Creative Ways To Find a Job

We all know the traditional ways of seeking jobs through the newspaper or employment website. If the conventional salts can attract attention and find employment more easily. After you have your resume updated and revised at least five times to ensure that there is no error and have found the work could ever want, try these steps: a Make a list of 50 people you know and are working in companies where you would like to work. Contact 50 people and tell them if they know of any job opportunity I would appreciate they warn. a go to meetings where you can meet others involved in your industry. Introduce yourself and swap cards. If you get to know 30 people in one night, was a success.

After the event, go to and make contact. When you have over 200 contacts in your industry, changes the status on that site to indicate that you are open to proposals work. a When you send your CV to a company, research the company does, what problems you currently have, and what are their goals. Also select the position you would like to cover. Send them an email with a letter expressing interest in the position. Attach your CV and one presentation by detailing what you would do in the first 30, 60 and 90 days on the job. a Get a list of all the headhunters in your city.

Send them your CV to each communicating your availability. a Make a video explaining your experience and skills. Put the video on the Internet. a In taking a creative path you will notice more businesses and show your initiative and creativeness.