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Crisis – it’s time to consolidate and be insured! At the presentation of a new head office of JSC “IC” Centras Insurance “Chairman of the Board of the Company TK Usenov held for journalists briefing, which highlighted the results of 2008 and projections for 2009. According to Talgat Usenov insurance company ‘Sentrans Insurance’ in 2008 has continued the successful development and collection of premiums increased by 37%. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bill de Blasio. In addition, it is projected that in 2009 the collection of insurance premiums will grow by 25-30%. Assets companies in 2008 increased by 28% and amounted to 2.266 billion tenge, equity – 18% to 1.003 billion tenge, the share capital – 27% to 707 million tenge. “Our company has put emphasis on the development of retail insurance in 2006, that today bearing fruit.

Through our retail insurance company maintains a stable growth rate of insurance premiums “, – said Chairman of the Board ‘Sentrans Insurance’ Talgat Usenov. According to Talgat Usenov this year on the market Kazakhstan consolidation should be expected of players, because the insurance market is undergoing significant change right now. In this situation, perhaps association of players and even elimination of certain insurance companies. Also, Talgat Usenov noted that in addition to reducing the growth of insurance premiums has been an increase in insurance payments. That is, reserves that insurance companies have accumulated over the previous years growth, can be ‘eaten up’ payments for existing portfolio, he said. According to him, this year could occur 20-25 percent reduction in charges premiums on the market. And if this continues, then some companies will have problems with their financial indicators. This may cause a reduction in the number of insurance companies.

In 2008, the growth of insurance premiums amounted to about 15%, with the growth of accidents was 78%, according to Hull, 24% of assets – 20%. In 2009, these figures are likely to be grow. According to him, to stay afloat, the companies will be able to intensify their activity in the retail segment. In previous years, mainly were the leaders of which were in the financial and industrial group, now up to even the first two months you can see a dramatic change in the camp leaders. In fact, some leaders of the far rolled down due to the fact that the lost volume captive insurance, said Talgat Usenov. In the short term, among the voluntary types of insurance your insurance will develop real estate and home property of individuals, as well as car insurance. According to T. Usenov, the demand for property insurance will be supported by fears of losing their property. At the same time taking into account the difficult economic situation and to find means to earn to compensate for losses on its own would be problematic enough, said he said. However, the crisis has a positive impact on improving services. Insurance companies now compete for clients by improving service levels, infrastructure expansion, using the latest technologies and reduce the levels of premiums. It is beneficial to customers’, – he said. Many people and companies during the crisis are beginning to save money on insurance. This is fundamentally wrong, said Talgat Usenov. This is a good time to compensate for the losses, you can rely on help from relatives and friends or an opportunity to take a quick loan at the bank. Today, these methods can not work in banks, money is hard to get, and have friends and acquaintances to take was complicated. Therefore, now is the time to think about insurance to protect their property and health.


Now, despite the fact that many builders have paid off debts, received funding for active sites, their findings will add to market a new offer after a year or two. Construction – solid matter, the limited terms of technological cycles. So, in front of us waiting for a new 'space'. At the secondary housing market situation is no better. No make-up supply from the primary market (And will soon appear in the correct amount). From the market goes dilapidated property. Such housing before buying reluctantly, now interest in him falling all the time. Buyers understand in what parameters should be invested, and what does not.

And a significant part of primary, secondary and meters will withdraw from the market state. The Government has set itself the ambitious goal – in 2010 to provide housing for all military personnel, veterans and even some social groups. This is a huge array of apartments – about a hundred million square meters. And these parameters the government wants to buy as cheaply as possible (and some already acquired). Therefore, the whole of 2009 virtually no help developers from the state, and the banks had extended an informal, but not a strict requirement to lend to builders.

