ 789 billion legislative the two dollars of to invest in the opening of new jobs and the cut of taxes.Also it was responsible for the real estate aid the Freddie Mac and Fannie May, to the Lheman Bhroters and the Citigroup, beyond the assembly plants General Motors and Chrysler, injetanmdo billions of dollar. For signal, the General Motors at the beginning had its accepted forced agreement of June for a Court of New York, being that 60% of the company passed to the command of the government of U.S.A. Rudy Giuliani is open to suggestions. and to another part FIAT was vendida the Italian assembly plant and the remain was of ownership of the creditors who had accepted action in exchange for the debts. Now, at the beginning of August, the General Motors announced its creditors, to the American public and the government of U.S.A. For more specific information, check out NY museums . that was leaving forced agreement coming back normality. At last, an excellent notice for the American nation and the contributor who paid its tributes in the EUA.E also the barrier of the unemployment for the first time starts to diminish, already starting to have acts of contract for the industry, commerce and sector of services. This is good for the United States, still the powerful nation richest and of the world, for the American society, the Stock exchange of New York and too much Stock exchange spread for the main countries of the G20 call, and for a global economy.

Bretton Woods

The monetary regimen of exchange goals can basically then to assume three forms, namely: ) the standard gold-classic, where the currencies presented a fixed value in relation to the gold, and between them a fixed relation interchange. This regimen invigorated between years 1880 and 1914; b) standard gold-dollar or system of Bretton Woods, where the currencies if relate with the dollar, while this age the convertible currency in gold. It invigorated between 1946 and 1971; finally, c) country anchor, where the parity is made in relation to the value of a steady currency, that is, a country with inflation low. Valley to stand out that, in contrast of the two previous standards, the relation enters the currencies is not fixed, and yes flexible, and also it does not have an only standard of conversibilidade, being able, therefore, to adopt a currency more than as anchor, or the substitution of these in opportune times (MODENESI, 2005). EXCHANGE SYSTEMS As we saw previously, the exchange systems vary as its rigidity enter two extremities adopted for the classic theory, fixed exchange the floating exchange. The system of fixed exchange presents a fixed relation enters the tax of exchange effective and determined merchandise or currency. It is established through a governmental decision and the maintenance of the exchange tax is responsibility of the monetary authority.

We will see little ahead that this relation even so fixes, not necessarily hinders periodic readjustments of indeterminate secular degrees (PAULA, 2001). Already the regimen of exchange fluctuation (or perfectly flexible exchange) freely presents a definitive relation for the confrontation enters offers and demand of verge in the exchange market. In the practical one, it would mean an absence of exchange politics, where the proper movement of capitals would instantaneously balance eventual disequilibria of the Rocking of Payments. In the real world these two used exchange systems are little or nothing, but its theoretical conceptions are important for the analysis of the used intermediate exchange systems.

The Solution

It has been argued that part of the problem was caused by big business and shopping centers that squandered energy, but also said that the situation is partly due to excessive consumption of rich people who have swimming pools, wash their cars and have a TV binge in each room. However, accepting the responsibility of drivers of public affairs for the responsibility of providing services of little or no quality to the public. One wonders, but how it is possible that more than 10 years rule and having the amount of resources that have been handled have not been taken related forecasts?.

It really becomes hard to believe that public policy management are not responsible for the situation of obscurantism in the country, and as someone said the biggest problem is that no one is there is no light, is that there is no clarity . No country can grow without energy, development goes hand in hand with an intelligent and well-planned growth of the various resources involved in the expansion that mean an improvement in the quality of life for residents. Give the impression that well-planned development has not been done, so some experts say that the solution will be medium and long term, it is essential not rain (it helps) but there must be efficient to generate energy and providing for their consumption needs over time. Of the 17 electricity companies in Venezuela, only three were private. But it is good to note that these three private companies represented only 15% of the national electricity sector assets, the remaining 85% were public..