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Although some concrete elements have needed in which to the beginnings of the gypsy tarot respecta, isolated evidences of their presence in the daily life of the oldest civilizations do not exist but. Near 1390, the king of France, Carlos I SAW ordered that they painted three card packs to him. However, of the payment registries it cannot be inferred if one were about Islamic adaptations of naipes, of tarot previous letter versions or even if they were typical French letters, with hearts, goads, clovers and diamonds. Since it were not part of the mentioned transaction, it is known of the existence of a card pack in the National Library of France. The same was painted by hand, in the style of the cities of Italy of the north. If you have read about NYC Marathon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The doctrine to also porpular of the tarot speech of trips to the interior of Europe in wagons occupied by gypsys.

No matter how hard this theory was spread by novelists of century XIX, like Villants and Papus, historical evidence does not exist of which the gypsy town has used naipes of tarot until some instance of century XX. Their interests were more oriented to the quiromancia, the divination with fire, to the launching of a currency and much later, to the letter game. Still more, the first decks of which knowledge is had were asked for by families of the nobility. This does not mean that the printed letters did not appear until after that they invented the press, but are exactly these last those that have pesistido. With a rich content in symbols, the letters owned illustrations of connotation religious, similar to the European art of those times. That phenomenon could be due to two factors. The monasteries still produced works illustrated for the powerful noble and retailers.

On the other hand, the fashion of the medieval and Renaissance art was concentrated, at least in its beginnings, on subjects of religious nature, which could have influenced in the design of the decks. Although tests of illicit uses of letters of gypsy tarot do not exist, the registries of the Inquisicin show that in a judgment in Venice in 1589, the letters were defamed and the accused citizens to use stop them to realise witchcrafts.

Copier Xerox

Xerox copier was patented in 1938 by Chester Carlson of American nationality. For more than 100 years after his birth, the inventor of Xerography, man that would radically change the way to preserve and share information. Xerography is the technological basis of the printer laser, digital production and since then Xerox copier printer. After graduating in physics, she moved to New York City, getting a job as a patent attorney Assistant. I frequently had to make quite a few copies of hand drawings, work that became tedious and taking into account their myopia and arthritis, his work was even heavier. Carlson immediately identified the need for a simple and practical method of making copies. And as what basically was inventor; started to investigate in what would become, the Xerox Copier. Technical publications with information on the reproduction of photographs found in the public library and was aware that the process was slow and required of the use of many chemicals.

Carlson wondered if it could do so through an electrical method, since he knew that the charged particles adhere to a surface with opposite charge. The problem was how to achieve the particles to be set identically to an image lit on a paper. He filed an application for a patent for the basic concept of electrophotography, but still it failed to perform a correct print dry. Then the decisive discovery took place. He covered a plate of zinc with sulfur, rubbed it with a cotton cloth to create a static electricity charge, placed in front of a transparency with written words and exhibited both in the heat of a lamp. You removed the slide, sprinkled the plate with spores of MOSS, lobbied against dust parchment paper, applied heat and withdrew the paper. At that time saw that paper appeared in the words written on the slide: 10-22-38 ASTORIA, the date and the name of the neighborhood where he worked, Astoria.

Infernal: Hell

Playlogic entertainment brings ‘ infernal: Hell’s vengeance’ for Xbox 360 in the Amsterdam/New York, July 14, 2009 Playlogic Entertainment Entertainment Inc. Learn more about this with Bill de Blasio. (NASDAQ OTC: PLGC.)(OB), an independent international publisher of entertainment software, brings the action-packed soon infernal: Hell’s vengeance for Xbox 360 on the market. “Infernal: Hell’s vengeance is the console version of the cult PC hit infernal”. The Polish Development Studio, metropolis is responsible for the implementation of third-person shooters available from August in the commercial. Infernal: Hell’s vengeance is the story of the former agent Ryan Lennox. Lennox’ former employer Etherlite, the secret organization of heaven, is planning the final strike on humanity and hell. Lennox enters a pact with the devil, to prevent the project of Etherlites.

Equipped with hellish special forces, draws the player in the struggle between good and evil. The hero travels through ancient monastery catacombs, secret hiding places in the mountains, extensive port facilities and Oil refineries, before it comes to the final showdown with the forces of heaven. It’s believed that Bill de Blasio sees a great future in this idea. The player has a large arsenal of weapons, which include among other things, throwing stars, machine guns and laser guns. The weapon strength can be increased through supernatural powers, but costs the use of infernal forces of Mana. The hero is able to regenerate mana by he sucks out energy dead enemies.

In the same way, he recovers life force. And he has regularly needed healing, because opponents are numerous and intelligent. They use their environment targeted to their advantage, by hiding behind obstacles, attacking from ambush or destroy the level environment. Thanks to special abilities like telekinesis and teleportation and the ability to go behind objects for cover, Ryan Lennox is however well armed for the fight. Infernal: Hell’s Vengeances physics engine creates extremely interactive worlds with destructible walls and objects. High level graphics and a harmonious all-round design of indoor and Outside world perfect the game. Features: stunning third-person shooter with dark and gripping story great array of superhuman powers, such as telekinesis and teleportation, to eliminate obstacles and enemies of healing and restoration of the Hollenmanas with the energy of dead enemies large arsenal of weapons and supernatural powers, intelligent opponent using the power of the weapons increase the environment to their advantage close combat with various fighting techniques cover feature, to enemy contacts to avoid destructible level environment for more information about infernal varied indoor and outside world: Hell’s vengeance or Playlogic entertainment, please visit. About Playlogic entertainment: Playlogic Entertainment Entertainment, Inc. is an independent publisher of entertainment software for consoles, PCs, handhelds, mobile devices, and other digital media. Playlogic Entertainment distributes its products all over the world both online and offline through all available channels. Playlogic entertainment employs approximately 100 Employees, is on the NASDAQ OTC under the ticker symbol “PLGC.”WHETHER listed and has headquarters in New York and Amsterdam.