Came to power late understanding that is unprofitable to cut the branch on which you sit. After construction industry – the locomotive of the entire industry. And then there was routine 'incentive' to support builders and even allocated specific funds. The government is actively and unsuccessfully lowers mortgage rates. That As for the short term, the bottom of the housing market has already passed, and the most educated investors have already made their purchase. However, buyers should not get upset. The fact that this market has a very low degree volatility. Real estate is very inert, and therein lies its advantage for conservative investors (and less risky for speculators and stock players). Unlike stocks, currencies and other instruments, real estate 'can not' in a matter of days or even months to get cheaper or more expensive to tens of percent. Thus, the demand far exceeds supply level. However, not all demand solvency. The crisis has hit the nascent in recent years fifteen middle class. In this light, the most effective way to stimulate demand, for example, the primary market – the mechanism of installments for the purchase of shares. In the secondary market is the same mortgage with a 'long arm' (20, 30 years) and as small as possible down payment. This situation determines the nature of demand: the popularity of contemporary quality accommodation and the average standard of planning in business class. Old Fund customers are less interested in, regardless of price. Temporarily cool luxury real estate market: a spacious layout with premium active interest back later. now the best time to buy non-movable. Prices rose, but only slightly, and is clearly seen from the developers who survived the crisis. According to experts, significant growth in prices per square meter will start this fall.


Today the situation when he took credit for a car or an apartment, a man can not pay for your purchase, nobody will be surprised … The debt hole tightens with each passing day, and the only right decision at such a critical confluence circumstances is the disposition of the property. Because the loans are not only physical but also legal entities, then the market sales of mortgage cars, apartments and houses appear and objects of the commercial real estate, special equipment, miscellaneous equipment, and even ready-made business. By far the most profitable purchase confiscated by specialized trade associations or the same firms that implement mortgage banking assets. Products available from such organizations appear legitimate ways – either with a right of sale transferred to financial institutions to companies or put up for sale directly to owners. In the majority, bogged down in debt, the person personally seek to find a comprehensive solution to the situation, and therefore agrees to the sale of movable or immovable object property at a lower price. However, at the same time, there are cases where the borrower is trying to "snitch" on a loan repayment and the sale of goods.

Then, in accordance with the law, collateral withdrawn from the debtor without his agreement, and put up for sale. The sale of confiscated goods in two ways – those already mentioned, through announcements related sites. And you can sell real estate, personal transportation, household utensils, etc., putting a lot at auction. Buying collateral banks, it is important to take a sober look at the situation. Do not head in the clouds, do not build illusions that the road will get you a flat for some 5-10 thousand hryvnia and the seven-year-old car bank simply give you a dime.

Without a doubt, the purchase of confiscated goods – educated decision that saves the family budget, but it should be clearly understood that no bank will operate at a loss, no one owner will not be an act of generosity – each of them is interested in selling a product for the price, which is at least cover the unpaid loan. Yes, you buy a cheap car and stalevarny machine, but they will be no more than 20-25% cheaper than market value. The benefit is visible to the naked eye – that cost is optimal for both the buyer and the seller price range. Use chance if the sales offer you think is attractive. Observing basic safety rules and consult with a lawyer or an expert, working with the banking Confiscated, you can buy desired at affordable prices. When using materials from this page link to ZASTAVATORG.ORG required for Internet-editions – hyperlinks are not closed for indexing by search engines. 2010, Zastavatorg

GDP World

as a state. On the benefits of the owners of the Fed we'll say later. A number of benefits to the U.S. include the ability for 37 last years to live beyond their means, ie largely at the expense of the rest of the world. Since GDP U.S. is 20% of global GDP. True, this figure is not entirely true, since in the amount of its GDP the United States set off a series of indicators, such as the cost of some varieties of services that other countries in GDP does not count. If the count on the general rules, with 20% of this figure will decrease to approximately 15%.

Well, okay, let it be 20%. And consume the U.S. – 40% of annual production in the world. The question for who can think: if someone produces 20% (Or 15%?), And consumes 40%, because of this someone has to pay? Really pays, that someone – the rest of the world that America gives its goods in exchange for unsecured notes. Thus there is a huge redistribution of the world's wealth in favor of the United States.

By the way, the more you look at what is happening in the world, the more convinced that there is nothing new in this world. Everything was either in history or described in fairy tales. For example, the exchange of real assets in the wrappers similar way as for the beads and other trash worth 24 dollars from the Indians was bought Manhattan. And the ability to live at the expense of others, and be at the same time the most powerful, has been described in the tale of Filippke that suck juices out of others, weaker plants. The question arises: why the Fed had to make dollars more than necessary for normal functioning of the global economy? Indeed, if all the countries that voluntarily 'embedded' their economy in the mechanism for maintaining and ensuring the purchasing power of the dollar would have a right to control the emission of the dollar, there's nothing wrong with the economy in the world would not have happened.